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You’re a legal eagle, and you’re eager to grow your business and find new clients.  Traditional ways of expanding your clientele — print or television ads, fliers, billboards — are a thing of the past and will not get you the ROI anymore. Today, you need to run successful paid search and digital marketing campaigns in order to grow.

You’re a thoroughly modernized law firm, so you’ve turned to paid online campaigns… and found a cutthroat, extremely competitive marketplace with several law firms bidding for top spots on Google. PPC for lawyers is not easy; lawyer and attorney-related keywords are in fact some of the most expensive on Google. If you are not seeing the ROI, it doesn’t mean you should give up. It just means you should partner with an expert agency who knows how to optimize paid campaigns for a law firm like yours.

SevenAtoms is recognized by Google as a Premier Adwords Partner, which says a lot about our capability and the path-breaking results we have achieved. Our team has decades of combined experience under our belts when it comes to PPC campaigns, and we’ve solved countless problems for clients while working on paid campaigns from Google AdWords and Facebook to LinkedIn. We don’t just create and execute PPC campaigns for law firms like yours, we also design and build smart, compelling custom landing pages, ensuring messaging is aligned to build your brand and convert leads into clients.

Google AdWords for Lawyers

As we mentioned, Google AdWords for lawyers is a monstrously competitive environment, with keywords for attorneys and law firms typically being more expensive than the vast majority of other industries. However, a well executed PPC campaign can be the thing that lets smaller law firms stand out from the crowd and compete with larger organizations — but the difference between a great PPC campaign and a mediocre one could be thousands of dollars spent for very little ROI.

With SevenAtoms, our proven processes and granular, precise strategy is designed to target potential leads who are in the market for the services you provide, making them more likely to click on your ads — and more likely to convert once they do. With our thorough keyword research, including both regular and long-tail keywords, competitor analysis, and strategic use of Single Keyword Ad Groups, we’ll help you carve out a niche where your law firm can succeed at a much lower cost-per-click than it might have otherwise cost.

Facebook Advertising for Lawyers

Whether your desired clients are individuals or businesses, it’s a good bet that they’re active on Facebook — which means you should be, too. Our Facebook advertising services will help you find and connect with potential clients for your firm. We know Facebook advertising inside and out and have a proven track record of helping our clients find success on the social-media platform.

We’ll smartly design interesting, eye-catching Facebook ads for your services and target them to an audience most likely to be interested in what you have to offer, and leverage Single Target Ad Sets for greater impact. When you work with SevenAtoms, you’ll know that your law firm’s Facebook marketing will be leaving a great impression on an expertly targeted audience.

LinkedIn Marketing for Lawyers

Most people think of LinkedIn as just being a social network for professionals, but it’s also a powerful, growing platform for B2B marketing and should be an important part of any strategic PPC for lawyers looking to find new clients.

SevenAtoms will use LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored content to get your law firm in front of potential leads. We’ll leverage LinkedIn’s dynamic targeting and our comprehensive keyword, competitor, and industry research to deliver granular precision in the type of audience you’re hoping to reach.

Landing Page Design

The best Google AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads in the world don’t mean anything if a lead who clicks through to your page bounces away within seconds. SevenAtoms will design and build optimized landing pages for your law firm, ensuring that visual design and copy are in alignment with your brand and its offerings. A lead’s journey will be nurtured from start to finish, ensuring that the things that made them click on your paid advertising will encourage them to contact you — and to become your law firm’s next client.

SevenAtoms’ full suite of options for PPC for law firms is one that we’re excited to bring to bear for yours. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.

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