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EBooks can be one of the most powerful pieces of your inbound marketing campaign.

EBook Writing Services and EBook Marketing Services

EBooks can be one of the most powerful pieces of your inbound marketing campaign. They are a tool for converting those casual website visitors into actual leads, giving that visitor a reason to actually provide you with their contact information.

In addition to converting web traffic into leads, eBooks have another benefit. They offer substantial and highly relevant content to prospective customers, allowing you to demonstrate thought leadership in your industry and thereby get a leg up on your competitors. Good eBook writers can create content that helps address your customer pain points and can be used to nurture leads at any stage of the buying cycle.

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How Our EBook Writing Services Work

SevenAtoms partners with your business to determine which prospects to target and which stage of the buying cycle they are in. We then come up with topics for a possible eBook (or if you prefer, you can provide the topic). Next, we create a comprehensive content brief that details what the main points of the eBook will be, what information it provides, and how it helps move the prospect further down the sales cycle. After reviewing that with you, we give it to our eBook writers who then craft the content based on the brief. We then review the content, edit it, then give it to you for approval. From there, we move on to the layout phase and once that is completed we provide it to you for final approval.

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How Our EBook Marketing Services Work

Having a great eBook is one thing, but properly promoting it is another. In addition to writing eBooks, we can also promote them for you. We can design landing pages that offer the eBooks and can advertise your eBook through paid and organic efforts. We can also work with you to determine the right type of forms to use. If a form is too long or asks for the wrong information, they can discourage prospects from filling them out. At the same time, they need to be able to provide useful information to your business. We can help you find the right balance.

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