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Google Ads Management Services that Make a Difference

Do you feel like your Google ads aren’t helping your bottom line? That you’re spending money on ad campaigns that aren’t leading to growth – just treading water? Rather than continue to shovel money into a pit labeled “poorly optimized Google Ads campaigns,” it’s time to call SevenAtoms. As a veteran Google Ads agency, we’ve worked with clients across numerous industries, turning struggling paid campaigns into profit engines.

Blind trial-and-error is a waste of money. You and your business deserve better. At SevenAtoms, we’ve managed hundreds of Google Ads campaigns – we already know what works and what won’t. From optimizing keywords and reorganizing messy account and campaign structures to designing compelling copy and creatives and more, we’ll overhaul your Google Adwords campaigns for the best results.

It’s time to see how SevenAtoms can turn your Google Ads into profit for your business.

Featured Case Study: Auto Accessory Ecommerce Company Grows Sales From $2 Million to $18 Million


Increase in No. of Car Covers Sold


Decrease in Cost Per Order


Increase in Revenue

Google Search Ads

PPC Agency, PPC Management Company, PPC Company

Competitors come and go, but Google remains the unquestioned king of search engines – and getting your ads front and center in front of eager customers is key to making money. Our Google Ads agency is very familiar with the best ways to optimize campaigns to entice prospective shoppers.

Our team will work closely with your business to identify key strategies to increase conversions and lower cost-per-conversion. Whether we’re optimizing your existing campaigns or creating entirely new ones, we’ll ensure they’re as effective as they can be. We’ll continue to monitor all your campaigns to ensure that you never hit a standstill.

Google Shopping Ads

PPC Agency, PPC Management Company, PPC Company

What’s better than highly optimized paid Google Ads that send customers to your ecommerce site to browse and buy? Why, highly optimized Google Ads that let customers browse products right from the search engine results page, of course.

When you work with SevenAtoms Google Ads services, we’ll design expertly crafted Google Shopping Ads campaigns that focus on customers with high purchase intent. Through a combination of comprehensive research and our own years of experience, we’ll make sure prospective customers are ready to become satisfied shoppers with your products.

Google Remarketing Ads

Remarketing and Retargeting Ads Agency

If you want your Google Adwords campaigns to have maximum bang for your buck, then it’s always better to retarget customers who are already familiar with your brand. Data suggests that customers who are remarketed to are 70% more likely to convert than customers who are approached “cold.” After all, these people are already interested in your brand, so they might just need a little extra push.

Our Google Ads agency will build a unique remarketing and retargeting strategy that will help your business maximize conversions and turn “on the fence” into “I love it” in no time flat. We pair captivating ad copy with smartly targeted keywords to ensure that consumers are more than willing to give your brand a second look.

Google Ads Landing Page Design

PPC Agency, PPC Management Company, PPC Company

Having a great Google ad is all well and good – and we’ll help you achieve that and more – but you also need to consider where you’re sending people who interact with your ads. Sending prospective customers to a site where they can’t find the item they want to buy is bad; sending them to a poorly designed landing page is arguably even worse.

Slow, confusing, or unattractive landing pages can alienate shoppers at the last hurdle, which is why crafting a great landing page is part of our Google Ads management services. Our writers and designers have considerable experience in building landing pages designed to maximize conversions and turn shoppers into buyers. We’ll pair our expertise with extensive A/B testing to find the best copy, imagery, headlines, and more.

Google YouTube Ads

Google YouTube Ads​ Agency

YouTube is the second most popular site on the internet after Google. Some products are just better seen on video, and SevenAtoms’ YouTube ad services can get you there. We’ll ensure that high-quality video ads are put in front of highly relevant audiences primed for the products you have to offer.

Our Clients Love The Results

Warren Jobs, Seal Skin Covers

$16 Million Increase in Sales From Ecommerce Marketing Services

“Having had limited results with large ecommerce marketing agencies, we have been completely blown away with what SevenAtoms has done for us. Over 7+ years, they have continued to help us grow rapidly and at a profitable level. They are a trusted partner and a true extension of our team.”

How Our Google Ads Agency Works


Google Ads Research

Walking blindly through a Google Adwords campaign is going to waste your money. Before we start, we ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of not just your business, but your industry – your brand, your products, and your competitors. Then we analyze your existing paid campaigns, identifying critical keywords you may not yet be targeting, including long-tail keywords that present key opportunities for curious shoppers.


Google Ads Strategy

Lesser Google Ads management agencies will use the same strategy for all of their clients. We think you and your business deserve better than that. Our customized Google Adwords agency strategies are much more cost-effective and efficient at driving leads and sales. We’ll design a strategy around your business’ unique goals, your target customers, and your brand and product offerings. We’ll also include detailed demographic targeting to ensure that your ads are going in front of the right eyeballs – people who will be the most interested.

Campaign Setup

Google Ads Setup

When setting up your Google Adwords campaigns, our first order of business is to create a properly organized account structure, including ad groups, retargeting lists, keywords and negative keywords, product feeds, and more. We’ll then create ads – both creatives and copy – that will speak to your target audience and drive them to a purpose-built landing page to help them move forward on the conversion process.

search-engine-marketing-agency_Analytics and Reporting

Google Ads Optimization & Reporting

We’re not the type of Google Ads agency who sets up a campaign and washes our hands of it. We monitor all our ongoing campaigns, taking note of what works – and what doesn’t – and ensure that we’re making your advertising dollars go as far as possible.

We keep you and your team up to date on your Google Adwords performance with comprehensive monthly dashboards and reports, and ensure that we’re continuously adjusting your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Harness the Full Power of AdWords with a Google Ads Agency

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