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Forget Conversions and MQLs: Focus on Sales Opportunities and Pipeline

Paid search and shopping ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok get you a killer ROI.

Create and Capture Demand to Maximize Recurring Revenue

Drive your growth with custom landing pages, beautiful creatives, SEO, and advanced PPC optimization.

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs with Data-Driven Insights

Elevate customer retention and LTV through email campaigns, automation, and influencer marketing.

An Ecommerce Marketing Agency That Helps you Unleash Your Full Potential

Setting up an ecommerce store is not difficult. But reaching customers and maximizing product sales? That’s a bit trickier. In order to keep up with countless competitors online, ecommerce stores need to get creative with their marketing strategies and execute at a rapid pace. That’s where we come in.

At SevenAtoms, we have perfected our ecommerce marketing agency offerings over the last 8 years, and we’ve helped some fantastic clients achieve remarkable success. Many clients come to us after being neglected by other agencies, or seeing their profits and return on investment shrink over time. We work closely to plan and execute our clients’ ecommerce marketing campaigns, letting them focus on their own business while we do what we do best – helping them scale to new heights.

We offer a full suite of ecommerce digital marketing services including PPC management, Google Shopping, Facebook ads, ecommerce SEO, content creation, ecommerce landing pages, and email marketing. We have been recognized by Google as a Premier Partner, an honor only a handful of ecommerce marketing agencies have received. We’ll work with you across your entire sales funnel using cutting-edge strategies for organic channels (SEO, content, email) and paid channels (Google, Bing, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and others). We’ll combine our efforts with conversion-optimized landing pages and A/B testing of all creatives, copy, and targeting to ensure that all campaigns are performing at peak potential.

It’s time to say “goodbye” to dwindling sales figures and “hello” to brilliant new levels of success. Get in touch with us today to see how our ecommerce marketing agency can help skyrocket your growth.

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Meta Business Partner

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Featured Case Study: Auto Accessory Ecommerce Company Grows Sales From $2 Million to $18 Million


Increase in No. of Car Covers Sold


Decrease in Cost Per Order


Increase in Revenue

Ecommerce PPC Management

Ecommerce PPC campaigns have the potential to be incredibly profitable. However, in an ever-changing and highly competitive landscape, this can be difficult to achieve. As a veteran ecommerce marketing agency, you can rest assured that we will get you the best ROI possible with sustained levels of performance over time.

We use ground-breaking strategies to ensure that every dollar used for PPC is a dollar well spent. Our specialized skills and experience span across multiple platforms, including Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Bing, Yahoo/Gemini, AdRoll, and more. We create highly engaging ad copy and creatives, and build optimized landing pages designed to guide consumers through the conversion process.

Whether it’s maximizing your profits or building your brand within a target audience, our goal is to drive your success through our proven ecommerce marketing services.

Google Shopping Management

Shopping campaigns (or product listing ads) provide a major sales opportunity for ecommerce sites. However, many businesses either can’t see a positive return on their ad spend or see early success, but are not able to scale their campaigns and grow.

Our ecommerce agency can help you achieve your goals by developing and executing a campaign strategy that is optimized to boost sales while driving down your cost per conversion. We take over full management of your shopping ads, which includes generating your product feed, optimizing product titles and descriptions, creating images that grab attention, and coming up with unique campaign structures that maximize your results and increase sales volume.

Facebook Ads for Ecommerce

With so much competition for Facebook and Instagram ads these days, it can be more challenging than ever to stand out and find success.

When you work with our ecommerce marketing agency, we’ll use our extensive experience to identify your ideal target audience as well as lookalike audiences that will help you find new customers. We’ll share your story with these precisely targeted customers through different ad formats, engaging design, and copy that’s smart and fun. We’ll also set up remarketing campaigns aimed at people who have engaged with your brand before, even added items to their shopping cart, but ultimately did not purchase.

A big part of our success is creating high-conversion landing pages carefully designed to nurture shoppers into customers and even brand advocates.

Ecommerce SEO Services

For an ecommerce company, SEO is probably the most sustainable online marketing path to increased sales and long-term profitability. But with so much competition, squeezing yourself onto that first page on Google may seem impossible. Our ecommerce marketing agency can help you rise above your competitors with advanced ecommerce search engine optimization (SEO) services.

Our on-page and off-page SEO services are based on leading strategies and techniques designed — and proven — to maximize your success. Our team ensures that your website’s infrastructure is solid so that all organic optimization efforts will be as effective as possible.

Content is what really moves the SEO needle, which is why our ecommerce SEO services prioritize developing keyword-optimized product pages and informational site content. We combine this with outreach campaigns to create backlinks from high quality websites — one of the most important ranking factors that Google uses.

Content Creation for Ecommerce

Ask any marketer and they’ll tell you: Content is king. It’s not just a buzz-phrase; excellent content helps boost your SEO, positions you as an expert in your field, convinces shoppers why they should purchase from you, and engages casual visitors with your brand, priming them to become customers down the line.

Our ecommerce marketing services include optimizing the content on your site from top to bottom. We’ll create and update product pages using target keywords and convincing copy to help drive organic search traffic from potential customers. We’ll also identify the best topics and use them to create high-quality blog and other long-form content. Through all of this, we will build your brand’s reputation, increase its audience, and turn readers into customers. Our experience with content creation for ecommerce makes us uniquely poised to help you excel.

Ecommerce Landing Pages

In many cases, directing shoppers to your product, category or home page is not the best option. This is especially true with visitors who aren’t familiar with your brand, or who aren’t specifically looking for products you offer — for instance, visitors coming from Facebook or Instagram ads.

Our eCommerce marketing agency will build high-quality landing pages for your eCommerce store that engage and excite visitors. We will highlight the most important benefits of your product and build trust through social proof.

We have experience and proven success building landing pages that meld beautiful design, clear copy, trustworthy testimonials and precise calls-to-action to create a compelling user experience. We continuously A/B test all elements for optimal performance, resulting in an ecommerce landing page that has a high chance of helping you make the sale.

Ecommerce Email Marketing

From holiday email blasts to automated nurture sequences, ecommerce email marketing is an incredibly lucrative tool that can help you turn prospects into customers and turn customers into repeat shoppers and loyal brand advocates. Our ecommerce marketing services start with an email opt-in — for example, through a compelling popup offering a discount in exchange for an email address, and from there we help you reach out to your audience with smartly planned and skillfully executed email marketing.

Our ecommerce marketing agency will start by crafting the perfect automated welcome email sequence sent to new visitors to build up your reputation and trust. We’ll create abandoned cart emails sent to visitors with items in their cart who never ordered; special promotional sales or holiday email blasts; newsletters with useful and interesting content from your blog, and much more. We’ll ensure that our ecommerce marketing services are helping you convert new customers and reconnect with old ones, turning a one-time purchase into repeat business.

Our Clients Love The Results

Warren Jobs, Seal Skin Covers

$16 Million Increase in Sales From Ecommerce Marketing Services

“Having had limited results with large ecommerce marketing agencies, we have been completely blown away with what SevenAtoms has done for us. Over 7+ years, they have continued to help us grow rapidly and at a profitable level. They are a trusted partner and a true extension of our team.”

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Ecommerce Marketing FAQs

Ecommerce marketing is an umbrella term referring to the multiple strategies and channels to promote a business that sells products online (that is, ecommerce). Ecommerce marketing can include tactics like paid advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO-driven content marketing to attract and convert online shoppers.

As a veteran ecommerce marketing agency, SevenAtoms offers a comprehensive range of ecommerce marketing services designed to help businesses like yours attract clients and boost sales. Our ecommerce marketing services encompass paid advertising on platforms such as Google, Bing, Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as social media marketing, email marketing, SEO-driven content creation, and more. All these strategies are fueled by data and analytics to meticulously track and optimize performance.

If you have a great product (or line of products) with a small customer base but need help scaling, it’s probably time to hire an ecommerce marketing agency. Other signs that you’re ready to work with an ecommerce agency like ours can include slowing sales, a struggle to grow revenue, an overreliance on referral marketing, or a lack of success with your internal marketing or agency. Alternatively, you could simply not have the time to devote to marketing instead of growing your business – and need some experienced help from the pros to offload the time and effort.

An in-house marketing team knows your brand well, and it can be easier to have communication with them. However, maintaining an in-house marketing team large enough to have all the expertise you need is usually considerably expensive, and it’s difficult to scale up or down as you need.


On the other hand, choosing an ecommerce marketing agency gives you access to a team of experts in various digital marketing areas (search engine marketing on Google or Bing, social media marketing, content marketing and SEO, and more) as well as whatever proprietary tools they might be using. This can save costs compared to hiring individual specialists.

We avoid one-size-fits-all approaches. We craft customized digital marketing strategies for each client we onboard, prioritizing long-term, results-driven partnerships. We know that our success only comes when you find success, and as such focus on proven, data-driven marketing strategies. Also, our ecommerce marketing agency is a Google premier partner and a Meta partner, an honor only a handful of agencies are awarded.

The best marketing channels can vary based on your brand and your business’ goals. Common top-tier choices include Google and Bing, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, as well as content marketing.

This depends on your business’ size and goals. For instance, if you’re just starting your ecommerce business, you can probably get away with spending a couple of thousand dollars a month on ecommerce marketing – but the bigger you get and the more you need to grow, that number can grow considerably! SevenAtoms offers personalized budget recommendations as part of our free consultation and review process.


At the end of the day, while you never want to exceed what you can afford, the important thing in an ecommerce marketing budget is to have a positive ROI – to use your money to make more money.

Some of the best marketing strategies for ecommerce include PPC (pay-per-click) advertising on platforms like Google, Bing, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram etc, as well as SEO-driven content marketing, social media content marketing, email remarketing and influencer partnerships. Other factors, like personalized customer journeys (increasingly possible with AI-powered tools) and mobile optimization can further enhance your online sales potential.

To make sure you’re picking the right ecommerce marketing agency, start by defining your specific goals and budget. Research agencies that have expertise in the platforms you want to invest in. Check their client reviews and case studies, and assess their track record when it comes to delivering tangible results.


Ask about their approach, their team’s qualifications, and the range of ecommerce marketing services they offer. Ensure they align closely with your business values and prioritize long-term partnerships that facilitate real, meaningful growth. Finally, schedule a consultation and evaluate their communication ability, transparency, and how they can tailor a solution to your unique needs.

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