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Premium Quality Blogs and Ebooks
Premium Quality Blogs and Ebooks
Premium Quality Blogs and Ebooks
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Content is what fuels inbound marketing. It educates prospects, guides them through the buying cycle and improves your brand value. However, coming up with content without a strategic plan will make it significantly less likely that you will see results. On top of that, creating top quality content can be time consuming and intricate. This is why we offer a full suite of content marketing services – from research and strategy development to writing and promotion. We can help you with one small aspect of your content marketing, or we can completely manage your content marketing for you. At SevenAtoms, we don’t believe in content for content’s sake. We produce content that has clear value to readers and drives them to take action and become prospects for your business

How Our Content Marketing Service Works

Initial Content Research

We begin by performing a content audit of your website in order to evaluate your current content and see where there are gaps that need to be filled. At the same time, we perform keyword research to determine where you currently rank for major keywords on search engines and identify new keywords that you should be targeting. We also look at your competitor’s content to analyze what they have been successful with and how they rank for the same keywords.

Content Marketing Strategy

After we have gathered all of the necessary information we come up with a content marketing strategy that details our observations, recommendations, and game plan for success. We identify specific buyer personas so that each piece of content can connect better with your target audience. We develop a content calendar that identifies possible topics and a publishing schedule. Our strategy breaks down what needs to be done for all of your content channels and how the individual elements of the strategy will work together to help guide prospects through the sales funnel.

Content Creation

For each piece of content we create, we first research the topic in depth. We develop a content brief that details what the topic will be about, who is being targeted with the content, where they are in the buyer’s journey, and other key details. We review the content brief with you and finalize it. Our writers then produce content according to the brief. Once the content is done, we review it to make sure it aligns with our content strategy and edit it for spelling, grammar and SEO. You get the final say on the content and if revisions are needed then we are more than happy to provide them.

Publishing and Promotion

Once content is approved, we will publish it for you. Blog articles are published on your blog page, while long form content such as ebooks are published in PDF format using professionally designed templates. We then promote your content organically and through paid campaigns in order to maximize the visibility of the content. This can be through search, social media, PPC, display ads/remarketing, and Call-to-Actions on your website. Long form content is typically gated via a landing page and form for generating leads.


A great piece of content is always working to bring you more leads, and so are we. After publication we monitor your content in order to determine what works, what doesn’t, and how we should alter our content strategy to yield better results. Each month you will receive a report from us that breaks down the results of our content efforts. This report provides not only the raw data, but our analysis and suggested “next steps” as well.

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Our Content Marketing Services Include:

Blog Writing and Marketing

We can create a custom blog strategy that is tailored to your brand and helps to attract, educate, and delight visitors on your site. Our blog content takes into account your target audience and what appeals to them at various stages of the buying cycle. We identify topics, write new articles, optimize existing content, and provide appropriate calls-to-actions in order to help drive traffic through the sales funnel.
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Educating prospects is fundamental to inbound marketing and sometimes your prospects are going to need a lot of information. EBooks help fill this need by providing comprehensive, informative content. We can write, compose, and promote your eBooks for you.
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Whitepapers are a critical marketing asset for B2B companies. They provide potential clients with a deeper understanding of the value that you can bring to the table and show them exactly how your product or service solves problems that they may have. We create professional whitepapers that help push prospects to take the next step.
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Case Studies

Case studies are a great tool for those prospects who are close to making a decision, and need some social proof of your product working in the marketplace. Every business has to show that they have a history of success and case studies are the best way to do that. We can design, write, and promote case studies for your business, allowing you to drive more conversions with your inbound marketing.
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SEO Content Writing

Content needs to be written with human beings in mind first, but that doesn’t mean that search engines should be ignored. Content that has been optimized for SEO will go further and work harder to attract attention to your brand. We can create new content that helps with your SEO as well as optimize existing content on your website or blog.
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Press Release Writing and Distribution

A strong, consistent press release campaign is a great way to show that your business is constantly innovating, expanding, and offering great products and services to your customers. Press releases also help with SEO and therefore get you more exposure.
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The SevenAtoms Difference

  • Diverse industry experience – from SaaS, to B2B Services, to consumer E-commerce and everything in between
  • Conversion focused content – attention grabbing, engaging and conversion focused blog posts to drive traffic
  • Research and analysis – specialized content through a consultative approach and in-depth research
  • Distinguished writing team – journalistic level, All-American writing team that produces 100% Original Content
  • Search engine optimization – content written for human beings but optimized for search engines
  • Full service agency – We’re a content marketing agency – not a writing platform or portal.

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Harness The Full Power Of Inbound Marketing

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