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Shopping campaigns (or product listing ads) are Google’s solution for ecommerce businesses looking to increase their visibility to interested buyers. With a variety of campaign options tailored to such objectives as driving traffic or promoting specials and discounts, Google shopping campaigns offer a major sales opportunity for ecommerce sites.

SevenAtoms can help you put the spotlight on your products by developing and executing a campaign strategy that is optimized to drive conversions. We take over full management of your product listing ads, and combine the wisdom of our experience with industry best practices to maximize your results and increase sales.

How Our Google Shopping Campaigns For ECommerce Works

Data Quality Optimization

It is critical that your Merchant Center data feed remain up to date and accurate as this is what Google pulls product data from to create your product ads. We maintain a high-quality data feed for your business that reflects the latest updates to prices and availability, and optimize your images and promotional text to entice clicks. We further maximize your campaign results by setting up negative keywords to keep your products from appearing on irrelevant or low-traffic search queries.

Shopping Campaign Strategy and Set Up

Once your data feed is in tip-top shape, we can begin creating your shopping campaign and product listing ads. With a variety of settings to choose from and unique budgets and performance tracking for each, shopping campaigns can be difficult to set up and even harder to manage. We alleviate any confusion by developing an effective strategy for your products that will help you reach and exceed your business goals.

Strategic Bidding

Bids directly influence whether Google will show your products, so it’s important to be strategic. We optimize your bidding using industry best practices to ensure that your products get the spotlight they deserve, with the ultimate goal of boosting your ROI.

Conversion Tracking

To help you measure whether Google product listing ads are translating into actual sales for your business, we set up conversion tracking through your AdWords account. This allows us to understand what happens after internet users click your ad—such as whether they purchased your product or subscribed to your email list—and helps us calculate your shopping campaign ROI.

Performance Monitoring

To ensure that your shopping campaign is achieving your desired results, we regularly monitor its performance and optimize accordingly. We assess data from your product groups and even analyze the performance of other advertisers selling similar products to identify where we are succeeding and where there may be missed opportunities.

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