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SaaS Marketing Case Study

Find out how we boosted Incapsula's lead generation by 129% from PPC campaigns.

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The Problem

While Incapsula had a dedicated marketing team as well as a well thought out strategy in place for its online marketing, it needed help in a number of areas. First, it had a hard time generating content with the regularity that it needed. There were two types of content that the company had planned on producing – blog articles and long-form content such as guides and eBooks. Incapsula had a good content strategy in place and had identified a number of topics that it wanted to write about, but did not have the time and internal resources to be able to produce it all.

Incapsula was also struggling with their PPC campaigns as they were not seeing any real ROI from them. A number of different marketing agencies had managed its paid campaigns but none were able to get significant results. Part of the problem was that their landing pages were outdated and not mobile-optimized. Finally, Incapsula wanted to use LinkedIn and content discovery platforms for targeted lead generation but did not have a good strategy in place for these channels.

The Solution

The first step for SevenAtoms was to properly understand Incapsula’s business and products since they were highly complex in nature and targeted at a very specific market. In order to help learn about Incapsula’s business and its needs, SevenAtoms arranged a number of consultation sessions and had its content and PPC marketing team conduct detailed research about the market, the problems facing prospects and how Incapsula solved those problems. SevenAtoms worked closely with the Incapsula team to come up with a content calendar and identified a number of blog posts, ebooks and guides that needed to be developed.  SevenAtoms also came up with innovative, highly targeted strategies for paid search, display marketing, retargeting and linkedin marketing.

Once all strategies were in place, SevenAtoms started execution of the campaigns by:

  • Developing blog posts and ebooks using an interactive process that allowed the team to research and discuss topics in detail with Incapsula

  • Setting up new campaigns for paid search, display ads and retargeting copywriting and technical integration with Marketo. SevenAtoms also used A/B testing to continuously optimize the landing pages for conversions.

  • Setting up LinkedIn sponsored update campaigns to promote key content assets such as surveys, guides, reports and blog posts. SevenAtoms used very precise targeting including hand-picked LinkedIn groups and business demographic targeting to get in front of exactly the right audience


Thanks to SevenAtoms efforts, Incapsula was able to finally “catch up” with its content strategy and meet the milestones defined in the content calendar. SevenAtoms was also able to launch and sustain ROI positive PPC and LinkedIn campaigns. Specifically, SevenAtoms was able to accomplish the following:

  • Help in boosting site visitors by 107% in 5 months

  • Certain pieces of content, specifically the bigger content offerings, generated high quality back links from reputable websites, helping to boost Incapsula’s domain authority and thus attain top 10 rankings for numerous keywords

  • Increased lead generation from PPC campaigns by 129% while constantly purging campaigns generating lower quality leads

  • Increased lead generation by 480% for retargeting campaigns while reducing cost per acquisition by 95%

  • Launched new LinkedIn campaigns that produced very high quality traffic to the site with conversion rates of 20%

  • After several months of strong results, Incapsula turned over the rest of its PPC campaigns to SevenAtoms and commissioned new campaigns to be launched on Outbrain and Disqus

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