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Why Do You Need a Proven San Diego PPC Company?

Pay-per-click (“PPC”) campaigns are an effective way to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. But this advertising medium is nuanced and complicated, which is why so many companies don’t find good bang for their buck in advertising. It’s simple math: You can be finding new customers through PPC advertising, but if you’re spending more to acquire every customer than they bring in, that’s just hurting your bottom line.

All of these frustrations can be alleviated by partnering with SevenAtoms, a highly experienced San Diego PPC agency devoted to giving you the most bang for your advertising buck.

Our trusted PPC management services help San Diego companies by designing, optimizing, and managing their paid ad campaigns. Our skilled team can identify the right keywords and the right audience, write snappy ad copy, and implement bidding strategies to drive conversions and maximize your ROI. Additionally, we stay up to date on the latest PPC trends and algorithm changes, ensuring your campaigns stay ahead of the competition.

There are tons of problems with PPC ads that can make them less efficient – and that means hurt your bottom line. These include:

  • Low-quality Google scores from ads with less relevance and quality.
  • Poorly written ad copy that generates fewer clicks than your goal.
  • Ineffective targeting that wastes the click and costs you money.
  • Low conversion rates from an ineffective landing page, or worse, no landing page at all.
  • High costs from bids that aren’t optimized.

But these are by no means the only PPC pitfalls that San Diego businesses can fall into if they’re not careful. We’ve seen these mistakes before, and we know how to avoid them.

Let us be your PPC secret weapon. Read on to learn more about why you should work with our San Diego PPC management agency.

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How Our San Diego PPC Company Works

The SevenAtoms PPC management service for San Diego businesses optimizes paid campaigns to meet your goals.

  • Higher click-throughs?
  • Increased visibility?
  • More leads?
  • Higher sales?

From the strategic development of a new campaign to an evaluation and refresh of an existing, worn-out approach, our PPC management service helps your business master the art and science of paid advertising. Here’s how we do it.

linkedin-marketing-service_Content Creation

Developing the PPC Campaign

It’s cliché but also reality: A house without a strong foundation always fails. That’s why we begin with a comprehensive, carefully crafted structure for your PPC campaign.

We know from experience that your PPC campaign needs a reliable and accurate strategy to serve as the foundation for your campaign. Developing a PPC campaign requires campaign strategy, creating ad groups, writing ad copy and designing creatives, selecting keywords, and targeting. Well-crafted PPC campaigns are designed to provide you with the leads you need to build your business. From bidding strategies and keyword groups to A/B testing, SevenAtoms is an end-to-end PPC management agency focused on critical goals for your San Diego business.

Our PPC company’s expertise extends well beyond San Diego. We have extensive experience that crosses industries and audiences. We deliver on our promises. That’s why San Diego companies choose our PPC agency over the competition.

Google Shopping Keywords: Negative Keywords to Improve ROI

Keyword Mastery

Researching and selecting the most relevant and profitable keywords for your business requires the science of analytics, experience in what works, and a ton of creativity to make things pop on the page — and in the feed. Ad optimization is an ongoing process that involves monitoring and adjusting keyword bidding to ensure your business gets the best return on investment. Performance reporting and tracking are critical to understanding that you’ve hit the proper keyword selection, so we track metrics like click-through, conversion, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Throughout this process, we work elbow-to-elbow with business owners and internal marketing teams to keep them informed, gain insight, and make results happen. Our San Diego PPC management agency understands this work is a partnership between your business goals and our insight and experience.

white-paper-case-study-ebook-writing-service_Ebook Writing Services

Creative Ad Copy

The text of your ad is the first thing a potential customer may ever see of your brand. It can grab their attention, or it can bore them and make them pass by. Especially given the short character counts for most ads, there is no margin for error on PPC ad copy – which is why you need an expert San Diego PPC management agency like SevenAtoms. We know how to optimize targeting, write engaging ad copy that fits within tight character counts, and pair it with beautiful, eye-catching creatives..

sem-agency-sem-services_Custom Landing Pages

Landing Pages That Sell

PPC landing pages are tailor-made to include highly relevant content that matches the keywords and ad copy that enticed a prospective lead to click in the first place – and they are crucial for San Diego businesses trying to convert prospects into customers. A landing page should be designed to drive conversions, whether that conversion is signing up for a free trial, subscribing to a mailing list, or buying a product.

Landing pages can often include examples of how your offering provides solutions to pain points or include social proof like testimonials. The best landing pages also can boost your ad’s Quality Score, making you pay less for every click. As a veteran PPC management agency for San Diego companies, SevenAtoms knows how to design effective, visually appealing landing pages to convert more leads into customers.

PPC Maintenance and A/B Testing

Markets are fickle and change at digital speeds. PPC advertising can be cost-effective in driving traffic and generating revenue. A PPC campaign is not a one-off. PPC management requires ongoing optimization and evaluation of your success (and failures). This effort requires constant surveillance, or your business will waste money on irrelevant clicks and low-converting campaigns.

PPC campaigns are not an art form, although there is creative flair in every ad we create. Instead, PPC advertising is highly measurable and targeted but also flexible. If you’re watching PPC metrics, you can see results in every subtle change you make. But this is labor intensive, and many marketing teams simply don’t have the time to maximize these campaigns. SevenAtoms is a San Diego PPC company devoted to monitoring and maintaining our client’s paid media. We can (and do) regularly adjust targeting, ad copy, landing pages, and bidding strategies to maximize the return on your advertising dollars.

Pick SevenAtoms for PPC Management and See the ROI

Choosing our San Diego PPC management agency can benefit your business in several ways:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Improved lead generation
  • Higher conversions to the sale
  • Better ROI on every dollar spent
  • Competitive advantage

PPC management is an essential service for San Diego businesses looking to boost their online visibility and increase revenue. Our full-service agency is all you need, providing end-to-end management of ad campaigns. SevenAtoms can ensure you get the most out of your ad spend with higher clicks, leads, and sales.

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