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Newsletter Writing Services

Newsletters are one of the best ways to directly engage with your customers as well as prospects. For those who receive your company’s emails, the service should feel like being part of a special club. The content should be extremely informative and make the reader feel like an insider. This helps to create a lasting connection between them and your company.

Newsletter marketing is especially effective when partnered with marketing automation. Combining the two creates a much more targeted newsletter campaign that yields more quality leads while at the same time reducing the total workload.

The Advantages of Newsletters Marketing Campaigns

  • Deliver valuable information that solves reader’s day-to-day problems.
  • Build your brand the inexpensive way.
  • Develop business relationships based on trust.
  • Gain a lot of credibility for your business by delivering accurate and timely information.

Why Partner with SevenAtoms for Newsletter Writing?

Sending out email newsletters helps keep your customers and leads abreast of what your company is doing and is a great way to aggregate content from your other channels. We can create original articles as well as summaries/links to your important blogs, press releases, jobs, case studies and white papers.

Our newsletter writers create something that people actually want to open. Having a huge amount of text can be intimidating, especially when presented in a way that seems boring or cluttered to the reader. We format our newsletter content in a way that is easy to read and visually appealing. We also create attention grabbing headlines for the articles and compelling call-to-actions that motivate recipients to engage with your brand even further.

The goal of our newsletter writing services is to create content that has something substantial to offer the reader. It needs to make sure that the articles have valuable information and helps to address some of the reader’s pain points. This builds goodwill and trust with your company and increases the likelihood of prospects turning into customers.

How Our Newsletter Marketing Services Work

Once a newsletter is ready, we ensure that it is sent properly to your contacts. Contacts can be imported if you already have in your database and automate the process of collecting emails from a newsletter signup box on your website and social media channels.

Sending newsletters through email has the advantage of getting your content directly out to your leads, ensuring that they will at least see it in their inbox. The challenge is to get them to actually read the email instead of simply deleting it. This requires that you first grab their attention through a carefully crafted subject line and use an appropriate From name. Then the email needs to be tested to make sure that it is formatted properly across different types of email clients such as Outlook, Gmail and mobile devices.

With our newsletter marketing service, we track all data and provide reports to you about the performance of each email newsletter including no. of emails delivered, number of people who open the message, number of clicks on various articles in the email, etc.

SevenAtoms newsletter writing services can handle every aspect of your newsletter, from design to creation to distribution. Contact Us or call us at 925.566.6969 to get started today!

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