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Campaign Strategies - PPC Campaign Management Services

Profit-driven campaign strategies, precise keyword targeting, and persuasive ads.

Custom Landing Page - PPC Campaign Management Services

Custom landing pages with captivating creatives, dynamic copy, and seamless CRM integration.

Split Testing - PPC  Campaign Management Services

Continuous split testing, bid management, and data-driven optimization to boost ROI.

Expert PPC Campaign Management Services: Maximize Your ROI

Is your PPC campaign not seeing the returns you’d hoped? Do you feel like you’re tossing good money after bad and tying up your marketing budget without the ROI to show for it? If the answer is yes, come talk to us. The SevenAtoms team of PPC campaign management experts will optimize and supercharge your paid campaigns so that your business will succeed and stand out in an online landscape that’s hyper-competitive and always changing.

Our team has over 150 years of combined experience troubleshooting and solving problems for PPC campaigns across the board, from AdWords, Bing, and Amazon to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. We don’t just offer PPC campaign management services, we also design custom landing pages for your business, to ensure optimal conversion rates. We’ve worked for customers across multiple industries including Ecommerce, SaaS, Technology, B2B Services and Health Care.

PPC Campaign Strategy

PPC Campaign Strategy - PPC Campaign Management Services

We tailor our PPC campaigns to seamlessly align with your business goals, ensuring a robust foundation for scalability

  • Account Audit
  • CRM Data Analysis
  • Competitor Research
  • Overall PPC Strategy
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Audience Targeting
  • Search and Shopping Campaigns
  • Retargeting and Display Campaigns
  • Social Campaigns
  • Bid Strategy

PPC Ad Groups

PPC Ad Groups Setup - PPC Campaign Management Services

We set up ad groups with laser targeting, customized landing pages, and precise conversion tracking.

  • Landing Pages
  • Keyword Research
  • Negative Keywords
  • Keyword Bids
  • SKAG
  • Ad Copy
  • Ad Creatives
  • Ad Extensions
  • Conversion Tracking
  • CRM Integration

PPC Campaign Optimization

PPC Campaign Optimization - PPC Campaign Management Services

We provide monthly reports and continuously monitor campaigns to optimize performance based on data.

  • Relentless A/B Testing
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Quality Score Improvement
  • Geo Targeting Optimization
  • Bid Optimization
  • Bid Modifiers
  • Dynamic Copy Testing
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Monthly Reports


A smart paid marketing strategy can be the great equalizer for an Ecommerce company of any size — a well thought out PPC strategy lets even smaller companies compete with larger Ecommerce organizations. However, navigating the highly competitive world of paid marketing can be difficult and confusing. That’s where we come in.

SevenAtoms is recognized as a Premier Partner by Google, which means that we have the top level of expertise, knowledge, and experience in building, managing, and optimizing PPC campaigns for our Ecommerce clients. Our data-driven approach to ads, landing pages, and more means that we’ll always be keeping a hawkish eye on results, identifying the areas where your spending is the most and least profitable.

PPC Campaign Management Services - Ecommerce

B2B Services

No matter your industry, SevenAtoms can ensure your B2B efforts are getting in front of people empowered to make decisions for their own business.

Our campaign strategies rely on thorough research and analysis of your industry, ensuring that you’re standing out from your competitors. With our PPC campaign management services, you’ll get attractive, professional display ads, custom landing pages, expertly crafted and A/B tested posts on top sites like LinkedIn, and more. We’ll work to actively optimize your PPC campaigns, generating new traffic, raising brand awareness, boosting click-through rates, and ultimately increasing conversions.

B2B Services - PPC Campaign Management Services

SaaS And Tech

You run a modern, digital business. Your PPC campaign management should be just as modern. In the breakneck pace of today’s online marketing, you can’t afford inefficient pay-per-click ROI. The SevenAtoms team will work closely with your team to learn the ins and outs of the services you provide or products you offer, tailoring targeting campaigns for maximum impact — and following up with interested leads who aren’t yet ready to make a conversion.

Our team of experts will plan a comprehensive strategy based on your SaaS company’s needs, then execute and manage campaigns tailored for your unique business, to help you attract — and retain — clients.

SaaS and Tech - PPC Campaign Management

Health Care And Health Services

Your mission is to help improve — or even save — people’s lives. We want to help you reach as many people as you possibly can. Through targeted, strategic paid campaigns, we’ll help you promote your services to audiences most likely to be interested in the type of products or services you’re offering.

If your existing campaigns just aren’t turning nibbles into bites, we’ll work closely with you, turning around your existing efforts to help you see the results you’re looking for. The SevenAtoms team is dedicated to helping you help other people and build your organization’s reach.

Health Care And Health Services

Everything Else

No matter your industry, it’s important to have an effective PPC campaign strategy. Whether it’s social media marketing, search engine ads, a landing page makeover, or the many other services SevenAtoms provide, you and your business have a goal: To effectively and successfully convert leads into buyers.

If you’re seeing poor-quality leads or sluggish conversion rates, we’ll analyze points of potential weakness to overhaul your strategy. Our designers and developers will work closely with your business to create paid marketing that’s attractive, effective, and on-brand, and regularly perform A/B testing to make sure it’s working consistently — how you need it to.

Everything Else - PPC Campaign Management Services

Our Clients Love The Results

Tim Matthews, Incapsula

Tim Matthews, 



“SevenAtoms has helped us get excellent ROI from our paid campaigns. Their understanding of B2B SaaS and Cyber Security has really shown up in the engaging content and landing pages they have developed for us. They continue to crush it across all our campaigns!”

How Our PPC Campaign Management Services Work

Research - PPC Campaign Management Services


To understand your business’ needs, we need to understand your business, as well as the products you sell or the services you offer. We then look at the PPC environment you inhabit, analyze any current paid campaigns you’re running, and compare them to those of your competitors. We take a deep dive into relevant and cost-effective keyword opportunities, both regular and long-tail, and investigate specific sites your target audience frequents that are potential grounds to partner with or advertise on.

Strategy - PPC Campaign Management Services


Some larger PPC teams believe that one size fits all. We don’t. Rather than running cookie-cutter PPC campaign management services, we take time to understand the products you offer, the markets you serve, and your overall vision and goals. We examine factors like geographic locations, your audience’s income levels, and the devices they use — all to ensure that the strategy we build for your organization is one that suits your team’s unique needs.

Campaign Setup - PPC Campaign Management Services

Campaign Setup

We first structure a paid marketing campaign with the basics: appropriate ad groups and keywords, remarketing lists, site placements, and so on, and build any applicable and available ad extensions. Our landing pages are designed using modern, responsive styles that look great on any type of device and are optimized to convert curious leads into customers.

We build interesting, engaging ads to fit the keywords we’re targeting and the audiences we’re targeting, which include appropriate CTAs that send leads to landing pages. All potential conversions are tracked and integrated with your marketing automation or Ecommerce platform. We conduct thorough testing on various devices to ensure it looks how we want, no matter who is viewing, then launch the campaigns.

Ongoing Management - PPC Campaign Management Services

Ongoing Management

At SevenAtoms, we don’t believe in “Fire and Forget.” We provide constant PPC campaign management services, including monitoring and optimization to ensure the campaign is always producing results, leads, and sales at the right cost for your business. We’ll regularly update keywords, adjust bids, A/B test landing pages and ad copy, optimize performance across devices, and tons of other tasks. We’re strategic and data-driven, analyzing performance and changing settings as needed. We want to make sure that the leads you’re getting are high-quality ones, using metrics from your marketing automation system like lead scoring, and adjusting the campaign accordingly.

Harness Our Expert PPC Campaign Management Services