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A Data-Driven SEM Agency That Gets Results

Paid search remains one of the best ways to target and connect with potential customers. That said, it’s easy to burn through your ads budget and not have anything to show for it if your campaigns aren’t properly managed. SevenAtoms helps businesses turn around poorly performing SEM campaigns as well as build entirely new campaigns from scratch. The result – you get the ROI needed to grow your business.

We have spent years refining our SEM services – working with clients in a variety of different industries with a wide range of ad budgets. We have built massive, profitable campaigns from the ground up and turned around campaigns that seemed impossible to fix. We always craft campaigns with the user experience in mind, ensuring they have a clear path toward conversion.

Unlike most other SEM companies, we handle every aspect of your campaign, including strategy, content creation, landing page design, conversion optimization, and full service management. Our SEM agency uses unique, time-tested processes to get results. This includes usage of Single Keyword Ad Groups, where we target only one keyword per ad group and customize ad copy for that one keyword, and creation of custom landing pages that are optimized for generating conversions.

One of the key benefits of working with SevenAtoms is our comprehensive approach to account management. We take a holistic approach to SEM, meaning that we handle every aspect of your campaign, from strategy to execution. This includes not only creating and optimizing your ads, but also designing and testing landing pages, and monitoring and analyzing performance metrics. By taking care of every aspect of our digital marketing services in-house, we can ensure that every element of your campaign is optimized for maximum impact and ROI.

We also understand that every business is unique, which is why we take a customized approach to SEM. We start by conducting a thorough audit of your current campaigns (if you have them) or your business and industry (if you don’t). From there, we develop a tailored digital marketing strategy that takes into account your goals, budget, target audience, and competition. Our team of SEM experts then gets to work on creating and optimizing your marketing campaigns, ensuring that they are fully aligned with your overall business growth objectives.

While we excel at SEM in the form of paid ads that appear in places like Google searches, those are far from the only services SevenAtoms offer. Other search engine marketing agencies might work with PPC ads and that’s it – but we have so much more to offer. We supplement our paid advertising services with expert social media marketing and SEO services. 

With billions of active users on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, social media is a crucial channel for reaching your target audience. However, simply posting content and hoping for the best isn’t enough. To be successful on social media, you need a comprehensive strategy that includes paid advertising, organic content creation, and community management. SevenAtoms’ team of social media experts can help you develop and execute a strategy that drives engagement, builds brand awareness, and generates leads and sales.

What’s better than traffic and customers you paid for? Traffic and customers you get for free. We pair paid SEM with cutting-edge SEO so that your brand will rank higher on search engine results pages, establishing you as a thought leader in your industry and getting you reliable, consistent customers with high search intent who are ready to buy – all with a cost-per-click of “nothing.”

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you achieve success, get real paying clients, and grow your business, SevenAtoms is the SEM partner you’ve been looking for. Our comprehensive, holistic approach to digital marketing means you can stretch your advertising budget further than ever while resting easy – because we’ve got you covered.

Google Campaigns

Demand Creation

We specialize in crafting customized Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) that align perfectly with your business objectives, ensuring maximum ROI.

Bing Campaigns

Demand Capture

We craft tailored Bing Ads strategies based on your goals, industry insights, and CRM analysis, leveraging data analytics for optimized campaigns.

Landing Pages

Demand Acceleration

Crafting impactful custom landing pages featuring dynamic content responsive to search queries, seamlessly integrated with CRM, and finely tuned for conversions.


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Paid Search Campaign Management

At the core of our SEM services is campaign management. We work with you to create a strategy, then make that strategy a reality. 

We can reduce your cost-per-click, improve click-through rates, drive conversions, and deliver quality leads or sales from your paid search campaigns. To achieve this, we use precise targeting, custom landing pages, rigorous A/B testing, and a series of processes refined from years of developing SEM campaigns.

We are a Premier level Google Partner, which is Google’s highest partnership tier reserved for only the most experienced and top performing SEM companies.

Remarketing And Retargeting

Most visitors aren’t going to convert the first time they arrive on a landing page.  That’s why remarketing is so critical: it keeps your brand in front of the prospect and gently nudges them into converting. 

A poorly executed remarketing campaign can easily backfire, however. It can sour your brand in the eyes of the visitor with persistent, annoying ads. SevenAtoms develops remarketing campaigns that keep you top of mind without being too agressive. Our SEM marketers will create a strategy based on your unique sales lifecycle, then execute and manage those remarketing campaigns.

Landing Page Design and CRO

Bidding on the best keywords and showing the most creative ads in the world won’t mean a thing if your landing page fails to engage prospects and does not convert. Landing pages are so important to the success of an SEM campaign, that we always include a designer as a core member of the SEM team assigned to each client.

We believe that landing page design is equal parts science and art. We create landing pages that are attractive, on-brand, and, most importantly, convert at a high rate. We ensure that landing pages are integrated with your backend CRM systems so that contacts flow through seamlessly. And, we regularly A/B test  landing pages, in order to drive consistent improvement.

Google Shopping Campaigns

If you are an ecommerce company, then Google Shopping Campaigns must be a prominent part of your SEM strategy. Shopping campaigns give you the ability to appear at the top of relevant search engine results pages. The associated product images allow you to stand out and provide instant brand awareness. And, because of their relative affordability and high intent, these can be your best performing SEM campaigns.

We build and manage high performing Google Shopping Campaigns by using our unique, highly-granular process. This includes revamping your product feeds to focus on the most popular search terms, updating images to attract more attention, adding promotional offers, using a multi-tier campaign structure and single product ad groups.

How Our SEM Services Work

sem-agency-sem-services_Research and Strategy

Research and Strategy

Our SEM services start with our team getting to know your business and the products or services you sell. We then perform an in-depth PPC audit, looking at the PPC landscape your company faces, analyzing your current SEM campaigns and closely inspecting what your competitors are doing. We also research and identify the most relevant and cost-efficient keywords, finding both regular and long-tail keyword opportunities.

sem-agency-sem-services_Precise Targeting

Precise Targeting

At the core of our approach is to use Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) for keywords that drive 80-90% of the traffic. This allows us to be far more targeted than other SEM agencies. The result: Search ads perfectly customized to the keyword being searched. We also utilize niche keywords to further refine our SEM campaigns and reach your audience. Also, for display and retargeting campaigns, we research specific sites that are frequented by your target audience.

sem-agency-sem-services_Custom Landing Pages

Custom Landing Pages

Conversion optimized landing pages are crucial to the success of any SEM campaign which is why we include them as part of our service. The landing pages we create have better branding, content and message-match with ads. We create pages by utilizing the “dynamic keyword insertion” technique which allows us to change the headlines and other important content on the pages dynamically, based on keywords being searched by users.

sem-agency-sem-services_Testing and Optimization

Testing and Optimization

While many SEM agencies talk about optimization, We take a much more rigorous approach to testing. We A/B test everything – custom landing pages, ads, offers, etc. to drive consistent improvement in conversion rates. We also optimize campaigns on the basis of end-to-end attribution — what keywords, ads, devices, landing pages, campaigns, targeting , etc., are leading to the best quality leads and sales.

sem-agency-sem-services_Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Data is what fuels our SEM services. We track and measure data across all activities and channels that we manage. We constantly monitor campaigns and tweak our strategies to increase overall campaign effectiveness and meet goals. We provide beautiful monthly reports that will give you a breakdown of performance and extract actionable insights. These insights will include changes in strategy for our ad campaigns, as well suggestions for other paid channels that we believe would generate results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) FAQs

SEM stands for “search engine marketing,” which is a type of online marketing that is focused on boosting website visibility through paid methods such as pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on search engines like Google and Bing.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have distinct roles. SEM provides faster, paid results with more tightly controlled campaigns, while SEO centers on organic, sustainable traffic, usually through content like blog posts. The ideal strategy depends on the particular goals and needs of a company. Usually, a mix of both produces the most effective results in a well-rounded digital marketing plan.

A SEM agency is a professional service provider that specializes in managing and implementing online marketing campaigns using paid advertising on search engines. These agencies help businesses get more easily noticed online by using strategies like PPC ads, targeting specific keywords, and other search engine marketing techniques. The objective is to enhance visibility and draw targeted traffic to their websites.

SevenAtoms can help run ads on search engines like Google Ads and Bing, as well as on social media platforms such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads, and Amazon Ads. Our agency is recognized as both a Google Premier Partner and a Meta Partner – badges that prove that we possess the knowledge and expertise required to effectively manage even the most challenging search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns.


Our SEM agency can play a crucial role in helping you grow your business by maximizing online visibility, targeting the right audience, customizing campaigns, optimizing budgets, providing data-driven insights, and ensuring continuous improvement and integration with your overall marketing strategy.

Unlike lesser SEM companies, we manage every aspect of your campaign – from strategy and content creation to landing page design, conversion optimization, and full-service management. Our SEM agency employs proven methods that have delivered demonstrable results for our previous clients. One big advantage of choosing SevenAtoms is our comprehensive approach to account management. We manage every part of your campaign, from planning to execution, to make sure each element is optimized for the best results and return on investment (ROI)

Although our focus lies in SEM through paid ads on platforms like Google, our range of services extends well beyond that. Unlike some other search engine marketing agencies that solely focus on PPC ads, we go the extra mile. In addition to our proficiency in paid advertising, we complement our services with expert social media marketing and SEO strategies. Want proof we know our stuff? Our SEM agency holds the prestigious status of being a Google Premier Partner and a Meta Partner, accolades bestowed upon only a select few agencies.

Our SEM agency specializes in platforms such as Google, Bing, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more to effectively promote businesses and drive traffic.

The cost of our services is determined by the scope of services you need. All of our clients receive a free initial consultation and review process, and if you choose to work with us, we will charge a flat standard fee for the first month as we set up your accounts and thoroughly research your business and competitors. Following that, every month we charge a low fee plus a percentage of the ad spend. This helps us offer competitive rates that can fit within your advertising budget.

You can start by arranging a free consultation with our SEM agency. SevenAtoms will perform a complimentary brand audit and share a proposal with you. Upon your approval, we will move forward to complete the agreement and initiate the onboarding process. It's a simple and straightforward process.

SEM services encompass various activities aimed at enhancing your presence across platforms through paid search advertising (PPC). These activities include conducting an audit of your current account, setting up tracking, thorough keyword research, identifying bid strategies and targeting, copywriting, landing page design, setting up campaigns in various formats, optimization, and analytics/reporting.

SEM services employ a combination of strategic paid ad targeting, ad optimization, and ongoing refinement to drive relevant traffic and ultimately increase conversions and revenue.

SEM services key activities include creating various types of paid campaigns, identifying and optimizing keywords, creating compelling ad copies, targeting specific audiences, creating and optimizing landing pages, utilizing ad extensions, implementing conversion tracking, employing remarketing strategies, and constantly monitoring and optimizing campaigns for better performance.

Key components of SEM services include PPC advertising, keyword research, ad copy creation, landing page optimization, audience targeting, ad extensions, conversion tracking, remarketing, and analytics. These strategies contribute to achieving business goals by increasing visibility, attracting relevant traffic, optimizing user experience, targeting specific audiences, and measuring and improving campaign performance for enhanced conversions and ROI.

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