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Online Blogging

Online blogging has now reached the point at which is it isn’t an informal, nice-to-have communication medium for a business but a fundamental piece of its website and online marketing strategy. Blogs are becoming so common that not having one makes your business look insignificant or not sophisticated enough to warrant one. If you are not taking full advantage of online blogging, then you may find that your website isn’t bringing in the number of leads that it should be. Of course, you may be well aware of this but still struggle with maintaining a blog or filling it with compelling content regularly. If this is the case with your business, then know that SevenAtoms can help you to develop your online blog and help build it into the lead generating tool it is supposed to be.

Online Blogging: What SevenAtoms Can Help You With

Building Your Blog – Don’t have a blog yet or have an outdated blog? SevenAtoms can help you develop an online blog and ensure that it is visually appealing and optimized for search engines. We will research relevant keywords and determine the best ones to target with your blog. We can then build blog pages that incorporate these keywords. The blog will integrate with your existing website in order to increase your site’s search engine positioning.

Writing Blog Content – A blog is only as good as its content. We have experienced, US based writers to create excellent content for you. Again, we used heavily researched and carefully chosen keywords to come up with the blog topics and content. The content and subject matter are well researched and works to genuinely provide useful information to the reader, not just serve as a reason to throw keywords together. Finally, all of our content is designed with converting leads in mind, utilizing call-to-actions that encourage the reader to take the next step and make a purchase or visit your contact page.

Blog Metrics – In order to determine how successful your blog is, they have to be properly monitored. You want to ensure that the content and topics being written are the most effective in bringing you traffic. You can do this through our easy to digest reports. These will show you how many visitors you are getting for each blog, where they are coming from and what actions they are taking after reading the content. Using data like this, we are able to determine the exact type of content helps with interaction, and assessing which types of articles most leads to conversions.

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