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When considering search engine optimization (SEO), we often consider the old adage “if a tree falls in the forest but nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Imagine that your website is a tree and the internet is the forest, if your website isn’t visible then in the eyes of your potential leads you don’t exist. This is especially true for small to medium sized businesses that need to get the word out there about their brand. For those San Francisco area businesses who feel that they are lost in the woods, a San Francisco SEO company like SevenAtoms can help get your business out of the woods.

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For most small to medium size companies today, a website that generates quality leads is paramount to their business growth. Because of this, every aspect of your website, from your home page to your products/services pages and landing pages plays an important role. This is why you need our proven and reliable San Francisco SEO services. We ensure that you are targeting the proper keywords and that you have them throughout your site. We also ensure your URLs are correct, that you have the appropriate page titles, and perform numerous other changes that ensure your website is fully optimized. Most importantly, we create premium quality content for your pages that are highly optimized for search engines.

Content Geared Toward SEO

Having a fully optimized website means that it must have strong, unique and frequently updated content. Regularly posting quality content on your website dramatically increases its presence on the web. That means blog posts, press releases, articles, eBooks, whitepapers, and other forms of content all play a big part of your websites success. With the right San Francisco SEO company you can have a constant stream of content that is designed to boost your SEO. The content is based on well researched keywords that are then chosen based on their ability to increase your search ranking. The content is formatted with SEO in mind and, when posted consistently, goes a long way in improving your online presence.

The All-Inclusive Service

So why choose SevenAtoms? Well, unlike most SEO Companies, we can optimize your website in addition to creating high quality content for it. Most agencies specialize in one or the other, which is fine, but when you have a the same agency helping you with both you ensure that your entire online strategy is in sync and that the optimization that you have done on your website focuses on the same keywords that your content strategy does. We are local and a proven San Francisco SEO Company and can offer a variety of other services like social media marketing and PPC management, which likewise can be tied into your overall marketing strategy.

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