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Valorant’s Brilliant Marketing: What a Video Game Can Teach Us About New Product Launch Strategy

June 1, 2020 Influencer Marketing

It’s hard to build hype for something new. Whether it’s a new company, a new brand, or just a new product, generating interest in something unfamiliar is a massive hurdle for even the most experienced marketers. Humans are creatures of comfort and habit, after all; it’s no wonder that the big summer blockbuster films are now all endless sequels and new installments in established franchises.

Video games aren’t immune to this trend, either. With AAA games increasingly taking upwards of $100 million to develop and market, publishers want sure things. They’d much rather throw their money behind a new Halo, the next Legend of Zelda, or another God of War than take a chance on something unproven. Building interest in a new game, like launching a new ecommerce store or just releasing new products on the market, is tough.

Unless, apparently, you’re Riot Games.

Influencer Marketing: What it is and 3 Reasons to Leverage It

As a marketer, you spend a ton of time and resources on your content marketing, from developing the content to creating a strategy to promote the finished product across social media. But as you also likely know, if your target audience doesn’t end up seeing your content, it’s not going to get you the results you’re looking for.


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