4 SaaS Landing Page Examples & Why They Work

4 SaaS Landing Page Examples

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Conversion rates are the ultimate measure of success for any website. However, with so many websites out there vying for visitors’ attention, it can be tricky to stand out from the crowd!

A great landing page is a perfect way to increase your overall SaaS lead generation. Whether you are launching a new product, service, or campaign, a landing page is an excellent way to drive conversions and highlight your unique selling proposition. After all, with so much competition online and so many tabs to click through, you have only a few seconds to convince people that your website is the best place to find what they’re looking for.

What Are SaaS Landing Pages

This blog post will give you some amazing tips on how to create a great landing page that will convert more visitors into leads. But we’re not just going to leave you to your own devices! We’re using real-life examples of SaaS landing pages that have been proven to deliver results. 

Some of these landing pages are examples from major brand names and some are from our own pool of successful marketing clients! But no matter where they’re from, they follow the key components of good SaaS landing pages and have proven their conversion power. 

What Are SaaS Landing Pages?

A landing page is a dedicated page on your website that is designed to generate conversions. When you have a specific offer that you want your visitors to act on – for example, purchasing a product, signing up for a service, or requesting more information – then a landing page is the best way to ensure that they do what you want them to do. 

If your website is a general hub of information, then it’s unlikely that any one visitor will take action on everything that they find there. That’s just not how consumer behavior works. If anything, too many choices might have the opposite effect, overloading the visitor and making them ultimately leave the site without taking any action at all. But if your web has many interactive elements, it’s a need to hire frontend developers to make it user-friendly and responsive, so it will make your viewers stay on the page for longer.

With a landing page, you can be very specific about what you offer and how you encourage your visitors to take the action you want. 

SaaS landing pages have the same goal as ordinary landing pages, but they are specific to the software as a service industry.  For example, pretend that you work for Slack. Your goal is to increase the number of people who sign up for free trials of your product. 

Instead of using social media posts and PPC ads to send people to your homepage, where you have dozens of use cases and calls to action, you could build a SaaS landing page that highlights the benefits of your free trials. 

A successful landing page is a concentrated sales pitch. And every element of good SaaS landing pages point directly toward the ultimate goal – in this case, signing up for a free trial. 

Next, we’ll go over some of the elements of a successful SaaS landing page and why they are needed to optimize SaaS lead generation.

Why SaaS Landing Pages are Needed to Optimize SaaS Lead Generation

Landing pages have been proven to increase lead generation. This is true across all industries and service offerings. By focusing on one action instead of many, landing pages limit choice confusion and help funnel consumers to the next logical step in the sales process. 

But despite this, 44% of B2B companies choose to direct their online traffic to their homepage rather than a custom landing page.  And of the companies who are using landing pages in their campaigns, 62% have six or fewer landing pages total in their arsenal. 

If you fall into this statistic, don’t worry! It’s actually a good thing! The fewer businesses who correctly utilize landing pages, the less competition you’ll have once you get your up and running!

The fact that you’re reading this article means that you’re already on your way to fixing the problem and taking full advantage of the opportunity before you. 

And just in case you’re still not convinced, check out this list of benefits that come with building and launching high-quality SaaS landing pages:

1. Increase SaaS Lead Generation

When you create specially targeted ads on social and through Google Ads, you expect people to click on them…right? You’re creating these ads to draw people in. 

You carefully crafted your message and creative elements to draw attention to your product or service or sale… You understand as a marketer that people aren’t guaranteed to click, but when they do, you want to ensure that you are continuing that carefully targeted and crafted message. 

Imagine that you saw an ad for a new pair of boots, and they are gorgeous – exactly your style! But then you click on the ad, and it takes you to the shoe retailer’s homepage rather than to the page with the actual boots you fell in love with. 

You might spend some time clicking through the site and looking for your dream boots. But, if you’re like most people, you’re much more likely to roll your eyes and immediately click back to whatever social media platform you were scrolling through.

That’s a lost opportunity. 

A targeted landing page dedicated to the perfect boots would have solved this problem and done one of two things. First, it would allow the customer to check out the boots further and possibly buy them immediately. 

But even if they didn’t buy the boots today, the landing page allows you to create very specific retargeting ads to follow that customer and keep those boots top of mind!

2. Collect Demographic Info  

Another advantage of specific, targeted SaaS landing pages is that they allow you to collect data about your target demographic and their consumer behavior. This data can be aggregated and used to create more compelling marketing campaigns in the future. 

This kind of information also helps to create even more specific and fleshed-out marketing personas. These personas can help you make marketing decisions and serve as a baseline of info for your sales team, which makes their cold calls a little less cold. 

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

Once you’ve put all this effort into creating the perfect landing page, remember that it can serve more than one purpose. You can use them in PPC campaigns, social campaigns, email drip campaigns, lead nurturing campaigns, and (with proper optimization) can even draw in organic traffic on their own. 

That’s why you should be looking for SaaS landing pages everywhere. Think bigger than sales and special offers. You can create landing pages for each product or service you sell. You can create landing pages for specialized content like podcasts and ebooks… the sky’s the limit! 

Get creative, get specific, and get those conversions. 

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Key Components of Successful SaaS Landing Pages

Now we’ll take a brief look at the elements that make up a landing page designed to drive SaaS lead generation. Then, we’ll identify these components in real-world examples of successful SaaS landing pages. 

A Compelling Headline

Your headline should be compelling enough to get people to read your next sentence, called the anchor sentence. It should focus on your core message and be designed to elicit an emotional response from your readers. Your headline should be clear and concise, and it should tell people exactly what your offer is and why they should click through to your website.

A Strong Anchor Sentence

The first sentence of your landing page should be incredibly powerful and compelling. It is the first thing that your visitors will read, so it is crucial that it catches their attention from the start. If you can, try to write your anchor sentence as a question, as this is an excellent way of getting your visitors to engage with your content.

Clear Content

Your content should be clear, concise, and visually appealing. Sell the offer, give the reader the information they need, and make sure to break up large blocks of text.


Just like any other page on your site, you should be using keyword-rich content that allows people to find you organically. Good SEO can also increase your quality score with Google which lowers the cost of your PPC ads.

Social Sharing

Add links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or whatever other social media you use. That way, people can share this sale, product, or special offer with a friend easily. 

Remove Visible Navigation

One of the main differences between a landing page and a normal website page is the navigation. Landing pages should have main menus and other distracting navigation icons hidden. That way people stay on the page longer, making them more likely to convert. 

Lead-Capturing Form

If the point of the landing page is to increase SaaS lead generation, you need a form to capture that lead! Ask for names, emails, phone numbers, workplace – whatever info you need to get them their offer. 

Just remember, with this element you have to be thoughtful. The bigger the offer, the more info people are willing to give you. But asking for too much personal information can become a huge entrance barrier really quickly. So limit yourself to the least information you can get away with.

Use High Quality Images

People are visual creatures, and the images on your landing page can make a huge difference to its overall effectiveness. Choose images that are relevant to the offer on your landing page, and make sure they are of high quality. 

In general, people don’t like to be marketed to, but they do respond well to truly inspirational content. If you can combine a strong sales pitch with high-quality, aspirational content, then you are well on your way to increasing your conversion rates substantially.

SaaS Landing Page Examples

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Let’s do a deep dive into some inspirational examples of well-crafted SaaS landing pages

1. fabric – The Complete Guide to Headless Commerce

fabric is a SaaS company that builds software to help businesses and people connect through commerce. They focus on a “headless” approach, meaning every sales channel is connected to a single source – which is the fabric platform.

SaaS Landing Page Examples

This landing page is dynamic and intentionally designed. The color gradient is simple and pulls attention from left to right across the page, drawing more attention to the lead generation form. 

The form does ask for a lot of information – not just your email but your company’s name and your phone number. We’re all savvy enough consumers to know that this likely means fielding a few sales calls. 

But they immediately justify this ask with screenshots of the actual ebook download. The infographics, design, and headlines all draw attention and let consumers know that this is high-quality information that’s worth the lead-generation form ask. 

2. Pipedrive – Sales CRM

The headline is straight to the point and navigation has been simplified to let you know exactly what Pipedrive does and how it can help your company. 

SaaS Landing Page Examples

The graphic is simple, and the colors are on brand and also suggest a rising graph – and an uptick in sales!

There is very little text above the fold on this landing page, it really lets the images and trust badges do the talking. But when you scroll down, there is plenty of keyword rich content that outlines exactly what Pipedrive does and how it will benefit your company. 

And at the very bottom of the page, we have our social share buttons!

3. Pro-Vigil – Construction Security Services

Right off the bat, the headline on this landing page tells us everything we need to know. It’s emotional, it’s targeted, and it promises a solution to a major issue for construction companies. 

SaaS Landing Page Examples

They also avoided confusion by removing unnecessary navigation to the rest of the site.

The content on the page is keyword rich without being dense, and we’ve divided up text blocks with images and bulleted points. All of the information listed is concise, helpful, and points the reader toward the ultimate goal of learning more and requesting a free quote. 

The form asks for a lot of information, but it mitigates the ask by saying “One of our security experts will reach out to you shortly to set everything up,” so you know exactly what you’re signing up for when you ask for a quote. 

Below the fold, this landing page has it all! There are videos of site break-ins, lists of product benefits with more targeted calls-to-action, and even a testimonial quote from a happy customer! 

4. Moz Pro – Free Trial

This is a landing page from Moz, one of the biggest SEO software companies around. Notice how it starts with hidden navigation and a hero-focused headline.

SaaS Landing Page Examples

There are three calls to action on the page – one at the top, one in the middle, and one at the bottom of the page. This is a great setup to copy that ensures readers don’t have to scroll to easily click on a call to action. 

Notice also how the text is broken up into visually pleasing chunks with icons above them. And below the fold, there’s also a product video that explains everything the software can offer you. 

Hidden navigation, keyword-rich text, and high-quality images all come together to help craft almost perfect SaaS landing pages.  

The Takeaway

If you want to increase SaaS lead generation, you need to invest time and effort into building a library of custom SaaS landing pages. 

The examples above all took advantage of the key elements of a successful SaaS landing page to varying degrees. But we think there’s a common thread that ties them all together and helps prove our point – that successful landing pages all utilize and reimagine these key elements to drive sales. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative – these are only guidelines! 

But do remember that these components of successful SaaS landing pages are a solid foundation from which to build. 

Have questions about how to increase your SaaS lead generation through custom landing pages? Contact SevenAtoms to create SaaS landing pages that convert! We specialize in helping SaaS companies like yours drive more business to their website.

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