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Headless ecommerce platform, Fabric, increases leads by over 250%, boosts sales opps by 109%, and decreases cost per lead by 41%.



Increase In Leads



Increase in Sales Opps



Decrease in Cost Per Lead

The Client


The Fabric commerce platform provides a range of services for commerce, including APIs, a marketplace, an order management system (OMS), and product information management (PIM), designed to encourage a holistic approach to ecommerce. As a solution, Fabric emphasizes the concept of headless commerce, an approach that provides flexibility for merchandisers, operators, and developers within high-growth brands and retailers, letting them break down monolithic platforms and integrate with various systems.

Working with SevenAtoms provided outcomes that far exceeded our expectations. SevenAtoms and the fabric marketing team worked together and were able to decrease cost per lead by 50%, grow the sales-qualified pipeline from paid search by 100%, and improve landing page conversions by 4X. SevenAtoms over-delivered for every single quarterly goal ahead of schedule and was amazing to work with.
Issac Akrouche, Growth Marketing Manager
Issac Akrouche
Growth Marketing Manager

The Challenge

Like many businesses, fabric wanted to drive sales opportunities and decrease the amount it was spending to acquire those leads. In addition to strategic ad spend and high-efficiency keywords, fabric also wanted to ensure accuracy and proper tracking of its campaign performance, which had previously been a pain point. SevenAtoms was brought on board with clear goals: Increase leads and find cost-efficient opportunities.

The Solutions

SevenAtoms provided the following services:

SevenAtoms started by identifying fabric’s key target personas, including their characteristics and online behavior, and created detailed strategic plans across multiple channels, including Google and Bing ads, retargeting, and leveraging Capterra for B2B corporate leads.

SevenAtoms optimized fabric’s PPC campaigns for less-competitive long-tail keywords, competitive terms, and niche terms. Conversion-focused, custom-built landing pages improved ad relevance, and mobile-optimized ads ensured high effectiveness with mobile searchers, an increasingly important segment.

The Results

SevenAtoms’ PPC campaigns delivered impactful results for fabric, and showed consistent improvement month-over-month. Key highlights included:

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