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4 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Facebook Campaigns

July 20, 2017

If you’ve visited our blog before, you’re probably already aware that we’re huge fans of Facebook advertising—especially when it comes to ecommerce. If you don’t share that enthusiasm, we’ve got some news for you: you’re doing it wrong.

Everything You Need to Know About Google Shopping for Ecommerce

July 13, 2017

Modern consumers rarely make purchases without doing some level of online research first. And why not? The internet has made it incredibly easy to find the best deal for pretty much anything you want. As an ecommerce store owner, the trick is figuring out how to make consumers pick you.

With Google Shopping ads, you can stick your products right under the noses of hungry consumers who are looking for exactly what you offer. By displaying all the need-to-know details upfront (like price and customer ratings), the Google Shopping format eliminates the need for much of the research that consumers do on their own. If you know what you’re doing, it’s pretty much the easiest and most effective way to sell products online.

Why Your SaaS Marketing Needs to Include Paid Ads on Quora

July 11, 2017

While Google and Facebook are by far the most popular channels for paid ads, there are still others out there that provide excellent opportunities for brands who want to reach their target market online. Quora, a question and answer site maintained by its community of users, is a great example of this. Quora paid ads are particularly effective for SaaS brands. Below, we’ll answer all the questions you may have about Quora ads and how they can impact your SaaS marketing.

How to Set Up Abandoned Cart Workflows in HubSpot

July 5, 2017

When you have an ecommerce store, a good amount of cart abandonment is an inevitable. But instead of counting these occurrences as lost opportunities and allowing would-be sales to slip through your fingers, give those consumers the push they need. Developing a cart abandonment workflow with HubSpot will help you nurture interested consumers and guide them back to your site to follow through with the checkout process. In the content below, we'll go over everything you need to know to create and manage your own HubSpot cart abandonment workflow. It's time to start closing more sales and making more money.

Best Facebook Ad Targeting Features [Infographic]

June 30, 2017

One of the reasons our PPC management agency loves advertising with Facebook is their ultra-sophisticated targeting features. You can choose from hundreds of different interests, behaviors, and demographics to narrow down your audience to a hyper-specific crowd of people that will be most likely to show an interest in your products or services.

10 Tips for Effective Content Marketing

June 28, 2017

Marketing strategists try all the tricks in the book to boost their product or service and rise above competitors. Content marketing is an effective tactic that can pay rich dividends. The path to content marketing success is to strike the right balance between marketability and creativity.

How to Improve Quality Score in Google AdWords - Ultimate 8 Step Guide

June 27, 2017

If you manage pay-per-click search campaigns in Google AdWords, you know that it can sometimes be a tough nut to crack. Especially when it comes to the mysterious quality score.

Google AdWords Agency Hacks for Scaling Your AdWords Account

June 21, 2017

Once you have your Google AdWords account up and running, your work doesn’t stop there. Now, it’s time to scale your strategy so that you can generate the most leads and sales from your ads. Below, we’ll share some expert tips to help you scale your account like a Google AdWords agency. 

SaaS Marketing Tips to Convert Free Trial Signups to Paid Customers

June 19, 2017

SaaS companies focus a lot of their marketing on promoting free trial sign-ups—a relatively easy conversion to achieve. But getting consumers to commit to your monthly subscription fee isn't always so simple. If you want to improve sales and grow your company, you’ll need to start turning trial signups into paid customers.  In the article below, we’ll share some of the best SaaS marketing tips for turning free-trial users into customers.

PPC Management Agency Tips for AdWords Account Structure

June 15, 2017

AdWords can be a beautiful thing—but for some, it can be a nightmare. Setting up the right AdWords account structure is crucial to campaign success, but it’s not as easy as one might believe. But I’m here to settle your fears. The truth is that once you get the hang of it, AdWords isn’t all that bad. In fact, it’s pretty great.

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