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Forget Conversions and MQLs

Forget Conversions and MQLs: Focus on Sales Opportunities and Pipeline

Create and Capture Demand to Maximize

Create and Capture Demand to Maximize Revenue and Growth

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs with Data-Driven Insights

World-Class B2B Demand Generation Services:
Boost Demand, Grow Revenue

Vanity metrics like conversions, leads, and MQLs look nice on a dashboard – but what do they do for your bottom line? Why are you optimizing for these in your marketing campaigns?

As a demand generation agency focused on working exclusively with B2B brands, we know that what really matters is converting those leads into customers and realizing actual revenue growth. We don’t celebrate when vanity metrics go up; our objective is to drive tangible results for you. As a trusted B2B digital marketing agency, we have earned the confidence of over 100 businesses due to our unwavering commitment to their growth goals. At SevenAtoms, we succeed only when you succeed.

Demand Creation

Demand Creation

Fewer than 5% of B2B buyers are actively searching for products. This means that if you want to grow aggressively, you need to target the remaining 95%+. As a proven B2B demand generation agency, we help you get these potential buyers in your pipeline through:

  • Insightful content that people want to consume and share
  • Paid social campaigns that engage your ICPs
  • SEO-driven content around common pain points and problems
  • Paid campaigns for videos, podcasts and webinars to showcase your expertise
  • ABM (account-based marketing) audiences to generate interest in your brand

Demand Capture

Demand Capture

Informed B2B buyers actively seek out solutions to meet their needs, looking into their options across a variety of channels. Our B2B marketing company ensures you’re top-of-mind when these decision-makers conduct their research, by positioning your brand prominently by using:

  • Granular paid search campaigns for high intent keywords
  • Paid social ads that reinforce your brand’s positioning with now-curious prospects
  • Search engine optimized website pages that ensure you show up prominently in organic search results
  • Retargeting campaigns aimed at “warm” prospects who are primed to engage with your brand
  • Paid ads and promotional placements on key review sites that are trusted across the B2B world

Demand Acceleration

Demand Acceleration

Once your demand creation and demand capture campaigns are humming along, it’s time to focus on optimization and growth. As an experienced B2B demand generation agency, we know that momentum is key, which means it’s time to step on the gas and capitalize further on your newfound opportunities through:

  • Optimization of paid campaigns based on opportunities and pipeline generated
  • A/B testing of landing pages and ads to increase conversion rates
  • Siphoning demand from other, similar categories
  • Expanding your reach by launching campaigns on new channels
  • Increased investment in demand creation – ramping up the cycle and driving huge growth.

We Work on the Same Tech Stack You Do

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Search Engine Marketing

In today’s hyper-competitive B2B landscape, it’s vital to excel at PPC and SEM campaigns. This is a core component of the demand capture process.

As a proven B2B marketing and demand generation agency, SevenAtoms uses deeply segmented campaigns with precision targeting for high-intent keywords. Our seasoned PPC experts optimize campaigns on popular search engines like Google and Bing, ensuring that we’re generating leads that have a higher likelihood of turning into opportunities. Our purpose-driven campaigns include comprehensive keyword research, compelling ad copy, custom-built landing pages, and thorough performance monitoring to ensure we’re always realizing the best return on your ad spend.

B2B Demand Generation Services - Search Engine Marketing

Paid Social Marketing

In our digital age, it’s vital to engage with business decision makers where they are. LinkedIn is an obvious choice for B2B marketing, but these stakeholders aren’t just business automatons; they’re individuals who regularly use platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

The goal of SevenAtoms, as a skilled B2B marketing agency, is to put your business and its solution at the top of mind across the spectrum of paid social platforms. By strategically targeting B2B buyers across these channels, we harness the power of “dark social” – private, interpersonal interactions that drive brand awareness and word-of-mouth referrals. The next time key decision makers are talking about their options, our marketing efforts will make sure they think about you.

B2B Demand Generation Services - Paid Social Marketing

Landing Page Design

Many otherwise well-executed paid search and social media campaigns make one key mistake: They send traffic to web pages or template-based landing pages that don’t convert well. You shouldn’t waste your hard work getting leads on low-conversion pages. SevenAtoms creates purpose-built landing pages that are designed to maximize conversions. We create and A/B test variants, including using smart AI-based testing, to drive continuous improvement.

Our custom landing pages provide a personalized and relevant guided experience. This optimization makes it more likely for prospects to take key steps towards becoming your customer, such as signing up for a demo of your solution. Our landing pages align perfectly with your B2B goals, resulting in more sales opportunities and higher ROI.

B2B Demand Generation Services - Landing Page Design

SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing are critical pillars of success in digital B2B marketing and demand capture – blogs and guides can be vital for demand creation, and having an SEO-friendly website makes it easier to capture that demand when decision makers come looking. SevenAtoms’s B2B demand generation services excel at creating and optimizing SEO-driven content for businesses.

Our expertise in this field ensures that your business enjoys enhanced visibility and organic web traffic. High-quality content like the blogs we create plays a crucial role in nurturing prospects, providing valuable insights and establishing your brand as an authority. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing for B2B brands, SEO and content marketing remain pivotal for building a robust sales pipeline and securing long-term success.

B2B Demand Generation Services - SEO and Content Marketing

Account Based Marketing

Why is ABM important? ABM focuses on quality over quantity, making it a key driver of high marketing ROI for B2B brands. SevenAtoms’ wealth of experience helps our B2B clients navigate the ABM landscape.

Our tailored approaches are designed to target your ICPs (ideal customer profiles) with precision, ensuring personalized engagement and meaningful interactions. This doesn’t just foster a robust sales pipeline, it makes your advertising spend go even further. ABM’s ability to create a personalized, one-to-one connection makes it an invaluable tool for modern B2B success, and SevenAtoms can help you get there.

B2B Demand Generation Services - Account Based Marketing

Demand Gen Marketing FAQs

How is a Demand Generation Agency Different from a Lead Generation Agency?

This all comes down to the differences between demand generation vs. lead generation. Lead generation is great for capturing the attention of prospective buyers who already know your company – but that’s a tiny minority of your potential customer base. Whether outbound (e.g., cold calling) or inbound (e.g., paid search ads), lead generation can only ever market to the percentage of your customer base that is already researching your industry.

A B2B demand generation agency, on the other hand, helps you reach out to the much larger majority of your potential customer base that doesn’t know that your solution exists to address their problem – or may not even know that they have a problem. High-quality demand generation services reach these customers where they are, spurring them to start researching your industry. Once they’re interested in your industry and potentially your products (demand creation), a demand generation agency will help put you in a strong position to be the solution they ultimately choose (demand capture).

A B2B demand gen agency tends to focus its demand capture efforts on keywords with high purchase intent, while a lead generation agency’s focus can also include low-intent keywords that are more likely to generate MQLs for a longer nurturing sequence.

How Does a B2B Demand Generation Agency Help My Business?

Simply put, a skilled demand generation agency can dramatically increase the amount of available customers your business can sell to. Most prospective B2B buyers aren’t looking for your products because they don’t know that you exist – they might not even know that their business has a problem that your offering can solve.

A good B2B demand gen agency solves this. By reaching B2B decision makers where they are and the places they exist online, you convince them that their problem can be solved by businesses like yours. This expands your prospective audience by targeting clients who aren’t yet engaged with your industry, a much bigger slice of the pie than those who already are.

How Long Does It Take for B2B Demand Generation Services to Show Results?

The timeline for seeing results from demand generation can vary depending on various factors such as your industry, your target audience, and the complexity of your offering. Generally speaking, demand generation is a longer-term investment that may require some patience and consistency. While tactics like paid advertising can generate immediate results, the full impact of demand generation – especially those focused on content creation and relationship-building – can take months or more to pay off.

Demand generation is very important and can be extremely lucrative, but it’s not a quick fix. It’s a sustainable approach to driving growth and building a strong pipeline of sales-qualified leads.

How Do Your Demand Generation Services Adapt to Evolving Trends and Technologies?

Digital marketing is always changing and evolving – and we think that it’s vital for your B2B marketing and demand generation agency to do the same to ensure maximum effectiveness. Adaptability is critical in a landscape that changes yearly, with new tools, platforms, and situations that may affect customer behavior, like global economic patterns, all changing.

SevenAtoms is a demand generation agency that stays abreast of these developments. We invest in research and never stop looking for new opportunities and tools for innovation and optimization. Whether it’s leveraging artificial intelligence or influencer marketing or figuring out how to harness things like voice search, a good provider of demand generation services will help your business stay ahead of the curve.

How Can You Choose the Right B2B Demand Generation Agency?

When selecting a B2B demand generation agency to partner with, there are a number of factors to consider. First, assess the agency’s expertise and experience when it comes to working with businesses like yours (in terms of industry, size, target market, and other factors). Do they have a history of successful past campaigns and driving tangible results?

Second, evaluate the agency’s approach to demand generation and digital marketing. Does it align with your objectives? Your values? A good fit in terms of philosophy and methodology is critical for a productive partnership. Thirdly, consider the agency’s capabilities and resources, and whether they can scale services with your business as it hopefully grows.

Lastly, assess things like their transparency, their communications with you, and their pricing and contractual terms to ensure that they fit what you’re looking for. This will help you find a demand generation agency that can offer real value for your investment. (Spoiler alert – we think SevenAtoms can be that agency. Talk to us!)

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