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Your business has been struggling with SEO. You have taken a number of different approaches toward improving SEO and nothing has seemed to work. Your site is still stuck on page seven or worse for any relevant web search. You understand how important SEO is to your company and how it can impact is success, but find it difficult to see how your efforts actually impact your business. If you are a San Francisco or Bay Area based brand that finds itself in this position, then you need an SF SEO consulting firm like SevenAtoms.

Guiding You Through The World of SEO

One of the things that makes us unique is that we are a complete inbound internet marketing agency. As such, we can help your business come up with an online marketing strategy, help you to execute that strategy, monitor the results, and adjust your strategy to maximize the results. We can help with just about every aspect of your online marketing, from content creation to social media and make them work as a cohesive whole. Here is how you can benefit from our SEO Consulting in San Francisco.

SEO Research and Strategy

It is common knowledge that keywords are fundamental when it comes to SEO, but knowing the right keywords to focus on can be tricky. Long-tail keywords bring you fewer hits but allow you to rank high on search engines and generally get you leads who are more interested in the content that you offer. Shorter, more basic keywords however, can show up on more searches, but you are likely to be further back in terms of ranking. The challenge lies with finding keywords that strike the right balance, then focusing your efforts until you dominate with them. An SF SEO consulting firm like SevenAtoms will help you find the right keywords and create a content strategy around them.

Smart Content

With a well-researched strategy in place, an SEO consulting firm can create content that is properly geared toward improving your SEO. This content will be formatted to appeal to web crawlers and have the proper keyword density to appeal to search engines. With a company like SevenAtoms that has its own in-house writers, you will have a constant stream of new, original content coming in, which will go a long way in improving your SEO.

Reporting and Analysis

In order to ensure that your strategy is working and that you are seeing a tangible ROI, a firm that focuses on SEO consulting in San Francisco will also offer reporting and analysis. This information is collected, broken down, and explained so that you understand clearly how visitors are finding and interacting with your site. Moreover, regular reporting means that we can see what content and strategies are working and what strategies aren’t working, and adjust our approach accordingly. Building your SEO is a process and an SEO consulting firm like SevenAtoms can fine tune your online marketing to bring you more leads.

SevenAtoms specializes in creating high quality content for technology companies through SEO content writing services that effectively communicates the benefits of your products and services while at the same time boosting your search engine ranking. Contact Us or call us at 925.566.6969 to get started today!

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