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When it comes to most PPC marketing agencies, anything that isn’t Google is often treated as an afterthought. We believe that’s a mistake. Though an obvious second-place contender in the search engine wars, Bing has over a billion active users who collectively make more than 12 billion searches every month. What’s more, since it’s usually less of a focus by brands, competition isn’t quite as fierce for top ad spots. It’s extremely clear to us: Your business needs to be using Bing.

But if you think advertising on Bing is a guaranteed success due to less competition, think again. There are still plenty of opportunities for poorly planned, optimized, and executed Bing PPC ad campaigns to fall flat on their faces and waste your time and money. If you want to succeed on Bing, you need the help of a veteran Bing ads agency like SevenAtoms.

We know what works on Bing and what doesn’t. We’ve worked with clients across extremely varied industries to turn their Bing advertising campaigns into engines that drive profit and get them customers, not just clicks. We’ll optimize keywords, organize your campaign structure, design compelling copy and creatives, and everything else to ensure your Bing PPC ads are effective.

It’s time to work with a Bing advertising agency that works. See how SevenAtoms can turn your Bing ads into money in your pocket.

Featured Case Study: Auto Accessory Ecommerce Company Grows Sales From $2 Million to $18 Million


Increase in No. of Car Covers Sold


Decrease in Cost Per Order


Increase in Revenue

Bing Search Ads

The default Bing ad type, Bing search ads – called Expanded Text Ads by Microsoft – work similarly to their Google counterparts, and are just as effective, getting your brand front and center on the screens of potential customers. Our Bing Ads agency knows how to use these text ads to entice potential customers, and we’ll bring this knowledge to serve your business.

Our expert team will work with your team to develop strategies to increase conversions, lower the cost per conversion, and ensure your campaign is as effective as it can be. We continuously monitor all your campaigns to ensure they’re never falling flat or stagnating.

Bing Ads Agency - Bing Search Ads

Bing Product Ads

Bing Product Ads are highly effective ads for ecommerce sellers that let shoppers browse your products right from the search engine results page. Our Bing advertising agency knows exactly what works to entice shoppers and turn them into buyers.

We’ll expertly craft Bing Product Ads campaigns that target customers with high purchase intent, getting your brand in front of eyes that are most likely to convert. We thoroughly research optimal target keywords, choose compelling images, and ensure that you’ll be selling using Bing Product Ads in no time.

Bing Ads Agency - Bing Product Ads

Bing Smart Search Ads

Advertising with Microsoft has one major advantage that Google does not: 1.5 billion Windows users. Anyone using the search bar on modern Windows computers will be treated to highly visual ads that Microsoft calls Bing Smart Search – in effect, making this a more advanced and visual version of Bing Product Ads, including a snapshot of your landing page.

Properly using these Bing Smart Search Ads can be a huge windfall to anyone marketing ecommerce products or their business’ web page, and our Bing ads agency has the experience and the know-how to make them work for you. We’ll get you selling with Bing’s Smart Search Ads in no time.

Bing Ads Agency - Bing Smart Search Ads

Bing Ads Landing Page Design

You can have the best Bing PPC ads in the world, but are you sending people who click on them to the right place? If you send a curious browser to a poorly designed page where they can’t figure out how to take the next steps, they’ll leave and you’ll have wasted their time and your money.

Unattractive or confusing landing pages can be a massive deterrent to buyers, which is why our Bing advertising agency will work to build a great, conversion-optimized landing page as part of our services. Our copywriters and designers know how to build enticing pages that turn browsers into buyers, and we’ll A/B test to find the most effective copy, headlines, images, and more. Thanks to things like Bing Smart Search, having a great landing page is more important than ever.

Bing Ads Agency - Bing Ads Landing Page Design

Microsoft Audience Ads

With Microsoft Audience Ads, ads for your brand can go beyond search engines. These are native advertisements placed by Microsoft on articles published on sites belonging to the Microsoft Audience Network.

These highly targeted ads try to find the most relevant audience based on things like demographics, search history, and more, and as such can be exceedingly valuable for attracting top-of-the-funnel attention for people who may not be familiar with your brand. When you work with our Bing ads agency, we’ll ensure we’re making good use out of Microsoft Audience PPC Ads to drive engagement and find potential customers.

Bing Ads Agency - Microsoft Audience Ads

How Our Bing Ads Agency Works

Bing Ads Agency - Bing Ads Research

Bing Ads Research

Getting started with your Bing PPC ads ASAP is good, but rushing in blind is just a waste of money. The first phase of any Bing ad campaign we run is research – we want to have a thorough understanding of your industry, your business, the products or services you offer, and your competition. We’ll also examine your existing campaigns on Bing or other sites, zeroing in on important keywords you aren’t yet using, especially long-tail keywords that do well for high-intent shoppers.

Bing Ads Agency - Bing Ads Strategy

Bing Ads Strategy

For some advertising agencies, using the same strategy for all their clients is the way to go in order to save work – but we think our clients deserve better. After we’ve researched your business and its situation, we’ll develop a custom Bing PPC Ads strategy that is designed to be both cost-efficient and targeted towards potential customers that are most likely to buy. We’ll make a strategy tailored to your business and what you hope to achieve, and analyze your potential customer demographics to make sure that our ads are going in front of the right audience.

Bing Ads Agency - Bing Ads Setup

Bing Ads Setup

Unlike other ad agencies, which aren’t as familiar with Bing, we know how to properly organize your Bing campaigns. We’ll build your Bing ad campaigns with a proper account structure – including groups, keywords and negative keywords, product feeds, retargeting criteria and more. We’ll then write compelling copy and design beautiful images that drive prospective customers to a custom-built landing page optimized to make them convert.

Bing Ads Agency - Bing Ads Optimization & Reporting

Bing Ads Optimization & Reporting

We’re not a Bing Ads agency that sets up a campaign and then lets it run on its own. We regularly monitor all of your ad campaigns, noting when performance is good and when it’s struggling so that we can change what’s not working. We continuously work to ensure we’re making your ad budget go as far as it can.

Every month, we sum up your Bing PPC Ads performance with an in-depth dashboard and analysis, ensuring that we’re reliably hitting the performance you need.

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“Having had limited results with large ecommerce marketing agencies, we have been completely blown away with what SevenAtoms has done for us. Over 7+ years, they have continued to help us grow rapidly and at a profitable level. They are a trusted partner and a true extension of our team.”

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