Case Study For Rocket Lawyer

In just six months, SevenAtoms boosted Rocket Lawyer’s content portfolio with over 474 new articles.

The Problem

While Rocket Lawyer had a solid plan in place in terms of SEO and a well-defined content strategy, it was unable to effectively execute on their strategies due to the shear amount of content needed. This included content for blog articles as well as web pages. There were a lot of gaps in Rocket Lawyer’s approach to content. Rocket Lawyer tried to handle all content creation in-house but realized that this was too big of a time commitment. They tried outside agencies, but had trouble finding one that could produce content in bulk while maintaining a very high level of quality.

The Solution

SevenAtoms was able to quickly scale its content pipeline to accommodate the large amount of articles that Rocket Lawyer needed. In order to maintain the quality level, consistency and authority of articles at high volume, SevenAtoms employed several new strategic processes. It introduced new layers in its approach to content creation to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the articles and eliminate mistakes. A specific style guide was created for the writing team and an editorial process was put in place in order to ensure that all content was original, well written, and was consistent with the rules set down in the style guide.


SevenAtoms produced 474 pieces of new content for Rocket Lawyer over a period of 6 months. The content easily surpassed the high standards of quality and tone that had been established. This content was:

  • Optimized for SEO using the keywords that Rocket Lawyer was looking to target. Keyword usage was blended into the content carefully so as to not sacrifice readability.

  • Produced in line with the detailed style guide, which included not just formatting and tone specifications, but also involved checking content for originality and value proposition

  • Successfully able to fill in the content gaps on Rocket Lawyer’s website within a relatively short amount of time

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