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White papers, case studies, and eBooks are all great tools for lead generation, allowing prospects to download them for free in exchange for their contact information.

They are also an integral part of your lead nurturing process, providing potential customers with more insight into your products and services and driving them further through the marketing funnel priming them to make the purchase

However, producing premium quality Whitepapers, Case Studies and eBooks requires a lot of time and research. Finding the right resources for creating these types of content-heavy technical documents can be difficult as well. That’s why it’s better to partner with an experience marketing agency for your case study writing, white paper writing, and eBook writing needs. That way, your company can focus on building and improving technology products while we work on creating high quality documents that will help with your marketing efforts.

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White Paper Writing Services

A white paper is a great business-to-business marketing tool. It typically makes a logical case for a particular product, service or practice. It is an excellent way of generating leads, demonstrating thought leadership in your field, educating prospects, and convincing them to do business with you. Effective white paper writing is the result of strong writing, meticulous research, and a bit of marketing knowhow.

Case Study Writing Services

A case study is an extremely effective way of sharing your capabilities and customer success stories. A well written case study can build a lot of credibility and trust in your business, especially if they are endorsed by customers. They act as powerful testimonials and demonstrate to prospects how you have solved a problem or deployed a particular service or product for a client. To make the most of your case study writing, outsource it to an experienced firm that can create a compelling document.

eBook Writing Services

eBooks are very powerful in an inbound marketing campaign because of their ability to generate leads. They offer substantial and highly relevant content to prospective customers allowing you to demonstrate thought leadership in your industry, thereby getting a leg up on your competitors. A good eBook writer can create content that helps address your customer pain points and nurture those leads by delivering relevant content at every stage of the buying cycle until they are primed to purchase your products and services.

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SevenAtoms specializes in creating high quality content for technology companies through SEO content writing services that effectively communicates the benefits of your products and services while at the same time boosting your search engine ranking. Contact Us or call us at 925.566.6969 to get started today!

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Harness The Full Power Of Inbound Marketing

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