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Our high-impact SaaS content marketing agency creates content for every step of the buyer journey to attract high quality leads, build trust and drive conversions.

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Forget Conversions and MQLs: Focus on Sales Opportunities and Pipeline

Well-crafted blog posts and landing pages utilize high-intent keywords to amplify visibility and encourage user action.

Create and Capture Demand to Maximize Recurring Revenue

Thought leadership-level gated content, like ebooks, serves a dual purpose: educating and acting as powerful lead magnets.

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs with Data-Driven Insights

Continuous monitoring, optimization, keyword refinement, and innovative content strategies ensure ongoing improvement.

SaaS Content Marketing Agency For A Demand-Driven World

We write content for humans (and the bots who help them find it). Our goal is simple: Increase organic visibility across all customer segments to drive more leads. We align new content creation and existing content improvement to help send the right message – and tell the right story – to the right audience. Working with an experienced SaaS content marketing agency, you can achieve your goals.

Great inbound marketing campaigns run on an engine of great content. Long-form content provides thought leadership, demonstrating to readers that your business is ahead of the curve. Shorter, snappy content can educate at a glance, providing answers to burning questions that readers want to know about. Beautiful, easily shared infographics turn viewers into brand evangelists.

Your brand needs content that goes above and beyond – content that’s not just informational, but also entertaining. Our SaaS content marketing services stand out from our competitors in several key ways:

  • Created with care. We don’t just churn out meaningless content; we craft content that’s highly relevant to your audience and based on comprehensive research to find the best keywords.
  • Purposeful. We don’t believe content creation shouldn’t just be done for the purpose of content creation. We create content with a purpose, content that explains the value of the solutions and services your business provides.
  • Centered on lead gen. We believe in telling stories, but if that was all, we’d write novels. Our SaaS content creation is designed to build awareness of your brand, drive visitors through the sales journey, and convert them into customers.
  • Independent. You have a business to run, and you don’t want to spend time holding our hands. From keyword research to content creation to editing and posting, our SaaS content marketing agency is well-versed in handling most of the process internally, saving you time and effort and letting you focus on growth.

Are you struggling to produce the content your SaaS business deserves? Is the content you’re producing not seeing the results that you need? If the answer to either of these questions is “yes,” then it’s time to call the experts. It’s time to let SevenAtoms juice up your SaaS content marketing.

Content Strategy

Demand Creation

We invest time in understanding your service and industry, conducting extensive research to ensure we reach your audience effectively.

Content Creation

Demand Capture

We create educational, engaging content that is not only compelling but also crafted to rank well in SERPs and SGE.

Content Marketing

Demand Acceleration

We market content across various platforms, track performance, and continuously optimize campaigns for the best results.

Featured Case Study: Cyber Security SaaS Company Sees 1,012% Growth From PPC Campaigns


Increase in Sales Opportunities


Increase in No. of Customers Won


Increase in Revenue

SaaS Blogging Services​

The often-neglected corporate blog remains one of the best ways any business has of attracting curious visitors to its website and forging a connection with them. Our SaaS content marketing agency will ensure that your business’ blog is regularly updated with content that’s unique and engaging, answering questions – and asking them, too. 

From developing a content strategy and creating a content calendar to identifying topics and the nuts and bolts of content creation – writing, editing, tweaking for SEO, designing visual elements like images, publishing, and more – we’ll handle the content process from A to Z. 

Our content isn’t just optimized for search engines (though it definitely is that, too). The content we create is optimized for human readers, giving them an inside look at how your business works, how it thinks, and what it values. By establishing your SaaS business as thoughtful and experienced, we plant the seed in visitors’ minds that you’d be an excellent partner – moving them one step further down the sales funnel.

Ebooks and Guides

Ebooks, Whitepapers and Guides content agency

Downloadable content, like ebooks, whitepapers, and other guides, are a fantastic way to capture visitor information and turn readers into leads – but if the content doesn’t provide value to the reader, they’ll come away with a sour taste in their mouth, feeling like they just gave away their contact info for nothing. Poor content will ultimately turn people away from your brand. You don’t want that, and neither do we.

We create highly researched ebooks that offer good value to a reader, making them feel like they’ve learned something worth their time and data. We identify and research topics, find compelling images, handle layout and design, and build well-crafted landing pages optimized to intrigue visitors and generate high-quality leads. We promote these ebooks through free and paid channels like PPC marketing and social media to further their reach.

Email Marketing

SaaS Email Marketing Agency

In a world that seems like it’s always facing some new cutting-edge technology or social platform, it can be tempting to dismiss an old standby like email marketing for a SaaS business. That would be a mistake. Emails are a great way to keep a warm lead from cooling off, reminding them of your business’ value proposition and keeping your name at the forefront of their mind.

Still, most of us wake up to dozens of emails in our inbox every morning, and get more over the course of the day. Standing out from the bunch of unread messages requires compelling subject lines, and getting someone to read the email – let alone click through – requires a special talent. 

That’s where our SaaS content marketing agency shines. We’ll ensure that every email we send has an engaging subject and subhead and makes the reader want to learn more. From announcements about events you’re going to, tips on how to use your solutions or solve relevant problems, digits of blog posts, or anything else, we’ll make excellent use of the emails you’ve collected to nurture warm leads and retain current customers.

SaaS SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing Agency

Your content can be immaculate, your website can be beautiful, but it won’t mean anything unless people can find your content. In today’s world, that means being at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Our SaaS content marketing agency crafts web pages and blogs with an eye towards SEO friendliness. We’ll make sure we’re aligned with your existing SEO strategy in every piece of content we create, helping visitors find you through the search engines they use – without ever sacrificing readability or visitor experience. 

As veteran content marketers, we have a deep, native understanding of the workings of search engines like Google and Bing. SEO is baked into our SaaS content marketing process from the start, without ever compromising the content we create.

How Our SaaS Content Marketing Agency Works


Initial Research – What Makes Your Audience Tick?

As a SaaS company, you don’t just offer software; you offer solutions. And “solution” implies that there’s a problem in need of solving. To best understand how to market your service through top-tier content creation, we need to understand what problems your target audience is facing. What are their pain points? What are the issues they’re facing that you can help solve? What questions will they ask themselves (and ask search engines) that lead them to your business?

We’ll perform a deep content audit of your website in order to evaluate how you stand against your peers and what gaps need to be filled. We’ll research keywords that align with your offering and your customers’ pain points, identify keywords that your competitors have used to find success, and how they fit into your future strategy.

white-paper-case-study-ebook-writing-service_Ebook Writing Services

SaaS Content Marketing Strategy – Making a Game Plan

Once we have the key research at hand and a list of highly relevant keywords, we go to work with a content marketing strategy. We’ll compile our observations and recommendations based on our site analysis and research and build a game plan for success. We’ll build out buyer personas so that the content we create can more highly resonate with audiences and create an initial content calendar and publishing schedule.

We’ll also, in this stage, identify what our content goals will be. What will success look like? What sort of blog traffic are we aiming for, what kind of numbers do we want to see in terms of downloadable content, and how does it all translate into getting leads and customers? We’ll identify the KPIs we want to measure so that we can see where we’re hitting our goals and where we need to improve.

white-paper-case-study-ebook-writing-service_Case Study Writing Services

SaaS Content Creation – Crafting Content that Matters

Our content creation process starts with research. We’ll develop content briefs that explain what the topic will be about, who we are targeting, and the keywords we’ll be using – among other key details – for your team to review and approve. Our team of great writers will then produce engaging content based on the briefs, which we’ll review and edit to ensure it’s SEO-friendly and in line with our content strategy.

You’ll always get the final say on the content and any revisions needed, which we’re happy to provide in the rare case that our writers and editors don’t hit the mark.

technology-b2b-lead-generation_Content Marketing

Publishing and Promotion – Getting Word Out

We don’t just handle the content creation process; our SaaS content marketing agency is full-service. We’ll publish whatever we’ve written, short-form articles on your blog and long-form contents like ebooks in beautiful downloadable .PDF files. We’ll promote this content both through organic means like social media posts as well as paid marketing campaigns in order to maximize its visibility.

We’ll also host ebooks and other downloadable content on custom-designed landing pages gated behind a lead-generation form to help you capture data from visitors who are curious to learn more so that we can convert them into paying customers.


Analytics – What Happens Next

After we write, edit, and publish the content, our job isn’t over. We’ll monitor every piece of content we publish in order to determine what works, what needs improvement, and how our content strategy should change to get you better results. We deliver monthly reports that breaks down our results in terms of raw data, our expert analysis, and suggested next steps.

Ready to elevate your SaaS brand? Partner with our premier SaaS content marketing agency today!

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