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Targeted Strategies - B2B SaaS Marketing Agency

Tailored, targeted strategies get high-quality MQLs

Boosting RMR - B2B SaaS Marketing Agency

Performance-driven tactics focus on boosting recurring monthly revenue

Scalable Solutions - B2B SaaS Marketing Agency

Scalable solutions help us match your brand’s growth trajectory

Top B2B And SaaS Marketing Agency to Drive Demand And Boost RMR

Do you want green numbers on a dashboard or do you want to actually grow your business with real growth and real clients? At SevenAtoms, we pride ourselves on being a B2B SaaS marketing agency that knows the difference between true growth and flashy vanity metrics like MQLs and conversions.

You want tangible results that matter for your bottom line, and that’s what we do. Our team is committed to one thing above all else: performance. From demand creation to accelerated growth, our comprehensive suite of SaaS marketing services is designed to meet the unique needs of B2B and SaaS companies like yours. Our tried and tested SaaS demand generation and demand capture strategies are designed to:

  • Fuel your pipeline
  • Nurture sales opportunities with high-likelihood SQLs
  • Maximize your recurring revenue

High-Performance PPC

High Performance PPC - B2B SaaS Marketing Agency
  • Our customized approaches offer individually tailored strategies to promote your brand
  • Focus on high-quality, purchase-ready MQLs for sustainable growth and great ROI
  • Remarketing and retargeting strategies target warm, interested prospects for greater success
  • Continuous optimization and A/B testing ensures that your ad dollars go far

Content Marketing & SEO

Content Marketing & SEO - B2B SaaS Marketing Agency
  • Data-driven, keyword-focused content helps attract organic traffic to your brand’s site
  • Educational content engages prospects with informative, value-driven material
  • Premium downloadable content helps capture details for interested MQLs
  • Content designed to be relevant in the age of SGE keeps your brand relevant

SaaS Demand Generation

SaaS Demand Generation - B2B SaaS Marketing Agency
  • Expand your reach to the 95% of potential customers who aren’t yet looking
  • Drive interest and demand by harnessing the power of dark social
  • Create demand, then capture that demand with expert SEM and SEO marketing
  • “Demand dam” the pipelines of competitors to further grow your audience

We Work on the Same Tech Stack You Do

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SaaS PPC Management

As a skilled SaaS marketing agency, SevenAtoms knows just how to maximize your PPC ROI. Our team of SEM experts tailor campaigns for platforms like Google Ads, Bing, LinkedIn, and Meta platforms. We precisely target high-conversion keywords and audiences, pairing our data-driven back end with compelling copy and engaging creatives. We optimize keywords, manage bids, and carefully select audience segments to drive qualified leads and boost conversions. We can elevate your PPC strategy to deliver measurable results.

SaaS PPC Management - SaaS Marketing Agency

SaaS Content Marketing

SevenAtoms’ veteran team of data experts and wordsmiths can help your brand stand out in the crowded B2B and SaaS landscape through expert SEO-focused content marketing. Our team crafts compelling, SEO and SGE-friendly content that inspires action. From blogs and case studies to premium downloadable content like ebooks, we engage your audience across channels and help establish your brand as a thought leader.

SaaS Content Marketing - B2B Marketing Agency

SaaS LinkedIn Marketing

Decision-makers and business influencers are on LinkedIn; you should be, too. Our highly targeted ad campaigns and account-based marketing (ABM) on LinkedIn drive awareness, engagement, and conversions. From sponsored content to dynamic ads, we leverage the many tools on the LinkedIn platform to connect you with an ideal audience. Trust our B2B and SaaS marketing agency to help unlock new opportunities and amplify your brand’s presence on the world’s largest professional network.

B2B SaaS Marketing Agency - SaaS LinkedIn Marketing

SaaS Landing Page Design

Having a great marketing campaign that sends curious prospective customers to a confusing destination page is wasted time and ad spend. Our custom-built landing pages are clear, elegant, and designed to convert and drive user engagement. From captivating visuals to clear calls-to-action, we ensure every element drives the desired action, whether it’s signing up for a demo of your solution or downloading a helpful guide. Our landing pages help you achieve measurable results.

SaaS Landing Page Design

Review Site Placements

For SaaS businesses, review sites like G2 and Capterra hold immense significance. They aren’t just platforms for ratings; they’re a reflection of your reputation. Being prominent on these review sites is invaluable for demand capture, as decision makers flock to these sites to research the most popular and best-reviewed solutions.

We specialize in helping optimize your profile on these sites and run high-converting ad campaigns to make sure that you show up prominently as they research potential solutions for their needs.

Review Site Placements

SaaS Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing, or ABM, is a people-centric strategy in which marketers (like us) and your sales team collaborate to specifically target high-value accounts, like key stakeholders at your ideal client business. Through expert targeting and highly customized and effective messaging, you make these high-value targets more likely to convert – and digital marketing tools on platforms like LinkedIn make this easier than ever.

ABM has an incredibly high ROI when it’s done right, and we know how to do it right.

SaaS Account Based Marketing

SaaS Marketing Agency FAQs

What Should You Look for When Hiring a Top SaaS Marketing Agency?

When hiring the best SaaS digital marketing agency for B2B, it’s important to look for several qualities. It’s vital to ensure that they have a proven record of success at helping SaaS businesses like yours grow, and that their staff has experience with the nuts and bolts of all kinds of marketing – organic/SEO marketing, paid search, social media marketing, and more.


However, to truly grow your business beyond a small customer base, it’s paramount that you choose a marketing partner that has experience providing demand generation services. A B2B SaaS marketing company can help you capture the demand of customers already looking for services like yours – a great one will help you grow that customer base by creating demand.

What Does a B2B SaaS Marketing Agency Do?

B2B SaaS marketing agencies help SaaS companies find and attract new customers through things like SEO, paid marketing (PPC), and demand generation. They are a key element of growing a B2B business.


A key part of what B2B marketers do is harnessing the power of “dark social,” which is conversations that take place on internal Slack and Microsoft Teams channels, discussion boards, direct messages, trade shows, events and elements of the “water cooler”. Especially at large businesses, decision makers are more likely to get recommendations for solutions from colleagues and employees, so it’s vital that B2B marketing services like SevenAtoms ensure that your name comes up in these conversations.

What Results Can You Expect from a SaaS Marketing Agency?

If your SaaS marketing agency is worth its salt, you can expect a sizable increase in both lead generation and conversion rates, which ultimately contributes to robust growth for your business’ bottom line. A top SaaS marketing agency can start showing results within the first few months of hiring – and due to SevenAtoms’ strategic focus on high-quality, targeting marketing, we are confident that we can deliver these results in a sustainable, scalable manner.

How Does a Great SaaS Marketing Agency Handle Transparency and Reporting?

We want you to feel comfortable spending your money through us and feeling like you’re seeing tangible results. A good B2B SaaS marketing agency like SevenAtoms will employ advanced tracking tools and metrics to measure campaign success, providing clients like you with detailed and actionable regular reports. These reports will not only highlight key performance indicators, but will also offer insights and recommendations for continuous improvement.


In other words, our reporting dashboards will show where we’re succeeding and where we have room to grow – so you can be confident you’re getting good ROI from us.

Is PPC or SEO Better for SaaS Marketing Services?

This entirely depends on your campaign goal and what you’re trying to achieve. SEO is less expensive, but takes some time to really see the full benefit of and drive organic results. Paid marketing (PPC or SEM) can deliver much quicker results, but will obviously cost more money. However, rather than just go with one or the other, an experienced B2B and SaaS marketing agency like SevenAtoms can do both – because they can be very complimentary tools when used together.

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