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Strategic paid search campaigns

Strategic paid search campaigns, laser-focused targeting, and compelling ads: Delivering killer ROI

Custom-designed landing pages

Custom-designed landing pages with dynamic content: Maximizing sales

AB test ads and landing pages for scalable growth

A/B test ads and landing pages, with continuous optimization: Achieving scalable growth

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Paid media campaigns are a great way to get your brand front and center in front of prospective clients. However, while paid media done well can be a money-making machine and a key part of any advertising and marketing strategy, paid media that isn’t done right can feel more like a money pit you’re shoveling your hard-earned cash into. If you want the benefit of paid media marketing campaigns but don’t have the time to become an expert (and who does?) then you need the right partner. You need an expert paid media agency like SevenAtoms.

Whether you’ve attempted to manage your own PPC campaigns or hired a agency in the past with minimal results or are new to paid advertising, our paid media agency boasts a proven record of delivering positive ROI for our clients. As a Google Premier Partner agency and a Meta Partner, our credentials speak volumes about our experience and expertise. We recognize that our success is tied to yours, and our objective is to cultivate your loyalty by consistently delivering exceptional ROI month after month.

Based on 150 combined years of experience, our paid media company’s team has the expertise to tackle any type of paid media offering across multiple platforms including Google Ads, Microsoft Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, and more. We also deliver another, crucial part of driving conversions — creating landing pages that engage visitors and drive conversions. As a veteran paid media agency, we deliver cost-effective results for customers in several industries including ecommerce, SaaS, B2B and B2C services, technology, and healthcare.

Google Paid Search Ads

Google Paid Search Ads

We create tailored Google ads with granular targeting, precision tracking, continuously optimizing performance to drive growth.

Facebook, Instagram Campaigns

Facebook, Instagram Campaigns

Following strategic paid social media practices, precision targeting, and data-driven optimizations for killer ROI.

Custom Landing Pages

custom landing pages

Custom designing landing pages, A/B testing various elements, and making data-driven optimizations for maximizing conversions.

Meta Facebook Business Partner

Meta Business Partner

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Client Successes
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Revenue Generated

Featured Case Study: Auto Accessory Ecommerce Company Grows Sales From $2 Million to $18 Million



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Featured Case Study: Cyber Security SaaS Company Sees 1,012% Growth From PPC Campaigns



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Increase in Revenue

Paid Media Search Marketing

PPC Agency, PPC Management Company, PPC Company

Paid media search marketing is an essential component of any company’s overall marketing strategy. If you’ve ever felt it’s more difficult for your business to vie for space with larger companies in organic search engine results, paid media might be the tool your company needs. However, regardless of the platform, it’s not something that can be learned overnight.

Through proven processes, our paid media agency will reduce cost-per-click, increase click-through rates, produce more conversions, and help you get higher-quality leads. In order to ensure the best results for your campaigns, we develop strategies based on rigorous keyword research and a deep-dive into your competitors. From developing a new campaign to updating ones that haven’t performed well, we work with you.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising Agency

Display ads offer an ideal method to generate new traffic and increase brand awareness in your target audience.

Through our paid media services, our team of in-house designers develops ads that accurately reflect your message and brand, paired with unique landing pages. We cover every aspect of the process, whether it’s design and ad copy or bid management and analysis.

We know that paid media campaign management can be a headache. We work as an extension of your team to ensure that ads are only displayed on sites that make sense for your business and that your target audience visits often.

Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing and Retargeting Ads Agency

If you’ve ever visited a company’s website, left to continue browsing, and then later noticed an ad for that company, you’ve experienced remarketing or retargeting. This is the perfect way to reach potential leads who visited your site but did not convert, and it’s a critical part of any paid media agency’s toolkit. With this type of ad, you can generate new sales that might have otherwise been missed and help move them along in the sales process.

With our paid media company’s team of experts, you’ll have peace of mind about every aspect of your ads. We will develop a strategy to suit your preferences, execute on it, and manage remarketing campaigns that serve your company’s unique needs.

Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Management for Ecommerce

Google Shopping Campaigns are a necessity for all ecommerce companies and a cornerstone of our paid media services. This type of campaign can help your company appear at the top of the results when consumers make product-related searches.

When you partner with SevenAtoms as your paid media agency, we ensure your Google Shopping Campaigns produce results by customizing product feeds, including crucial details about your products, specific field attributes, high-resolution images, and effective promotional text.

Landing Page and Conversion Rate Optimization

If your ad campaigns have a strong click-through rate, but ultimately aren’t converting many leads, your landing page might be the culprit. Evaluating your landing pages and then suggesting fixes – or building new ones from scratch – is a key service for any worthwhile paid media agency, and it’s a key element of our paid media services.

Landing pages have long been used to generate new leads for both B2B and B2C businesses. Utilizing the expertise of our paid media company’s design and development teams, we create landing pages that capture a visitor’s attention and stay true to your company’s brand. For optimization, we also perform routine A/B tests on a variety of creative elements that will ensure that your pages are driving results.

Paid Social Media Advertising

PPC Agency, PPC Management Company, PPC Company

With nearly two billion people using social media around the world, your company can’t afford to miss out on potential leads on these channels. However, you might have already guessed that not every social network will be a fit for your business.

It’s for this reason that you must use specifically targeted campaigns to reach your audience on the networks they use the most. When you work with a paid media agency like SevenAtoms, our paid social media advertising experts will help you optimally promote your business, targeting people who are most likely to make a purchase, ensuring that you maximize your sales and ROI.

We’re passionate about creating amazing ads that accurately represent your brand with appealing offers, the perfect ad copy, and inspiring visual elements that will encourage engagement and generate leads. Whether creating a new campaign or improving your existing social campaigns that aren’t producing valuable results, we have the expertise to help.

How Our Paid Media Services Work

technology-b2b-lead-generation_Search Marketing

Paid Media Research

Before we do anything else, our paid media company conducts thorough research to understand the products or services you sell. We then review all aspects of the PPC landscape, including current paid campaigns and what your competitors are doing. Next, we perform in-depth research to find relevant and cost-effective keywords, including both regular and long-tail options. For display campaigns, we explore specific websites to discover the ones frequented by your target audience.


Paid Media Strategy

Our paid media agency doesn’t believe in using the same strategy for every client. We approach every client individually, determining your company’s specific needs for a PPC campaign. We develop a strategy to meet these needs, taking the time to learn every aspect of your offering, target markets, and goals. Our team identifies specifics such as household income, geographic locations, ad schedules, and devices to target (mobile, desktop, tablets).

amazon-ppc-agency_Campaign Setup

Paid Media Campaign Setup

Using the strategy as a foundation, we begin to build your campaigns. Our paid media company will structure the campaign for appropriate ad groups, proper site placements, relevant keywords, remarketing lists, and product feeds, as well as all available ad extensions. Then we move on to create landing pages optimized for conversion, using a responsive design that will work across all devices. When creating persuasive ads aligned with specified keywords that speak to your target markets, we also choose an appropriate Call-To-Action that leads to the landing pages.

As part of our paid media services, we will set up conversion tracking, such as phone call tracking, and ensure everything is integrated with any existing marketing automation or ecommerce platforms you’re using. Finally, after thorough testing across various devices, we launch your campaigns.

sem-agency-sem-services_Custom Landing Pages

Paid Media Landing Pages

The best ads in the world won’t be effective if all you’re doing is sending a curious would-be customer to your home page or any other page where it’s difficult for them to find the service or product they were interested in. Custom-built, purpose-driven landing pages are the perfect way to capture a shopper’s attention and convert them into a buyer.

As part of our paid media agency’s services, we’ll build landing pages from scratch that are designed to put your brand’s best foot forward. We’ll highlight the benefit of your product or service, elegantly explain how they’ll help your prospective customer, and offer social proof through reviews and client testimonials.

amazon-ppc-agency_Ongoing Management

Ongoing Paid Media Management

Once everything is in place, we don’t simply set-and-forget. Paid media services require constant monitoring and optimization to ensure your campaigns are producing the best results, at the right cost per lead or sale. This might mean adjusting bids, split testing ad copy, updating or generating new keywords, A/B testing landing pages, optimizing mobile performance, or other possible changes. We look into all of the data and analyze performance across multiple dimensions. If something’s not working, we change settings as needed.

For lead generation campaigns, conversions alone are not enough. We examine the quality of leads, using metrics like lead scoring from your marketing automation system, and adjust campaigns accordingly.

Paid Media FAQs

A paid media agency like SevenAtoms specializes in crafting and managing strategic paid advertising campaigns across diverse online platforms. These agencies leverage their expertise to help businesses enhance visibility, attract potential customers, and drive conversions through targeted advertising efforts.

A paid media agency plays a pivotal role in supporting businesses by meticulously planning and executing paid advertising initiatives that yield immediate ROI. From identifying the right audience segments to optimizing ad performance, these agencies work towards maximizing return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS) for their clients.

At SevenAtoms, our paid media agency offers a range of specialized services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries. We have proven expertise and success when it comes to working on platforms like Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn – among others. We are a Google Premier Partner agency and a Meta Partner agency, which speaks volumes about our experience and expertise. We intend to bring that expertise and hard work to your business, and when we’re your paid media agency partner, we strive to deliver exceptional ROI through a mixture of data-driven, highly targeted campaigns and high-quality, engaging ad copy and creatives.

As a top paid media agency, SevenAtoms provides a comprehensive suite of services, including Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media advertising, display advertising, video advertising, and more. With expertise in platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon, and others, we tailor strategies to meet the unique needs and goals of each client, ensuring maximum ROI and impact.

SevenAtoms has experience working with clients across a wide variety of industries like B2B, tech, SaaS, ecommerce, B2C, healthcare, and hospitality, just to name a few. We are confident we can work with just about any client in any industry. We tailor our strategies to align with the specific requirements and objectives of each sector, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

We have experience working with all of the top online advertising platforms, including Google , Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon, TikTok, YouTube and more. If there’s a platform you want to advertise on but don’t see on this list – talk to us! We’re confident in our team’s ability to rapidly learn the ins and outs of paid media platforms, and relish the challenge of getting cracking on a new one. Regardless of platform, our expertise enables us to deliver comprehensive and impactful advertising solutions for our clients.

We recommend starting with Google and Bing for highly effective search engine advertising across virtually all industries. If you want to run paid social media ads, the best platform depends on your business type; for ecommerce, we suggest Facebook and Instagram, while for SaaS or other B2B/tech companies, LinkedIn paid ads yield the best results.

SevenAtoms’ paid media services include the full suite of options: Highly meticulous audits, strategic campaign planning, full setup of campaigns across all platforms, custom-built landing pages designed to drive conversions, developing ad creatives and engaging copy, integration of CRM and analytics, thorough A/B testing, and ongoing optimization efforts to ensure sustained success.

Certainly! While we provide recommendations based on performance and data-driven insights, you retain ultimate decision-making authority regarding how your ad budget is allocated among the platforms your paid media services are running on. Our goal is to align our services with your specific needs, and while we will make recommendations using our experience, your preferences and objectives are ultimately what take precedence.

Getting started with SevenAtoms is a cinch! Contact us for a free consultation, where we’ll audit your brand and existing campaigns (if any) and give a complementary assessment. We’ll also propose further steps and let you know what sort of paid media services we would recommend and how we would execute them. If these sound good, we’ll start the onboarding process and begin the work – researching your brand and competition, setting up the campaigns, and so on.

Our pricing model involves a flat startup fee for the first month, which covers our usual onboarding tasks – comprehensive research of your brand and competition, account setup, and launching your first campaigns. Following this, there will be a low monthly fee as well as a percentage of the month’s ad spend. This transparent, structured approach ensures that our paid media services are affordable and that you can make informed decisions about your investment.

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