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Having a social media presence has become a necessity for companies based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, or any other social media channel, your company should have a strong presence on sites that are relevant to marketing your technology products and services.

How Our Social Media Management Services Can Help Your Business

A social media campaign allows you to reach out to your customers and show that your brand is a thought leader in your industry. It allows you to engage with you customers in much more meaningful ways and it also lets your brand show its sociable side, thereby helping you immensely with your brand building efforts.

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We Encourage Your Followers to Take Action

One of the imperatives of good social media content creation is the call to action. Your posts need to encourage your followers to take some form of action, be it commenting on a post, ReTweeting a tweet, or any other available action. This keeps the conversation going with your followers and leads them to check out content that you may have on other sites, such as your blog or online store.

Better Analysis

With our social media management services, you will have an expert constantly monitor your social media analytics and making adjustments accordingly. We can identify type of posts help to drive traffic to your website and which ones fall flat, then make informed decisions so that you get better results.

We Spread the Word of Your Brand

One of the keys to an effective social media marketing strategy is to get your followers to promote your brand on your behalf. The way to do this is to ensure that your posts have value. Informative, entertaining posts have significance to your followers and encourage them to share that content with others. Social media is all about sharing in the first place, after all.

We Excel with B2Bs

SevenAtoms is especially experienced with B2B social media content management. We have run the social campaigns for a B2Bs of varying sizes and industries, helping them to connect with the right potential customers.

We Help With Social Media Content Creation

SevenAtoms can create high quality content for all of your social media sites. Our team of professional content writers can create compelling posts that engages the reader, communicates your brands corporate culture, and establishes you as a leader in your industry.

We Help You Builds a Loyal Following

When you have strong content you build a bigger following. This is because strong content compels your followers to read whatever you post, which keeps them on the lookout for your content and gets them excited about you brand.
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Harness The Full Power Of Inbound Marketing

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