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Blog posts are unique. They have their own criteria for excellence and if you don’t know what those criteria are or how to implement them successfully then you will find that your blog won’t have the pull that it should. When done right, blog post writing can create new roads on to your website, help to create a meaningful discussion about your brand, educate your customer base, and help you to dominate on web searches. So if you need to write blog posts, you are better off going with the professionals at SevenAtoms.

The key elements for writing a successful blog Post

SevenAtoms uses only US based blog post writers. Moreover, we only use writers who have strong understanding of the elements that go into an effective blog. Some of the things that our team does to write blog posts include:

SEO Focused Content – The headline of a blog post needs to do two things. First, it should attract the attention of the reader. Second, it should attract the attention of search engines. The subject matter of the blog post and usage of the right keywords within the title and body of the blog post will greatly determine how well your blog will rank. Our blog post writers come up with strong titles that clearly communicate the content of the post and grab the attention of potential leads.

Strong Calls-to-Action – With blog post writing, the ultimate aim is to get the reader to a point where they will make a purchase or contact you. As such, the content needs to be written in a way that truly makes the reader want to engage with your brand. When that is accomplished, you need to be able to point the reader in the right direction. A strong call-to-action is what does this. Our team writes calls-to-action that naturally flow within the content of the blog post and that don’t feel tacked on to the end of a post.

Shareable Content – Aside from increasing your SEO, a great blog post can create quality traffic from referrals. Blog post writing is a social activity. When others see value in your content they will either refer others to it or repost it on their own social networks. Both result in backlinks to your site, which are another way for leads to find your business. SevenAtoms creates content that encourages sharing and that will help your business cast a wider net.

Well Researched, Informative Content – Implementing all of the SEO techniques in the world is great, but if the content isn’t interesting then your blog won’t go anywhere. We make sure that our content offers something of value to the reader and that it is written in a way that is compelling. To do this, we research each piece of content thoroughly and provide information that is unique, helpful and interesting to potential readers.

There is of course more that goes into blog post writing. If you would like to see how SevenAtoms can help you with your blog, then you can reach us at (925) 566-6969 or by checking out our contact page .

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