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Fabric Commerce sees 267% increase in leads and 109% increase in sales opp from paid campaigns.


Increase in Leads


Increase in Sales Opp


Decrease in Cost Per Lead

About Fabric

The fabric commerce platform (intentionally stylized as “fabric”) provides a range of services for commerce, including commerce APIs, a marketplace, an order management system (OMS), and product information management (PIM). The fabric suite encourages a holistic approach to addressing various aspects of ecommerce.

As a solution, fabric emphasizes the concept of headless commerce, allowing companies to connect with customers in innovative ways. This approach provides flexibility for merchandisers, operators, and developers within high-growth brands and retailers. The platform supports headless commerce APIs, providing the flexibility to break down monolithic platforms and integrate with various systems.

Services Provided

  • Google Paid Search and Retargeting Campaign Management
  • Bing Paid Search Campaign Management
  • Capterra Campaign Management
  • Landing Page Development and Conversion Optimization
“Working with SevenAtoms provided outcomes that far exceeded our expectations. SevenAtoms and the fabric marketing team worked together and were able to decrease cost per lead by 50%, grow the sales-qualified pipeline from paid search by 100%, and improve landing page conversions by 4X. SevenAtoms over-delivered for every single quarterly goal ahead of schedule and was amazing to work with.”
Isaac Akrouche
Issac Akrouche
Growth Marketing Manager

The Challenge

SevenAtoms sets clear goals, emphasizing lead increase and cost-efficient opportunities. Our strategy involves optimizing campaigns for maximum ad spend efficiency, ensuring proper conversion tracking between Google and HubSpot. Strategic budgeting is implemented, prioritizing keywords that drive valuable leads, with an overarching aim to decrease the cost per opportunity. Our results-driven approach, focusing on B2B and D2C commerce, ensures strategic campaign optimization, targeting, and budget management for enhanced outcomes.

The Solutions

SevenAtoms started by identifying fabric’s key target personas, including their characteristics and online behavior. We created detailed strategic plans across multiple channels: content marketing, Google and Bing ads, retargeting, and leveraging Capterra for B2B corporate leads. This approach ensures a holistic and effective marketing strategy tailored to reach and engage fabric’s target audience.

Implementation Managed by SevenAtoms:

  • PPC Campaign Management: SevenAtoms optimized fabric’s PPC campaigns for less-competitive long-tail keywords, competitive terms, and niche terms. Our custom-built landing pages improved ad relevance, and we optimized ads for mobile search given the growing importance of mobile PPC.
  • Landing page optimization: Our primary goals were to enhance the user experience, encourage engagement, and increase the likelihood of conversions like making a demo request for fabric’s suite of products.
  • Capterra: Our marketing strategy for fabric specifically emphasized leveraging Capterra to drive product sales and generate B2B corporate leads.

The Results

SevenAtoms delivered impactful results for Fabric in a 7-month period, especially through PPC campaigns. Online lead generation consistently grew month-over-month, engaging the client’s target audience and acquiring potential leads at a lower cost per opportunity (CPO).

SevenAtoms also delivered a significant reduction in cost-per-lead, meaning that our efforts didn’t just get fabric more customers, our digital marketing services dramatically boosted ROI of all marketing spend.

  1. A 267% increase in lead generation demonstrates the effectiveness of SevenAtoms’ PPC campaigns on attracting and capturing leads.
  2. A 109% increase in opportunity demonstrates the successful conversion of these leads into potential business opportunities for fabric.
  3. A 41% reduction in the cost per lead shows just how much more efficient SevenAtoms’ marketing efforts were than what fabric had been doing previously.
  4. Landing page conversions soared by over 430%!

SevenAtoms’ successful generation of B2B leads enabled fabric’s growth and delivered a strong ROI.

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