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Forget Conversions and MQLs: Focus on Sales Opportunities and Pipeline

Advanced automotive PPC campaigns, precision targeting, and well-crafted ads.

Create and Capture Demand to Maximize Recurring Revenue

Custom-designed, beautiful landing pages with dynamic content for maximum impact.

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs with Data-Driven Insights

Continuous split testing of ads and landing pages, and strategic data-driven optimization.

Why Automotive PPC Advertising is Changing the Game

Did you know 93% of web traffic originates from a search engine? Gone are the days of traditional print and TV advertising. The American auto industry is now valued at a hundred billion dollars per year, and with strong competition in this fast-paced world, your business must be visible in search results.

A veteran automotive PPC company can help drive qualified users to your site through higher rankings on relevant search engine results pages (SERPs). You don’t have to navigate the paid search system alone – let experienced PPC advertising experts like SevenAtoms handle the competitive data research and custom ad creation needed to put your ads in front of people who are interested and looking to buy.

Pay-per-click automotive paid ads on platforms like Google and Bing with a tried automotive PPC partner are your ticket to better business results without blowing your budget. By investing in paid search advertising solutions, you can stay on top of your competition with a solid brand foundation. Now’s the time to enhance credibility and use that momentum to take your auto business to new heights.

SevenAtoms is an automotive PPC advertising agency with an impressive industry track record and customized marketing campaigns to help your auto business succeed. Take your dealership, accessories business, or auto shop to the next level with targeted automotive PPC marketing.


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Featured Case Study: Auto Accessory Ecommerce Company Grows Sales From $2 Million to $18 Million



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From Start to Finish: Automotive PPC Agency Services That Grow Your Business

Automotive PPC Marketing Campaigns

A proper foundation is the key to successful automotive paid search. At SevenAtoms, our attention to detail and industry expertise helps us create a comprehensive campaign structure for automotive PPC advertising.

Our campaign plans incorporate all aspects of automotive paid search, from keyword groups to A/B testing and so much more. With a clear campaign structure in place, we can move forward using the automotive PPC marketing tactics that make the most sense for your goals.

We have crafted successful PPC marketing campaigns for many automotive businesses like dealerships and aftermarket parts suppliers, and we are here to help streamline and scale your business. 

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Automotive PPC Keyword Strategy

Leave the keywords to us! Our automotive PPC company specializes in pay-per-click ads that put your products and services in front of sales-qualified leads who are already interested and ready to purchase.

We use detailed keyword research and group optimization strategies to make sure your auto business appears on the first page for your target audience. Optimization of single keyword ad groups (SKAGs) allows us to target both high-traffic and niche search terms connected to custom landing pages with the same keywords.

Our smart keyword strategy achieves exciting results by creating recognition for potential clients while funneling them through the sales cycle. Keyword optimization also increases your Google quality score, lowering the cost per click and ultimately saving you time and money.

Ecommerce PPC Services Work_Ad Copy

Automotive PPC Ad Copy

Why waste time trying to come up with catchy ads when our automotive PPC agency will do it for you? We’re not just a veteran PPC company, we’re also a content marketing company with years of experience – meaning we know how to expertly craft words. We take care of the hard work behind the scenes, giving you simple marketing solutions that make a real impact.

Automotive paid search marketing is especially important because of the limited character count for PPC ads. We have creative copywriters ready to craft concise, compelling content that captures attention and generates interest.

Relevant keywords are incorporated into every step of ad creation, so potential customers will be able to find your auto business on search engines. Our automotive PPC advertising services include ad copy for Google Ads, social PPC ads, display ads, LinkedIn ads and more, with keywords included in headlines, hashtags, and meta descriptions, too.

Ecommerce PPC Services Work_Ongoing Optimization and A-B Testing

Automotive PPC A/B Testing

Remarketing and retargeting campaigns are essential to successful automotive paid search. At SevenAtoms, we believe in consistent improvement and ongoing optimization, which benefits your business and ours too!

Rather than the “set it and forget it” campaign management style used by many agencies, we regularly check campaigns to further optimize the strategy. Thanks to our in-depth research and A/B testing backed by keyword and data analysis, we make sure your automotive Google ads perform at their best.

Our work involves so much more than just web traffic and clicks – we focus our targeted ads on qualified sales leads who are ready to buy. Let’s grow conversions through targeted Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads for your auto business.

Ecommerce PPC Services Work_Landing Page Design

Automotive PPC Landing Page Design

Ad copy is one piece of the puzzle, but you also need a great landing page to yield optimal results with automotive PPC advertising. Think of it this way: once people see your business in their search results and click on your ad, they want to go right to the source for more information or the opportunity to buy.

You can have an intriguing ad with short, snappy copy, but if it just takes users to your homepage, they will be back at square one. You don’t want to waste your time or theirs with an incomplete landing page that causes would-be buyers to lose interest. As an automotive PPC company seeking big results, we ensure your ads take users to an optimized landing page where they can learn more and ultimately make a purchase.

Our pay-per-click solutions include landing page design and dynamic text replacement to ensure the ad and landing page copy complement each other. We make the most of UX and UI best practices to ensure an excellent customer experience, backed by trust badges and customer reviews that boost your brand.

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