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SaaS Performance Marketing

The best approach to SaaS marketing is one that’s driven by performance and results. Instead of setting a budget and hoping for the best, choose a smarter way of doing things. Performance marketing means you don’t pay until your company’s marketing goals are achieved.

Whether you’re trying to increase traffic, garner more brand awareness, or generate more leads, SevenAtoms is dedicated to helping you achieve – and surpass! – those goals. While our tactics certainly generate higher clickthrough rates and better conversion rates, as an experienced B2B SaaS performance marketing agency, we prefer to look at the bigger picture.

Our number one goal is to help you grow your business. Instead of pumping up the numbers, our focus is on capturing and converting high-quality leads that will become lifelong customers.

Digital marketing is no longer “the wave of the future”. It’s an absolute necessity for all businesses now – especially those in the SaaS industry. As the SaaS market continues to boom, it is vital that you remain on the cutting edge to stay ahead of the competition.

Customized SaaS performance marketing allows you to scale your marketing efforts to meet the needs of your company–without breaking the budget.

SevenAtoms focuses on a demand-generation model when we build your performance marketing strategy. We use a wide variety of platforms and analytics to leverage your inbound marketing and drive awareness and interest to your products and services. Basically, we help generate a demand that your company can step in to fill.

This helps us build a predictable and scalable sales cycle that allows your company to achieve sustainable long-term growth. If you want to attract more customers and grow your business, you need a SaaS performance marketing agency with a proven track record.

You need SevenAtoms.

Featured Case Study: Cyber Security SaaS Company Sees 1,012% Growth From PPC Campaigns


Increase in Sales Opportunities


Increase in No. of Customers Won


Increase in Revenue

SaaS PPC Management

SevenAtoms is a SaaS performance marketing agency that helps businesses grow their revenue through thoughtfully designs PPC campaigns. Our PPC specialists have a track record of success and love nothing more than the challenge of a fresh new campaign.

Get more qualified traffic and higher-quality leads by optimizing your PPC campaigns for the search terms that matter most to your business. We focus on the details without ever losing sight of the big picture–scalable growth.

We achieve measurable and noticeable growth by carefully tending to every variable that impacts your search engine results. From optimizing your keyword list to targeting the most profitable and conversion-ready audiences, we can help you lower your cost per conversion significantly.

We achieve this by hitting your target audience at every level of the customer journey. Our SaaS PPC management services include:

  • Highly targeted display ad campaigns
  • Google Adwords, Bing, and LinkedIn PPC ads
  • Segmented remarketing ad campaigns

From discovery to delight, we’re here to help you gain and retain customers and grow your business!

SaaS Review Sites

Despite going fully digital over the last decade, marketing is still very much a game of reputation. But instead of word of mouth, now we tend to rely on consumer reviews to get an idea of a company’s reputation.

And as with any online endeavor, if you’re not managing and optimizing your online reputation, someone else will decide it for you. Take control of your company’s online reputation with proactive ads on SaaS review sites like G2, Capterra, Software Advise, Good Firms, and more.

Review sites are a cost-effective way to introduce potential customers to your products and services in a way that builds trust in your brand. Where a free trial may feel like work, an in-depth review can lift entrance barriers and convince even the most skeptical of consumers.

SevenAtoms can help you craft compelling ads tailor-made for each review site.

SaaS SEO Marketing

As a specialized B2B SaaS performance marketing agency, we believe that a solid SEO marketing strategy is key to digital success. We focus on developing data-driven strategies that improve your discoverability on SERPs.

We use linkbuilding, website content, and on-page strategies to optimize every stage of your sales funnel. Regular technical analysis ensures that your site is properly indexed, crawlable, and discoverable to potential customers. A/B testing allows us to streamline and fine-tune our SEO tactics and messaging. No detail is too small to matter.

Our customer-led approach to SEO allows us to achieve results with which other agencies just can’t compete. Allow us to improve your SEO, your conversion rate, and your bottom line.

SaaS LinkedIn Marketing

While most SaaS companies are savvy enough to create and manage their own LinkedIn pages, few take full advantage of LinkedIn marketing. LinkedIn ads are perfect for SaaS companies. Just think about their key demographic–technically savvy professionals!

LinkedIn Ads allow you to easily target specific verticals, professions, and company sizes. This allows us to create incredibly specific content designed to convert! Generate demand for your products and services among the people who will benefit most!

SevenAtoms can help improve your ROI drastically by improving the quality of your ads and fine tuning your target audiences. We’ll also design remarketing campaigns to ensure that your products remain top of mind with prospective customers.

A successful SaaS performance marketing campaign should include LinkedIn ads. Let SevenAtoms increase your campaign ROI through thorough competitive research, intentional A/B testing, and consistent data analysis.

SaaS Content Marketing

At every stage of the sales funnel, we will help you connect with potential clients and create effective, accessible content that converts. You’ll be able to build authority in your field, generate brand recognition, and drive interest in your products and services with informative, imaginative content.

Our SaaS performance marketing content includes:

  • Blogs
  • Case studies
  • Website content
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • White papers
  • Videos

Every phase of content creation is accompanied by rigorous competitive, industry, and consumer research, which we conduct on your behalf. Our writers are focused on more than the word count–they’re dedicated to creating meaningful, evergreen content.

SaaS Landing Page Design

Landing pages do so much more for your digital marketing efforts than you know. In addition to providing SEO value, landing pages can also increase sales, boost leads, and decrease your cost per click–when they’re well-designed.

Seven Atoms creates eye-catching, user-friendly landing pages that are designed to convert. Increase lead generation and drive demand for your services by investing in the professional services of a proven B2B SaaS performance marketing agency.

We focus on providing:

  • Fresh, innovative design that speaks to your brand and mission
  • Powerful copy that informs and delights
  • Multiple calls-to-action that invite conversions and increase submissions

SevenAtoms has created hundreds of landing pages for dozens of satisfied clients. Put that expertise to work for your business!

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