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Our Pay-Per-Click management services will increase leads and improve conversion rate through proven PPC marketing techniques and creative landing page design.

Pay Per Click Management Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

We get it: Paid marketing can be stressful. There are so many levers to pull and variables to adjust that it can feel overwhelming to watch your paid budget tick down and not know if you’re seeing any meaningful ROI from your efforts. If you’re feeling like subpar pay-per-click campaigns might be holding your business back, it’s time to talk to us.

With over 60 years of combined experience in the field of paid online marketing, the expert team at SevenAtoms knows what it takes to help a business thrive and succeed. We’re an expert pay-per-click management company that has helped deliver profitable PPC results for clients in fields from cloud services to aerial surveying. From Google AdWords to social advertising, using proven tactics like custom landing pages designed to convert leads into customers, the SevenAtoms team is ready to be the nitro boost your organization is looking for.

These aren’t just empty words. See how we’ve generated leads and excellent ROI for businesses in a diverse range of industries.

Featured Case Study: Cyber Security SaaS Company Sees 1,012% Growth From PPC Campaigns


Increase in Sales Opportunities


Increase in No. of Customers Won


Increase in Revenue

Imperva Incapsula

A cloud-based cybersecurity service designed to offer enterprise-grade security to any website, Incapsula had been running pay-per-click campaigns but was not seeing the high-quality leads and sales opportunities that they’d hoped. Incapsula had all but given up on running paid Google campaigns when they contacted SevenAtoms.

We restructured Incapsula’s paid search campaigns — researching relevant keywords, identifying opportunities that neither Incapsula nor their competitors were using, creating a precise message match between keywords and ads, and more — optimized their landing pages for conversions, created segmented retargeting campaigns, and that was just the start. Ultimately, Incapsula’s partnership with SevenAtoms saw a 585% increase in sales opportunities, a 1,012% increase in customers won, and $2.9m additional revenue.

Seal Skin Covers

Seal Skin Covers is a premier provider of custom-fit covers for vehicles, delivering high-quality covers at very competitive prices. They had worked with larger agencies, but hadn’t seen the results they’d hoped; with SevenAtoms, they found a smarter, specialist pay-per-click management company.

We identified several critical issues. SealSkinCovers was ignoring potentially lucrative channels like Facebook and Google Shopping, had not optimized the post-click user experience, had a website that was not friendly to mobile devices, and were getting dinged by Google for having trademark issues in their ads — which is a big problem for a company looking to market to, for instance, Corvette owners!

SevenAtoms helped resolve all of these roadblocks. Our status as a Premier Google Partner helped us quickly resolve the trademark issues; we improved the post-click experience with an improved landing page and a redesigned, mobile-friendly site; and we launched campaigns on Google Shopping, Bing, and Facebook. In the end, SealSkinCovers saw a 1,079% increase in car covers sold, a 21.57% decrease in cost-per-order, and nearly $5m in additional revenue.


Revecent is a B2B company that specializes in sales recruiting. They were frustrated by subpar ROI on their ad campaigns, with conversion rates and cost-per-conversion far below what they were hoping for. They hired SevenAtoms to review and optimize their pay-per-click, and we immediately identified the key issues, including a lack of targeted landing pages and poor keyword management.

SevenAtoms learned and researched Revecent’s business, including their services, target audience, and competitors. We implemented a proper account structure, more narrowly targeting specific keywords and matching them to specific ads, and created conversion-optimized landing pages. By using SevenAtoms’ pay-per-click services, Revecent improved conversion rates by 290% with a whopping 9x increase in leads.


Landpoint is a firm of land surveyors, engineers, and environmental consultants that offers services to companies in sectors like oil & gas, renewable energy, and construction. Despite being an award-winning leader in their field, Landpoint was struggling to acquire new leads online, seeing most of its success via offline sales channels. It wasn’t bringing in the growth they wanted.

SevenAtoms identified key areas to improve Landpoint’s online sales. We overhauled their website for SEO, created a content and social media plan, and optimized their PPC efforts, managing paid search, display ads, and remarketing/retargeting. We created responsive landing pages and rigorously A/B tested all our efforts. SevenAtoms helped Landpoint see a 290% increase in leads, with a whopping 630% increase in sales-qualified leads.

Aikens Lake Resort

A deluxe chalet resort located in Manitoba’s Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park, Aikens Lake boasts beautiful scenery, gorgeous sunsets, and incredible fishing. Over the years, the resort had cultivated a loyal base of supporters, but wanted to ensure its summer season was booked in advance, and specifically hoped to improve B2B efforts, hoping to entice corporate retreats. Their prior PPC campaigns had seen very high cost per lead and, consequently, low ROI.

When they came to SevenAtoms, we started by developing a detailed marketing strategy including identifying target personas and planning out multiple channels, from pay-per-click services to SEO and inbound. We revamped their PPC campaigns to focus on less-competitive long-tail keywords that appealed to a more niche audience, and launched customized landing pages optimized for a mobile audience. We also developed a retargeting campaign to try and convert users who hadn’t bit the hook the first time around. Aikens Lake saw a 243% increase in website visits, a 1,100% increase in lead generation, and a 95% reduction in cost per lead.

Our Clients Love The Results

Tim Matthews

Tim Matthews, Incapsula


“SevenAtoms has helped us get excellent ROI from our paid campaigns. Their understanding of B2B SaaS and Cyber Security has really shown up in the engaging content and landing pages they have developed for us. They continue to crush it across all our campaigns!”

How Our PPC Management Service Works



A plan without research is a plan that’s doomed to fail. As an expert pay-per-click management company, SevenAtoms first understands the landscape that your organization exists in. We understand your business, the products or services you offer, and look at what your successful competitors might be doing. Our research analyzes existing paid efforts and identifies effective regular, long-tail, and negative keywords for optimal paid ad performance.



Your business is unique, so it deserves its own unique strategy. After researching your offerings, target markets, and goals, we craft a strategy to fit your organization’s own unique needs. We tailor this strategy keeping in mind many aspects of the audience you’re hoping to reach, such as geographic location, typical household income, types of devices they typically use — mobile, desktop, tablet — and other demographic data.

Campaign Setup

Campaign Setup

We’ve done the research, and aligned on a strategy. Now we build the campaigns. We’ll ensure that your campaign has the proper structure, including appropriate ad groups, site placements, keywords, and more, and set up all the relevant ad extensions. Our team of designers builds responsive, effective landing pages optimized to drive conversions no matter a user’s device, and we drive people to these landing pages with compelling, targeted paid ads. Everything is appropriately tracked and completely integrated with your existing Ecommerce or marketing automation platforms.

Ongoing Management

Ongoing Management

Your PPC campaigns are out in the world and driving conversions, but our work isn’t done. Our pay-per-click service includes active monitoring and management of your campaigns to ensure that everything is fully optimized and that you’re getting the results you want on cost per lead or cost per sale. We adjust bids, optimize keywords, drive A/B testing on all the moving parts, and dive deep into the data to make sure everything is going according to plan. We keep you well in the loop so that you’re informed about what’s working well and where we need to make improvements. When you work with SevenAtoms, you work with a pay-per-click management company that’s committed to delivering you results.

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