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Advertising across display networks can be a cost-effective way to achieve big results—but with the high reward can come high risk. With the plethora of targeting and bidding options available, the wrong choices can lead to thousands of wasted dollars in a matter or days or even hours. To make digital display advertising a profitable channel for your business, you need the wisdom of experience and expertise.

The SevenAtoms team can help drive your digital advertising campaign to success, from ad creation to targeting optimization and analytics assessment. We’ve managed ad campaigns across the Google Display Network and directly with various media and industry publications for clients throughout a variety of industries.

How Our Display Ads Works

Campaign Strategy and Structure

You can’t create a successful digital display advertising campaign without a plan. At SevenAtoms, we start by developing a comprehensive strategy for your campaign based on your business goals. We determine the best display networks and publishers through which to reach your target audience and set up your campaign to position your business for success from the start.

Targeting Expertise

For a display advertising campaign to be effective, you need to know exactly who you’re trying to convert, down to their demographics, behaviors, and the sites they visit. We break down and analyze your ad audience and determine the best combination of keywords and website placements through which to target them. Then, we continue to monitor and optimize your campaign targeting to continually drive results.

Ad Optimization

Once your campaign strategy and structure are in place, we focus on optimizing your offer and ads to generate leads. Our seasoned design team can develop ads with clear calls-to-action that maximize click-through rates, and will ensure that they align with your brand and messaging. We create multiple versions of your ads for A/B testing when possible, pausing the lowest performing one while boosting the other to drive constant improvement.

Landing Page Strategy and Design

Landing pages are a marketer’s greatest tool for capturing contact information and converting visitors into leads. We can develop a customized landing page strategy centered on keyword groupings to increase relevancy and facilitate conversions. Our in-house design experts then create your landing page, ensuring that it aligns with your ad and offer and remains consistent with your company’s branding.

Analysis and Reporting

Once your display network advertising campaign is up and running, we continually monitor it, noting areas for improvement and optimizing accordingly. We also implement URL tracking codes on each of your display ads, and monitor flow into your marketing automation and sales CRM systems for fill lead attribution. We think it’s important to be transparent with our clients, so we’ll send you regular, comprehensive reports complete with detailed analytics and our expert performance assessment.

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