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If it feels like your PPC campaign has become a black hole that’s sucking in your marketing budget but not providing sufficient ROI, then you need to talk to us. Our team of PPC experts can build, fix, or optimize your paid campaigns to ensure that you thrive in a constantly changing and competitive landscape. Over the years, we have acquired a wealth of experience, solved countless problems and have worked on every type of PPC campaign imaginable. We have worked on multiple platforms including AdWords, Bing and AdRoll. And we have managed ads on social media platforms as well. We have delivered highly profitable results for customers in multiple industries – from consistently selling out product inventories for a consumer e-commerce company; to generating million dollar leads for a B2B services firm; to signing up big time customers for a SaaS company, we have done it all.

How Our PPC Management Service Works


We start by understanding your business and the products/services you sell. We then look at the PPC landscape your company faces. We analyze your current PPC efforts and look closely at what your competitors are doing. We perform in-depth research on relevant and cost-efficient keywords, identifying both regular and long tail keyword opportunities. For display campaigns, we research specific sites that are frequented by your target audience.


Unlike some large PPC agencies, we don’t use a cookie-cutter strategy for your PPC campaign. We take the time to clearly understand your offering, target markets you serve and your overall goals. We then craft a strategy designed around your unique needs. Among other factors, we determine what geographic locations, household income levels, ad schedules, and devices (mobile, desktops, tablets) to target, and in what instances we should lower or raise bids.

Campaign Setup

Based on the strategy, we start building your campaigns. The first step is to structure the campaign with appropriate ad groups, keywords, site placements, remarketing lists, product feeds etc. and setup all available ad extensions. We design conversion-optimized landing pages using modern, responsive styles that work well across all devices. We create compelling ads that fit in with the keywords and target markets we are pursuing and with appropriate Call-To-Actions leading to the landing pages. We setup conversion tracking, including phone call tracking and integration with your marketing automation or ecommerce platform. After detailed testing across various devices, we launch your campaigns.

Ongoing Management

We constantly monitor your PPC campaigns and optimize them to make sure that they are improving all the time and getting you the results at the right cost per lead or cost per sale. This involves regularly adjusting bids, updating keywords, split testing ad copy, A/B testing landing pages, optimizing mobile device performance, and a host of other tasks. We dive deep into the data and analyze performance across multiple dimensions and change settings accordingly. For lead generation campaigns, simply getting conversions is not enough. We look at the quality of leads using measures such as lead scoring from your marketing automation system, and make adjustments to campaigns accordingly.

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Our PPC Management Services Include:

Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing is at the heart of any PPC effort. It can be the great equalizer, allowing your business to compete with larger organizations for search engine traffic. We have proven processes to cut your cost-per-click, improve click-through rates, increase conversion rates and improve the quality of leads. We can build a new campaign from scratch or turn around a struggling campaign that has not seen positive ROI.
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Display Advertising

Display Ads (banner ads) are a very effective way to reach your target demographic to raise you brand awareness and get new traffic outside of search engines . Our in-house team of designers can create great looking display ads along with customized landing pages to drive conversions. We target campaigns very carefully to ensure that ads only show up in high quality sites that your target audience visits regularly.
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Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing and retargeting allows you to have specialized, targeted ads that are only displayed to users who have been to your site before but did not convert. This allows your brand to stay in the mind of your prospects long after they originally visited your site. In today’s fast paced world, remarketing is a critical factor in moving prospects down the conversion funnel.
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Google Shopping Campaigns

For e-commerce companies, Product Listing Ads (PLAs) should be an essential part of their paid campaign efforts. PLAs are a part of Google Shopping and appear at the top of the search results pages in response to product related searches. We ensure effective performance of PLA campaigns by using customized product feeds with as much detail about the products as possible, high resolution images, PLA specific field attributes, and effective use of promotional text.
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Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social media advertising allows you to promote your offer to a highly targeted audience, ensuring that it will be seen by the customers most valuable to your business. We can help you develop enticing offers, create ad copy and visual elements that will attract engagement, and develop landing pages to collect leads. We then launch your campaign and regularly optimize it to drive maximum results.
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Landing Page and Conversion Rate Optimization

Landing pages are an effective visitor conversion tool for businesses across all industries. Our expert design team can create customized landing pages for your offer that are optimized for engagement and conversion. We ensure your landing pages drive results consistently by performing regular A/B tests on various creative elements.
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The SevenAtoms Difference

  • We have a wealth of experience across diverse industries and types of campaigns targeted at businesses and consumers alike.
  • Our team is certified in Google AdWords and Bing Ads. We use standard best practices and streamlined processes to ensure your campaigns go off without a hitch.
  • Landing page design and optimization comes standard with our PPC packages. The pages we create not only look great, but are designed with conversions in mind, using proven techniques. We create customized pages for all keyword groups or ad creatives we are targeting.
  • All landing pages we create are 100% responsive and are especially optimized for mobile devices.
  • We regularly perform A/B tests on both ads and landing pages to strive for continuous improvement and maximum effectiveness.
  • Our PPC team keeps up to date with the dozens of new features being released by AdWords and Bing Ads every quarter. When there is a change, we are agile enough to implement it quickly so that our clients can reap immediate benefits ,while competitors struggle to catch up.
  • We have the expertise to solve complex PPC problems such as using trademarked terms in ads, connecting landing pages with various marketing automation systems and integrating conversion data with ecommerce and content management platforms.

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