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Aikens Lake Resort features deluxe modern chalets and some of the best fishing in Manitoba. All of the luxurious cabins have a beautiful view of the lake so visitors never miss a famous Aikens Lake sunset. Located at the south end of Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park, this unspoiled wilderness lake is graced with spectacular Precambrian rock formations, beautiful sand beaches and dozens of islands surrounded by pine forests, making this one of the most beautiful locations for fly in fishing in Canada. 

Services Provided

  • Google Paid Search and Retargeting Campaign Management
  • Landing Page Development and Conversion Optimization
  • Display Ad Campaign Management
  • LinkedIn Campaign Management
  • Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing


SevenAtoms is definitely an expert in the digital marketing field! They have delivered amazing results over what we had before. The journey with them has been exceptional, probably the best result-oriented business engagement experience in years.

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The Challenge

The Challenge

Aikens Lake had spent years establishing a very loyal following. When it approached SevenAtoms, its biggest challenge was to ensure that it was 100% booked for its summer seasons well in advance, which meant attracting new customers. The problem was that it had a very specific demographic that it needed to market to online and they were struggling with this. They also wanted to focus more on B2B customers – those looking for corporate retreats since this segment featured large groups and more spending on ancillary services.

While their website had a good overall design, it was not optimized for SEO. The resort was actually wary of any SEO work being done, fearing that it would result in content that was focused on search engines and not appealing to visitors. They had also launched PPC campaigns in the prior season but they did not see good ROI from those campaigns and had a very high cost per lead.

The Solution

The Solutions

First, SevenAtoms developed a detailed inbound marketing strategy that identified Aikens Lake’s primary target personas. This strategy examined the persona’s online behavior and included detailed plans for content, SEO, social media and targeted PPC campaigns.

Once the strategy was finalized, SevenAtoms managed its implementation exclusively. This included:

  • PPC campaign management – SevenAtoms completely revamped the PPC campaigns focusing on less competitive, long tail keywords and niche terms combined with customized landing pages. The landing pages were all mobile optimized to work with new mobile PPC campaigns. SevenAtoms also launched a retargeting campaign to keep their brand in front of users who had not converted the first time
  • Website optimization – In order to maintain the quality of the website’s content while still optimizing it for SEO, new content was developed carefully and inline with the marketing strategy and target personas
  • Content creation – SevenAtoms worked closely with team members from the lodge to come up with authoritative content that their target audience would find very valuable
  • Monthly Press releases – Focusing on new developments and new services offered by the company
  • Social media marketing – Focusing on LinkedIn content and campaigns to bring in B2B corporate leads
The Results

The Results

Within two months, SevenAtoms was able to get dramatic results through the PPC campaigns, social media campaign on LinkedIn and SEO optimized website. Visits to the company’s website increased substantially and online lead generation went from almost non-existent to a constant, healthy amount each month. Thanks to SevenAtoms’ help, Aikens Lake was able to reach its goal of becoming completely booked for the summer season well in advance. Also, since SevenAtoms worked closely with the lodge’s team, the blog and website content that was produced was of strong quality and met the client’s high expectations. In all, SevenAtoms was able to achieve the following:

  • 243% increase in website visits
  • 1,100% increase in lead generation through the website
  • 95% reduction in cost per lead
  • Generation of new B2B leads allowing the company to address the new and lucrative corporate retreats market segment

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