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SaaS Landing Page Design

Landing pages are the face of your company. When potential customers click on an ad or search result, the landing page they end up on is your only chance to make a good first impression. You need landing pages designed to engage, inform, and convert. You need landing pages designed by SevenAtoms.

SevenAtoms can help you create the perfect SaaS landing page for each service and product you offer. We specialize in creating custom B2B SaaS landing pages designed to generate sales-qualified leads who are more likely to convert into customers. We use UX/UI best practices, advanced color theory, detailed consumer research, and data-driven strategies to capture the attention of your target audience and move them to the next stage in the customer journey.

Engaging Above-the-Fold Content

The design of your SaaS landing page directly impacts its conversion rate. This is especially true of the content that visitors see right when they land on the page before they scroll–the “above the fold” content.

In a recent Neilson Norman Group study, they found that users only continue to scroll down the page if the above-the-fold content is promising enough. This means that you have mere seconds to capture and keep the attention of your potential clients.

Our designers have created hundreds of successful and engaging landing pages for dozens of SaaS companies. Let us put that expertise to work for your company!

SaaS Landing Page Above-the-Fold Content

Impactful Headlines

If you’re like most consumers, you tend to skim web pages for the information that’s most relevant to your search. And the best way to ensure that potential customers can find exactly what they’re looking for and hold their attention is by creating impactful, punchy headlines.

Our copywriters have decades of combined experience crafting headlines that convert. But you don’t have to take our word for it! We constantly A/B test our SaaS landing page headlines to ensure that our messaging resonates with your target audience.

SaaS Landing Page Impactful Headlines

Relevant and Engaging Imagery

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. We think they’re worth even more when it comes to SaaS landing page design. Icons and visuals break up clunky chunks of text and draw the eye to vital information on the page.

At SevenAtoms, our designers work closely with our clients to ensure that their SaaS landing page design is on-brand, on-message, and on-point. We create custom graphics designed to engage and delight. And we use the data from our A/B testing to finetune your landing pages every step of the way.

SaaS Landing Page Relevant and Engaging Imagery

Clear and Concise CTAs

Adding a clear call-to-action is landing page design 101. Landing pages are designed to encourage visitors to take specific, desired actions, which means the CTA is one of the most critical parts of the entire page. And yet, many marketing agencies overlook the importance of mastering the basics,

The designers at SevenAtoms use color theory, design best practices, and UX/UI principles to create and place memorable calls to action that convert.

SaaS Landing Page Clear and Concise CTAs

Our Clients Love The Results

Tim Matthews, Incapsula

Tim Matthews, 



“SevenAtoms has helped us get excellent ROI from our paid campaigns. Their understanding of B2B SaaS and Cyber Security has really shown up in the engaging content and landing pages they have developed for us. They continue to crush it across all our campaigns!”

How Our SaaS Landing Page Design Works

SaaS Landing Page Design - Strategy and Creation

Landing Page Strategy and Creation

Creating the perfect SaaS landing page starts with an in-depth understanding of design and UX/UI principles. SevenAtoms’ designers use their decades of experience in the field to create eye-catching custom designs that draw people through the marketing funnel–straight through to conversion.

When we create your company’s landing page strategy, we’re doing more than formatting for word count and clickthrough rates. We’re building your landing page strategy based on competitive research, consumer behavior, and in-depth industry knowledge.

We don’t believe in a “set it and forget it” approach to marketing. We use a data-driven approach to ensure that every landing page is consistently monitored and improved.

SaaS Landing Page Design - Platform Expertise

Platform Expertise

When SevenAtoms designs your B2B SaaS landing pages, we custom-create them for the platforms your business already uses to ensure optimal integration and user experience. Instead of a scattershot approach, we laser focus on the details to ensure that every customer interaction with your brand is a smooth and seamless experience.

Our designers are familiar with design best practices and UX/UI concepts for a variety of online platforms, including:

  • Unbounce
  • WordPress
  • Hubspot
  • …and more

No matter the platform, our designers will deliver a SaaS landing page optimized for engagement and conversion every time.

SaaS Landing Page Design - Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

Our expertise is something that has been earned over years of trial and error. We have years of in-depth research, training, and hard work that’s given us the SaaS landing page design experience to back up our cutting-edge designs.

Good design won’t convert on its own. SevenAtoms implements consumer psychology, competitive research, and optimization best practices to ensure that page visitors are drawn to the next step in the marketing funnel.

Social proof, trust badges, dynamic headlines, CTA placement, landing page form design, live chat features, color theory, custom imagery–we use every trick in the book to ensure that your landing pages engage and convert.

We’re not just here to boost leads–we’re here to help you attract customers and grow your business long-term.

SaaS Landing Page Design - AB Testing

A/B Testing

As a data-driven marketing company, there is nothing we find sexier than A/B testing done right. To turn out a perfect SaaS landing page, consistent A/B testing is absolutely vital.

Even if your SaaS landing pages are doing well, it’s possible they could be doing better! A/B testing is how we keep our finger on the pulse of consumer trends and preferences.

From headline copy to contact form layout to CTA placement–we A/B test every element of our B2B SaaS landing pages to ensure that they are performing optimally. This constant finetuning and improvement allow us to see measurable results in your KPIs–and your bottom line!

SaaS Landing Page Design - CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Many of our SaaS clients use marketing automation and sales CRM platforms to organize their lead and customer contact information. SevenAtoms is happy to work with you to ensure that your landing page forms seamlessly integrate with your backend platforms. Our goal is to save you as much time and money as possible!

We have experience integrating with HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, and more to ensure that customer data is instantly captured and neatly stored. Your days of manual data entry are over!

Harness the Power of a Fully Optimized SaaS Landing Page!