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An Ecommerce Marketing Company That Helps Grow Your Business

Almost 90 percent of shoppers began their product research online. Almost one-fifth of purchases occur online, and statisticians believe that number will continue to grow. Clearly, ecommerce marketing is critical to growing your business.

An effective ecommerce marketing campaign involves much more than having an optimized website. You must also develop and execute creative ecommerce marketing strategies that target prospective customers across the entire marketing funnel. That’s where the ecommerce marketing experts at SevenAtoms can help.

SevenAtoms is a proven ecommerce marketing company with decades of experience. When you work with our agency, you’ll get the same white-glove treatment we’ve given previous ecommerce clients just like your business – a full-funnel strategy that pairs strategic organic marketing (SEO, email, content) with precision-targeted paid marketing (Google, Bing, Amazon, and more). We work closely with our clients to develop and execute creative ecommerce campaigns while they continue to focus on their core business. We’ve helped them take their businesses soaring to new heights.

When you work with SevenAtoms, you’ll find an excellent partner battle-tested in all the services you’d expect from an experienced ecommerce advertising agency, like:

  • PPC management
  • Google Shopping
  • Facebook ads
  • SEO
  • Content creation
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing

From creative brainstorming to snappy, compelling content to A/B testing ads to make sure they’re performing optimally, you get a full-service, velvet-glove treatment from our ecommerce marketing company. We’re also one of the very few ecommerce marketing agencies that Google recognizes as a Premier Partner.

Are you ready to turn stagnant sales into explosive growth? It’s time to talk to us.

Featured Case Study: Auto Accessory Ecommerce Company Grows Sales From $2 Million to $18 Million


Increase in No. of Car Covers Sold


Decrease in Cost Per Order


Increase in Revenue

What Our Ecommerce Marketing Company Offers

Ecommerce Content SEO

Ecommerce PPC Management

Although ecommerce PPC campaigns can be incredibly successful, they also can be challenging to build and execute. Our veteran ecommerce marketing team at SevenAtoms can ensure the best possible sustained ROI. We create compelling, creative campaigns and landing pages that effortlessly guide consumers through the process. Our specialized skills cover many platforms, including:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Amazon Ads
  • Yahoo/Gemini

Our proven ecommerce marketing company can drive your success.

Ecommerce Blogging

Ecommerce Google Shopping Management

Google Shopping campaigns also can significantly boost ecommerce site sales, letting customers browse your wares – including high-quality product images – right from the search engines results page. Our ecommerce marketing agency knows how to develop and execute highly effective Google Shopping strategies that boost sales on the platform while lowering your cost per conversion and increasing your ROI.

We manage all aspects of your Google Shopping ads, including generating the product feed, optimizing titles and descriptions, creating attention-grabbing images, and structuring campaigns that dramatically increase sales volume.

Ecommerce Facebook Ads

Facebook users represent a large market. More than 13 percent of consumers have bought something after seeing a Facebook ad. Our ecommerce advertising agency can help you identify and target your ideal and lookalike audiences to increase the number of customers. Our engaging Facebook ads can tell your story and help you reach these highly targeted audiences, pairing engaging copy with interesting visuals. We also set up remarketing campaigns for those who’ve previously engaged with your brand but have yet to buy anything.

san-francisco-internet-marketing_General SEO

Ecommerce SEO Services

The best content in the world is only relevant if potential customers can find you. Our ecommerce marketing company’s SEO expertise helps you rise above your competitors in Internet searches. Whether it’s optimized web pages and product content or carefully crafted, engaging informational content, we’ll work tirelessly to ensure you’re getting onto search engines’ first page – and higher in the rankings. We’ll analyze your site to see if things like poor performance could be weighing you down and suggest actionable improvements. Finally, we reach out to develop backlinks, a crucial part of Google’s ranking algorithm.

Ecommerce Content Strategy

Ecommerce Content Creation

A significant aspect of any successful ecommerce campaign is excellent content. Topnotch content drives users to your site, improves SEO, positions you as an expert in your field, and engages potential customers with your brand.

Our ecommerce ads agency services include:

  • Optimizing content
  • Creating and updating product pages using target keywords
  • Writing high-quality blogs on the best topics that will drive search traffic

Our ecommerce ads agency will create content that builds your brand’s reputation, increases its audience, and turns readers into customers.

sem-agency-sem-services_Custom Landing Pages

Ecommerce Landing Pages

Directing potential ecommerce customers to your home page from ads is never wise, especially if they aren’t familiar with your product. They’re far more likely to get confused and leave than they are to buy something. As an experienced ecommerce advertising agency, SevenAtoms will build ecommerce landing pages that engage visitors and quickly provide them with information on the most important benefits of your product or service. We also help you build trust through social proof. We test all elements – design, copy, testimonials, and calls to action – to create an ecommerce landing page that will drive real conversions and boost your sales.

Ecommerce Email Marketing

Effective email marketing for ecommerce is both an art and a science. Our experienced ecommerce ads agency helps you use this incredibly lucrative tool to turn prospects into loyal brand ambassadors. One such acquisition strategy our ecommerce advertising agency can execute is providing a compelling offer in exchange for them opting into your email list. Then we create and execute a persuasive email campaign.

The email campaign starts with an automated welcome sequence of emails that builds trust. Our ecommerce marketing services also include abandoned cart emails, special sales blasts, newsletters with helpful content, and more. Then we’ll use the best analytics possible to ensure the campaign meets its goals of converting new customers and encouraging current customers to buy again.

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