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Why You Need a Great SaaS PPC Agency

SaaS as a business model is here to stay, and the industry is becoming more competitive by the day. SaaS companies who are willing to invest in their digital marketing strategies now will see a tremendous benefit.

If you want to take your business to new heights, you need to start building a solid foundation in brand awareness and demand generation. Effective PPC marketing can draw customers, build credibility for your brand, and leverage that momentum to reap the rewards for years to come.

One of the key components for growing your business is a solid SaaS PPC marketing campaign. Paid search ensures that people are able to find your company at exactly the moment they’re looking for your products and services. And when paired with a solid organic presence, PPC ads can help build trust and name recognition.

Some companies avoid PPC because they don’t understand how the system works. And we’ll admit, at first it can feel like gambling. But, as with any algorithm, it’s all about how you apply the data you have – our SaaS PPC agency will turn your PPC campaigns into a sure bet.

We combine competitive research, data analysis, first-party data, custom creative, and an extensive network of media channels to ensure that your PPC ads generate high-quality leads. With intelligent targeting, advanced bidding, and an integrated marketing approach, SevenAtoms will deliver your ads to the right audience at the right time.

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How Our SaaS PPC Agency Services Work

Google Shopping Campaigns Work_Tiered Campaign Structure

SaaS PPC Marketing Campaign Structure

When you’re building for success, the first step is to lay a proper foundation. That’s why SevenAtoms focuses heavily on starting with a comprehensive and well-designed campaign structure.

As an experienced SaaS PPC agency, we know that a well-planned campaign structure ensures an efficient and effective campaign – saving you time, effort, frustration, and money! A well-crafted campaign structure offers visibility into every area of the campaign. From keyword groups to bidding strategies to A/B testing, we streamline and optimize your PPC campaign at every level.

We’ve helped dozens of clients craft hundreds of successful SaaS PPC marketing campaigns. Let us use our expertise to increase your brand awareness and boost your sales!

amazon-ppc-agency_Campaign Setup

Keyword Strategy

PPC ads are the perfect way to ensure that your products and services show up exactly when your potential customers are searching for them. That’s achieved through extensive keyword research and keyword group optimization.

SevenAtoms’ SaaS PPC marketing services include optimizing single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) to target both niche and high-traffic search terms that are tied directly to customized landing pages using those same keywords.

This results in two key outcomes: it creates recognition in your potential clients, funneling them to the next step in the sales cycle; and it increases your quality score with Google, which lowers the cost per click significantly!

Ecommerce PPC Services Work_Ad Copy

Ad Copy

With a limited character count, every word of your PPC messaging matters even more! Our SaaS PPC agency has dedicated copywriters on staff who excel at creating concise, unique content that sparks interest.

We include relevant keywords in every stage of ad creation, ensuring that search engines and potential customers alike will be able to find your company exactly when they need you. From headlines to meta descriptions to hashtags, we develop copy that captivates!

Our services include all ad copy for Google Ads, display ads, social PPC ads, SaaS LinkedIn ads, and more.

Ecommerce PPC Services Work_Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

Is there anything worse than clicking on an ad for an exciting product… and ending up on the homepage, with no clue where on earth to find the product you wanted. Most consumers won’t take the extra few minutes to find the page they’re looking for. You can put weeks of effort into designing the perfect SaaS PPC marketing campaign, but without an equally optimized landing page, you won’t see results!

That’s why SevenAtoms puts so much emphasis on landing page design as part of our PPC services. We blend beautiful design with cutthroat strategy to achieve results for our clients.

We utilize dynamic text replacement to ensure that the ad and landing page copy match perfectly for each product or service. We build trust in your brand by displaying trust badges, client reviews, and other social proof. And we build each landing page using UX and UI best practices to ensure that your customer experience is as seamless and accessible as possible!

Ecommerce PPC Services Work_Ongoing Optimization and A-B Testing

Ongoing Optimization and A/B Testing

One thing that sets us apart as a SaaS PPC agency is our dedication to consistent improvement. Not just for our company, but for our clients’ companies as well.

We don’t believe in the “set it and forget it” model of campaign management. Instead, we regularly check in with your campaign to optimize it and help it evolve. We utilize A/B testing, competitive research, keyword optimization, and data analysis to ensure that your campaigns yield peak performance.

Whether we’re dealing with SaaS LinkedIn ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, or a display campaign, SevenAtoms is dedicated to growing your conversions, your bottom line, and ultimately your business.

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At SevenAtoms we believe that our words have meaning. And we think our tagline says it all. Attract Customers, Grow Your Business. When you work with us it’s more than just words–it’s a promise.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We’ll create a custom proposal built around your SaaS company and how a custom SaaS PPC marketing campaign can help you grow your business.

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