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Our PPC marketing service will take you ahead of your competitors through ROI-driven paid search campaigns. Our goal is to significantly increase your revenue.

A PPC Marketing Service To Help You Scale

No matter your industry or business, it can be challenging to excel in the world of paid marketing. A poorly optimized paid campaign can feel like a black hole that sucks your marketing budget without any ROI. Our team of PPC experts will fix and optimize your paid marketing campaigns and turn that into a well-oiled lead generating engine that drives your business forward.

The SevenAtoms team has over 60 years of combined experience working in the field of PPC marketing — building campaigns, solving problems, and helping businesses succeed. Our PPC marketing service team has delivered ground-breaking results for clients in industries as varied as Ecommerce, IT, SaaS, and Health Care. To optimize conversions, we create customized landing pages and drive traffic to these pages via smartly executed campaigns on some of the most critical channels on the internet.

Featured Case Study: Cyber Security SaaS Company Sees 1,012% Growth From PPC Campaigns


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Increase in Revenue

Google AdWords

There’s no question that Google AdWords is the king of online PPC marketing. People around the world make billions and billions of searches on Google every day; no matter your business, you can’t afford to not have your products or services in front of this many potential leads. It isn’t just the search engine, either: Google’s partner network is vast, providing even more opportunities for your brand to get in front of prospects.

At SevenAtoms, we want to help you do just that. Our tried-and-true processes will boost click-through rates and conversions, slash your cost-per-click, and ensure that you’re getting high-quality leads more likely to convert. We meld strategic, comprehensive keyword and industry research with clever, concise copy and meticulous planning so that your AdWords campaigns are effective and profitable.

Facebook Advertising

Despite the rise in prominence of competing social networks like WhatsApp and Snapchat, Facebook is still very much the most popular social media platform in the world — which means there’s no better platform for your brand to reach thousands upon thousands of potential customers.

It’s easy to advertise on Facebook. It’s much harder to advertise well on Facebook, maximizing your ad spend through knowledge and experience with the platform. The SevenAtoms team has that experience; our team of social experts and designers have developed and implemented successful Facebook campaigns for businesses across a wide variety of industries. We’ll help you improve your visibility, drive sales, and see business growth through expert use of the leading social media platform.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is a powerful social tool for working professionals, but it’s only recently that companies have clued in to how useful it can be as an advertising platform. As a result, many businesses don’t really know how to leverage paid campaigns on LinkedIn in a way that gets results. Our LinkedIn PPC marketing services will integrate your existing B2B advertising efforts in a way that generates highly targeted leads and drives sales.

The power of LinkedIn’s professional networking tools makes it an excellent way to find high-quality prospects who are likely to be interested in your product or service. SevenAtoms can help you harness LinkedIn’s full potential to target decision-makers in specific industries. Our strategies will help you find and connect with targets in an organic, natural way.

Amazon Listings

35% of shoppers start a search on Google, but it’s still only second fiddle — 38% of shoppers begin by searching Amazon. Our PPC experts will ensure that your product can stand out from the crowd on this global online megastore. For a B2C company hoping to extend its reach and entice consumers to become customers, there are few more effective ways than a prominent listing on Amazon.

Google Shopping

Just one of the essential paid campaign tools SevenAtoms can bring to your business is a skillfully executed Google Shopping Campaign. This helps your business appear at the top of search pages whenever someone makes a search related to your product. The SevenAtoms team of experts ensures your Google Shopping Campaigns are top-notch; we use customized, high-detail product feeds that tell would-be shoppers all about your products and entice conversions with effective promo text and high-res images.

Our Clients Love The Results

Tim Matthews

Tim Matthews, Incapsula


“SevenAtoms has helped us get excellent ROI from our paid campaigns. Their understanding of B2B SaaS and Cyber Security has really shown up in the engaging content and landing pages they have developed for us. They continue to crush it across all our campaigns!”

How Our PPC Management Service Works



Any successful PPC campaign must first understand the landscape it exists in — which is why our first step is to understand your business and its products or services. We analyze your existing paid efforts and what your competitors might be doing, perform in-depth research on effective and relevant regular and long-tail keywords, and identify and research specific sites that are frequented by your target audience.



Some larger PPC marketing agencies think that their cookie-cutter strategy is best. We don’t agree! Every business or organization is unique, so every business or organization needs its own strategy. We understand your offering, your target markets, and your goals, and craft a strategy that fits your unique needs. We look at many aspects of your target audience, including geographic location, household income, and what types of devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) they typically use.

Campaign Setup

Campaign Setup

Once we’ve aligned on a strategy, we begin building the campaigns. We start by structuring a campaign — appropriate ad groups, remarketing lists, site placements, keywords, and more — and set up relevant ad extensions. Our team of designers creates landing pages optimized to drive conversions with modern, responsive styles that look great on any device. We create compelling ads based on identified keywords and target audiences and drive people to these landing pages, and set up tracking solutions completely integrated with your existing marketing automation or Ecommerce platforms.

Ongoing Management

Ongoing Management

Once your PPC campaigns have launched, our work isn’t done. We’ll keep monitoring your campaigns and optimize them accordingly, ensuring that you’re getting the cost-per-lead or cost-per-sale results you want. We’ll adjust bids and keywords, A/B test ad copy and landing page, and optimize performance across multiple devices. Our data-driven management will analyze the performance of your campaigns and keep you informed of what’s working and what isn’t. At SevenAtoms, we believe in being a complete PPC marketing service.

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