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In recent years, B2B social media marketing has grown from a nice-to-have into an important channel for acquiring new leads and customers. Today’s online shoppers not only want to see brands and businesses on social media, they expect them to be responsive and interactive. But developing a strong social media presence requires getting rid of that “set it and forget it” mentality, and devoting resources daily to promoting digital awareness of your brand—something that many businesses simply don’t have the bandwidth to accomplish.

Our expert social media team can help you create a B2B social media strategy that engages followers and converts them into loyal customers for your business. We have experience managing the social accounts of companies across a variety of industries—including SaaS, technology, ecommerce, and B2B services—and can develop impressive and high-quality content that will improve social shares and lead generation.

How Our Social Media Marketing Services Works

Social Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing that engages and converts starts with an effective strategy. We create audience buyer personas for your business and develop a content marketing plan tailored to their challenges, needs, and desires. We then set up and maintain your profile and optimize it to speak directly to your potential customers.

Content Development

Delivering sharable content is what your social media presence is all about. Our team of social media experts dive deep into industry and audience analytics to determine the topics your followers are most likely to engage with and share across their own networks. We also ensure that all relevant content includes customer calls-to-action and SEO-building internal links so that you’re getting the most out of it.

Community Growth and Interaction Management

Social media isn’t just about talking at your followers—effective social marketing requires interaction and even some listening. We manage community growth for your accounts so that your content is maximizing its reach and digital brand awareness of your company is constantly improving. We also interact with engaged followers to help foster strong customer relationships.

Paid Social Marketing

Paid social media marketing is an effective way to promote your content to your followers and beyond, but is also a complex process with many moving parts. We manage your paid social marketing campaigns from start to finish, helping you set up an optimized campaign and executing it successfully. Our team has years of experience managing social media campaigns, and for businesses across a number of industries.

Social Media Marketing for SEO

Many businesses are unaware that social media marketing can boost your SEO efforts, and vice versa. We can help you develop keyword-rich content that will attract search engines and boost your search ranking. We then use your social media accounts to promote that content and extend its reach to a widespread audience, drawing in interested new leads and enticing backlinks to your website.

Analytics and Reporting

The first complaint of most businesses when it comes to social media marketing is that it’s a difficult channel through which to track ROI. Our team can provide you with in-depth reports on the performance of your social media accounts and insight on how that performance is affecting other aspects of your business. We believe in remaining transparent with our clients, so we’ll keep you up to date every step of the way.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services Include:


LinkedIn is the best social media platform through which B2B company’s can promote their products and services to a professional audience. We can help you set up an optimized profile and maintain it on behalf of your business. From strategy development to content creation and publication to advertising, our expert team can turn your company page into a B2B lead-generating machine.
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Though often underutilized in the B2B space, Twitter is an excellent tool for engaging your followers and building the relationships that will turn them into leads and customers. We utilize proven processes to build and develop a strong digital presence for your business on the platform, and implement Twitter Cards on your website to help you maximize your efforts. We can source relevant hashtags to help potential customers better find your business and services and interact with engaged followers to help move them down the funnel.

The SevenAtoms Difference

  • We have a wealth of experience across diverse industries and types of campaigns targeted at businesses and consumers alike.
  • Our team is certified in Google AdWords and Bing Ads. We use standard best practices and streamlined processes to ensure your campaigns go off without a hitch.
  • Landing page design and optimization comes standard with our PPC packages. The pages we create not only look great, but are designed with conversions in mind, using proven techniques. We create customized pages for all keyword groups or ad creatives we are targeting.
  • All landing pages we create are 100% responsive and are especially optimized for mobile devices.
  • We regularly perform A/B tests on both ads and landing pages to strive for continuous improvement and maximum effectiveness.
  • Our PPC team keeps up to date with the dozens of new features being released by AdWords and Bing Ads every quarter. When there is a change, we are agile enough to implement it quickly so that our clients can reap immediate benefits ,while competitors struggle to catch up.
  • We have the expertise to solve complex PPC problems such as using trademarked terms in ads, connecting landing pages with various marketing automation systems and integrating conversion data with ecommerce and content management platforms.

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