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Write a Guest Blog Post for Us?

If you are passionate about writing and are looking for an opportunity to share your expertise with the world, you have come to the right place. SevenAtoms provides you with the opportunity to write guest posts for our readers who are eagerly looking for B2B marketing content that is informative, interesting, creative, and engaging.

For close to a decade, SevenAtoms’s blog has served as a trusted source of information on online marketing and advertising. 

Here’s what you need to know about us:

Audience: Through our blog, we aim to deliver valuable updates on the latest trends in content marketing and paid advertising for SaaS and B2B marketers, as well as business owners. Our content serves a diverse audience, including startups, small businesses, and medium-sized enterprises in the SaaS and tech industry, ensuring that all find our insights useful and valuable.

Tone: We believe that our content is a reflection of who we are, which is why we always strive to produce quality content. Quality content is not just about being informative — it also needs to have a friendly tone and must be enjoyable to read. A conversational and approachable style allows readers to connect with what we have to convey.

Topics: Our blog covers an extensive range of topics including content creation, ecommerce, landing pages, lead generation, demand generation, marketing strategies, pay-per-click advertising (search, display, social, and cross-channel), and search engine optimization (SEO). 

Posts: We publish a variety of posts, including (1) Industry trends and insights, (2) Tools, tips, and strategies, (3) How-to guides, (4) Fresh perspectives on relevant topics, and (5) New ideas and real-world examples.

Guest Post Submission Requirements

Even though we are actively looking for guest post submissions, we may not be able to publish all the submissions that we receive. We receive several guest post requests daily; however, we only accept posts that meet certain criteria to ensure our readers have a great reading experience. Along with the quality, we also stress on other important factors such as accuracy, originality, uniqueness, and relevance.

Here are the guidelines that we expect you to adhere to that will increase the chances of your content getting published.

Guest Post Writing Style

We recommend you read some of our posts to get a good understanding of the writing style that we expect you to follow. It is highly advisable to read some of our posts in their entirety to get an idea of our preferred topics, tone, and format.

Guest Post Topics

There is a possibility that the topic you have pitched may have already been covered by us. Such a possibility cannot be ruled out, as our blog has been in operation for over a decade. However, you don’t have to be discouraged, as we may still be very much interested in what you have to convey, provided that the content has a new or updated approach or a fresh perspective.

Guest Post Specs

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that your piece of content meets our standards and expectations.

  • Length: We expect the word count to be at least 2500 words. This is an aspirational word count and is not a must. A great 1500-word blog is better than 3000 words that say nothing. So, don’t spoil the quality of your content by adding unnecessary details to reach an arbitrary word count.
  • Introduction: The introduction should be short and sweet and shouldn’t go beyond 200 words. It should introduce your topic and give a sneak peek into what you will be covering in the post.
  • Tone: Make sure that the content doesn’t sound too formal. Try to maintain a friendly, conversational tone throughout the writing.
  • Quality: Your writing piece should be accurate, actionable, and error-free. Use the Grammarly app to fix grammatical and spelling errors. Originality is a must. We will run your content on a plagiarism tool to avoid publishing work that copies someone else. Also, please refrain from using AI generated content. It will be detected and flagged. 
  • Skimmability: We expect you to break down your content into different sections by including headings and subheadings – this isn’t just an SEO best practice, it also makes things much easier to read. Reading long paragraphs can be tedious. So, make sure that each heading or subheading has short paragraphs to make your post easy to read.
  • Headings: Make sure to use sentence case for your headings and subheadings. Too Many Capitals Make Things Confusing, Especially When It Comes to Proper Nouns.
  • Bio: Include a short bio (preferably 1-3 sentences) along with your headshot. We will allow one do-follow link to your site in the author bio section.
  • Images: We do accept stock images. Try to include images that add value to your content by illustrating concepts and data such as charts, graphs, and screenshots.

Guest Post Process

We kindly request you to cooperate and ask for your patience as the entire process may take some time, especially because we receive a huge volume of requests on a daily basis.

Pitch response: Usually, we respond to selected pitches within two weeks. You can follow up with us after three weeks if you do not hear back from us.

Outline: Generally, we ask contributors to send an outline first to ensure that we are on the same page. Once we have approved the outline, you can start drafting the post.

Draft: If the submitted draft is approved, we will begin the editing process; however, if the draft does not meet our quality standards or requires a lot of editing, we will have to ask for a rewrite or reject the submission and this information will be conveyed to you.

Edits: If the content is approved, we may have to edit it to ensure that it aligns with SevenAtoms’s style guide. We may also inform you if we want you to make any minor changes or provide a better image.

Publishing: Usually, we publish a submitted guest post within 2-4 weeks depending on the level of edits. Sometimes, it may take more than 4 weeks to publish in case there is a high volume of submissions.

Ready to Pitch Your Guest Post? 

We look forward to hearing from you and are excited about the potential collaboration between you and SevenAtoms!

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