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Frustrated with your marketing firm? The wrong ad agency can make your ROI nonexistent. 

Consider working with SevenAtoms to attract customers and grow your business.

How are we different?

Our clients comment that our San Diego digital marketing company is small but mighty. The benefit of working with a smaller firm with big experience is your return on investment. We dare you to measure the numbers—our San Diego digital advertising agency beats our competitors in dollars spent, goals met, and revenue achieved.

The problem for small to midsize companies seeking a marketing partner is that they become a small fish in a big agency’s pond. This means they’re often neglected over larger, higher revenue clients. Then there are the small boutique Mom-and-Pop agencies that simply don’t have the market experience you need to build your brand and generate sales.

Here’s why SevenAtoms remains a powerhouse at the forefront of the marketing field by giving our clients the attention and results that larger firms promise—but seldom deliver.

Featured Case Study: Auto Accessory Ecommerce Company Grows Sales by $16 Million From Inbound and PPC Campaigns


Increase in No. of Car Covers Sold


Decrease in Cost Per Order


Increase in Revenue

PPC Advertising

Pay per click can be a bottomless well of non-return versus dollars spent. SevenAtoms has the experience to turn your PPC advertising into positive ROI. As early adopters and advocates for PPC, we know all the latest iterations and tricks to maximize paid channels. Unlike other cookie-cutter digital ad firms, we strive for continuous improvement in our approach to PPC. This means our clients come out on top of their spend versus revenue goals.

Over the years, we’ve maximized our clients’ spend in every PPC category for every type of company you can think of. From AdWords and Amazon to Facebook, Twitter—and everything in between. We work closely with our clients to create seamless landing pages to drive conversions across every industry sector, including:

  • Ecommerce
  • B2B Services
  • Healthcare
  • SaaS
  • Technology

At the core of PPC lies paid search marketing. We leverage paid search in a way that lets even the smallest company compete with bigger players in their field. The SevenAtoms team is extremely experienced in this area, with a solid track record of boosting our clients’ SEO. We can help you:

  • Cut your cost-per-click
  • Improve click-through rates
    Improve the quantity of your sales leads
  • Improve the quality of your lead generation
    Increase conversions

Why are we so confident SevenAtoms is the top digital marketing agency in San Diego?

Our clients tell us so.

Content Marketing

Of course, content still matters—as long as you do it right. But what you need is meaningful content for your target audience. But how do you get there?

SevenAtoms has answers.

If you’re generating content simply because you’ve heard it’s important—you’re doing it wrong. Good content takes the needs, wants, and priorities of your target audiences and converts it into informational content that entertains, educates, and subtly, sells. This is the opposite of the typical content mills that you find online. In these cases, you always get what you pay for. 

SevenAtoms conducts careful audience and keyword research to create actionable content that engages your target markets across every relevant channel. Each content piece is carefully crafted and customized, not churned out in batches. The difference lies in our ability to sell your products and services in a way that adds value to your clients. You’ll see the ROI in your bottom line.

SevenAtoms draws from some of the best writing talent in the industry. Each writer is carefully selected for their ability to craft meaningful, insightful content specific to your field. The outcome is coherent, smart content written in a voice consistent with your brand and that speaks eloquently to your customers.

Social Media

The reality of social media is that you have to live there. Social platforms, by their very nature, operate in real time, making your ability to stay relevant among the clamor extremely difficult. SevenAtoms knows how to develop your brand awareness with a steadily growing pool of followers. Once we snag them, we work hard to connect and engage on every social media post. Ultimately, we increase your website and brand exposure with a proven ROI tracked in leads and sales. 

Clients come to us frustrated that they can’t seem to make social media work. They stay with us because we keep them relevant in the social channels that their target audiences frequent. We couple our intelligent, fun, and insightful posts with targeted advertising and retargeted social ads to keep building, converting, and winning.

Facebook Marketing

Here’s something many marketing agencies don’t want you to know: It’s easy to waste money on Facebook advertising. To do it right takes research savvy to create, launch, and manage your Facebook marketing activities. 

Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce is a marketing category that holds a place near and dear to the SevenAtoms team. It’s a marketing area born from the digital sphere and, with SevenAtoms by your side, it’s a business designed around rapid-fire consumer engagement and ultimately, profit. That is—if you do it well.

SevenAtoms does ecommerce marketing well. We have decades of combined experience working side-by-side with fledgling ecommerce companies. We’re also frequently called upon when other marketing agencies miss the mark. Why? Because we know how to unlock your brand’s full potential online. We offer a turnkey solution at every stage of the ecommerce journey, including:

Ecommerce PPC constantly changes. SevenAtoms has the time and the expertise to stay on top of shifting trends to maximize your sales. Our ground-breaking techniques help you maximize every dollar spent across every channel, from Yahoo and Bing, Amazon and Google, AdRoll—and more.

Google Shopping Management requires constant, savvy strategies to scale your campaigns. That’s why so many companies struggle in this arena. Our goal is your goal–to optimize sales while driving down conversion costs. We do this every day successfully for our clients. How can we help you?

Facebook Ads for Ecommerce are hugely competitive. How can you stand out successfully? The answer rests in careful analysis of your target and lookalike audiences to build your brand. We help our clients craft an attention-grabbing story on these fast-paced platforms and then couple it with smart eye-catching designs. Then we use remarketing to mop up any cart abandon customers to help increase your presence and your cash flow.

Ecommerce SEO is a marathon, not a sprint—and that’s just one of the mistakes that most digital marketing firms make. We help our clients rise above the pack by creating advanced SEO campaigns to build your business. SevenAtoms combines this with informational content that builds your brand and your sales.

Content Creation for Ecommerce is an art in itself. We craft excellent content tied to SEO that also positions you as the expert with potential clients, driving them closer to the close. SevenAtoms can optimize the content on your websites and product pages. Then we’ll create a top-quality blog, whitepapers, and other long- and short-form content. 

Ecommerce Landing Pages must be user-friendly enough to make one thing very clear: This is why you need this product or service. SevenAtoms specializes in high quality landing pages that hook viewers and won’t let them go until they make the purchase.

Ecommerce Email Marketing is a 365-day-a-year strategy to reach your customers where they live. Email marketing remains a smart way to capture interest, engage, and drive consumer traffic toward the sale. Automation is critical to this process, and SevenAtoms works smarter by using the latest and most innovative tools.

Want to Know Why SevenAtoms is a Top San Diego Digital Marketing Agency?

Warren B Jobs, SealSkinCovers


“Having had limited results with large agencies, we have been completely blown away with what SevenAtoms has done for us. Over 7+ years, they have continued to help us grow rapidly and at a profitable level. They are a trusted partner and a true extension of our team.”

How Our San Diego Digital Advertising Works


Exploration and Analysis

This process pairs you with a dedicated account manager that delves into your business and the products and services you sell. We analyze your past messaging, content marketing, and paid advertising channels, and meticulously determine what went well and what went wrong. Then our team works elbow to elbow in the trenches with your sales and marketing team to carefully craft a digital roadmap to meet your brand and sales goals. This process always includes a deep dive into the most cost-effective, powerful keywords. Together, we identify the most strategic and effective long-tail and regular keywords along with the best omnichannel roadmap to deliver on what we promise.


Strategy Development

The SevenAtoms strategy development process is never cookie-cutter. Instead, we carefully design a PPC strategy to fit the parameters of your unique business. This customization is something you simply will not find in the typical San Diego digital pay-per-click marketing company. It’s an approach that our clients tell us is refreshing, unusual, and well worth the cost of our expertise. Our goal is to think as far outside the box as you need to hit each target audience—and we use every tool in our large toolbox to get you there.

Campaign Setup

Establishing the Campaign Roadmap

After you approve our customized campaign strategy, we build a campaign roadmap that takes advantage of low hanging fruit for quick ROI while building longer strategies for recurring revenues for your business. Typically, these campaigns center on building broader awareness of your brand, generating sales, and increasing upsell opportunities with

Ongoing Management

Execution and Management for Better Results

Just when you thought our results couldn’t get any better—they do. That’s because we never stop working on your executed campaign. We know technology is as ever-changing as the interests of the consumers you’re trying to reach. It’s the secret to our success as we tweak bids, shift keywords, A/B test, check mobile performance, and so much more.

SevenAtoms leads San Diego digital marketing firms in real results. If your company isn’t getting this kind of return from your San Diego digital marketing partner—call on us.


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