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Consumer behavior ranges from being increasingly wary to downright angry at outbound marketing tactics especially cold calls, spam and direct mail. This is why inbound marketing is so effective in reaching consumers because it provides them with what they are looking for at precisely the right time.

But What Exactly is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a way of attracting customers through good quality content, effective SEO and engaging social media. Inbound Marketing involves generating high quality leads, nurturing them and converting them with exceptional strategies and customer service. There are four main areas under Inbound Marketing – Getting found by ensuring your visibility across multiple online channels, Converting visitors into leads, Closing business by nurturing leads into customers and Analyzing results to improve decision making and ROI.

What are the Advantages of Inbound Marketing?

It is extremely cost effective

The costs of an inbound marketing strategy, content creation, SEO and Social Media are a lot less than outbound marketing such as TV Ads, Cold Calls, Direct Mail and Tradeshows.

It turns your fans into brand advocates

If your inbound marketing efforts are creating great content, then those that follow your brand and read this content will share it with their friends. This provides the best type of endorsement for your brand since it comes from a highly trusted source.

It lasts for a long time

There is no expiration date for your inbound marketing. Once you have produced content and published it online, it remains available forever.

It creates better quality leads

Prospects that find and contact you have already researched competitors and narrowed down the list of companies they want to do business with. They are already half sold on your product or service by going through your site or blog. And if they come in through a friend’s referral on a social site, they would need even less convincing because someone they trust has vouched for you.

Why Choose an Inbound Marketing Company?

There are a lot of different elements that need to be considered with inbound marketing. You have to have an overall strategy that links all of your online channels together into one cohesive whole. An inbound marketing company will come up with a comprehensive strategy based on the outcomes you desire out of your inbound marketing efforts. Whether your goal is to increase web traffic to raise your brand’s awareness, generate leads for your product or service, or boost sales from your online store, an inbound marketing company will design content and strategies to funnel potential leads to that point. Further, an inbound marketing company will have the right resources with the experience to strategize, create content for a host of different mediums, manage all of your search engine and social media channels, generate and nurture leads and convert them into customers. Putting together and managing your own team to do this would be inefficient and cost prohibitive.

What SevenAtoms Inbound Marketing Services Can Do for You

Our inbound marketing services will help you effectively manage all aspects of your inbound marketing strategy and do the heavy lifting for you. We will connect all of you marketing channels together into a cohesive whole that gets you visitors, converts them into leads and helps turn them into customers. All activities are monitored and analyzed so we can show you measurable ROI and improve areas that are not as effective.

We have a proven process for ensuring the success of your inbound marketing campaigns. The approach we follow consists of the following elements.

Lead Generation

Thanks to like of search and social media, brands are able to identify and connect with their potential customers better than ever. It takes the right b2b inbound marketing strategy to attract the right kind of lead, however. Find out how to generate quality leads through our technology marketing solutions.

Content Marketing

Today’s content isn’t so much about blatantly trying to sell something as it is about informing and sparking conversation. This comes down to great, well researched content that gains the trust of the reader. Learn more about what it takes to generate quality content that meets your customer needs.

Search Marketing

Since Google invented the Page Rank system, online success of any company is measured through their search ranking. Online search is the primary way by which other businesses will find you, and hence, changes your search visibility can potentially have a huge impact on your business. Find out how you can please the search Gods to grow your business through our search marketing solutions.

Social Media Marketing

Though Social Media has been traditionally seen as a B2C play, even B2B businesses are embracing the power of social media, both as a way to generate quality leads and as a branding tool. Also, brands are realizing that embracing social media is a great way to establish themselves as a though leader in their field. Discover how you can leverage the power of social media to build your brand.

Marketing Automation

One thing that makes B2B technology marketing different is its need to be fast and responsive. Through our technology marketing services, we can establish marketing automation to nurture your leads by delivering custom content they seek and priming them to purchase your products and services. Find out how marketing automation can help prevent missed opportunities.

Web Analytics

There is a wealth of information available with every b2b technology marketing effort, with multiple systems working together, from search to social media. Analyzing this data to discover hidden trends and taking actions to capitalize on the next one takes time and expertise. An experienced technology marketing services partner who can break down all of this data and give you exactly what you need can be really useful.

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