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Now more than ever, it’s hugely important for businesses to invest in PPC marketing to strengthen their digital presence. Customers use the internet to search for products and services, and if your business isn’t showing up in the search engine results, they won’t find you. Not only that, but with more and more companies understanding the importance of ranking highly on search results pages, the PPC advertising landscape is more competitive than ever. This can make it difficult to navigate without outside help.

Our paid search management experts can create the most effective strategy to drive relevant traffic to your website and convert them into leads. Using best practices learned through years of experience running Google and Bing search campaigns, we cut through the technical fluff and implement strategies that boost bottom-line results. Generating customers and sales starts with creating and maintaining a strong presence in search results, and we can help you achieve that.

How Our Paid Search Marketing Works

Campaign Strategy and Management

PPC search marketing campaigns are comprised of many moving parts, including setup, optimization, monitoring, and reporting—and to maximize your efforts you need a well thought-out strategy. Our seasoned team of PPC management experts has a history of helping our clients reach and exceed their business goals. We can develop a specialized strategy and set up a proper campaign structure for your company, simplifying maintenance and positioning you for long-term success.

Keyword Research

A successful paid search campaign begins with an effective keyword strategy. We do thorough research to source the keywords your target audience is searching for so you can use them to help these potential customers find you. We have expert knowledge of advanced keyword tools that we use to help you discover keyword opportunities to boost engagement and conversions.

Creative Copy

Crafting stellar ad copy is of the utmost importance for your paid search campaign, as a single word can be the deciding factor for a potential customer as to whether or not they will convert. Our creative experts can develop enticing ad copy that drives clicks from your target audience. You can relax knowing your PPC ads incorporate the most effective best practices and are optimized for engagement.

Landing Page Creation

Customized landing pages are the best way to drive conversions and sales. We can develop an effective landing page strategy for your offer using proven strategies to boost traffic and clicks. Our expert design team will then make your page a reality, optimizing the layout for conversions and writing enticing copy that drives engagement.

Tracking and Measuring Success

With all the effort you’re putting into paid search advertising, it’s important to know where your conversions are coming from. We set up URL tracking for each of your ads, implementing tracking codes [Google Tag Manager & UTM tracking] and conversion and goal instances, and provide comprehensive reporting.

Budget Management

Budget optimization is one of the most complex aspects of PPC search management, and it’s not something to take on blindly. We have years of experience creating and optimizing individual keyword bids and daily budgets, and can ensure your campaign is performing with maximum efficiency.

Device Optimization

With the proliferation of smartphone usage, customers across all industries are sourcing and discovering products and services from the palms of their hands. We ensure that your paid search campaigns, ads and landing pages are optimized across all devices so you don’t miss out on huge engagement opportunities.

Comprehensive Reporting

We like to keep our clients in the loop at all times. We send you regular reports to keep you informed about the status of your PPC search marketing campaigns, holistically and drilling down into ad and keyword details. Our reports provide expert performance analysis, including opportunities for improvement. We then optimize your campaign accordingly.

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