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With the advent of technology, savvy consumers have become exceedingly good at blocking the marketing messages they are bombarded with through traditional outbound techniques. Today, potential customers are researching your products and/or services online before they even talk to your sales team. This has led marketers to evolve their marketing techniques over the years with content marketing being the cornerstone of their efforts.

Premium, Value Driven Content Marketing Services

SevenAtoms is a content marketing agency that takes a very different approach than most when it comes to what we write. Instead of acting as a content factory, our focus is on delivering relevant, accurate, and interesting content that clearly reflects our client’s brands. We create content around the unique demographic our clients are targeting and we produce content for every stage of the buying cycle. Our content marketing efforts allow you to reach decision makers in your target companies and deliver the right content at the right time that will help them advance in the buying cycle and eventually make a purchase.

Our goal with all content we create, is to educate prospects in order to build trust and brand loyalty. We use the most current search engine optimization techniques in order to ensure that you are seen in search results, but won’t compromise the integrity of the writing (or your brands reputation) in doing so.

Content Marketing Involves:

Blog Writing and Marketing - B2B Content Marketing Agency

Blog Writing and Marketing

We create custom blog content based on your customer needs. Before we start writing for you we go over every aspect of the blog and what you want it to do. We take into account your target audience, build buyer personas and build a content plan that map to the right stages of the buying cycle to help meet the needs of your customers wherever they are in the buying cycle. With appropriate call-to-actions, we encourage them to engage with your content, thereby collecting useful data to help nurture them and understanding what custom content to deliver to them next.

SEO Content Writing - Content Marketing San Francisco

SEO Content Writing

The meaning of SEO is constantly changing, but keywords still remain the primary way by which any search engine knows what the content is about. They are absolutely necessary to ensure that your blog posts get found online. This is why it is so important that keywords be well researched and used smartly. When you partner with an experienced blog writing services agency, you will be able to pick the right keywords based on high traffic volumes and use them intelligently to increase visibility, without sacrificing readability and overall quality of the content.

Press Release Writing and Distribution - B2B Content Marketing Agency

Press Release Writing and Distribution

A strong, consistent press release campaign is a great way to show that your business is constantly innovating, expanding, and offering great products and services to your customers. Press releases also help with SEO and therefore gain you more exposure.

Whitepaper, Case Study and eBook Writing - B2B Content Marketing Agency

Whitepaper, Case Study and eBook Writing

Sometimes a press release or a blog aren’t enough to communicate the differentiators when competing in a crowded market. A B2B content marketing agency can create thorough, well researched whitepapers, case studies, or eBooks to help inform potential clients and tip the scales in your favor.

Born in the Bay

We have received a lot of recognition as a B2B content marketing agency that was born in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have seen the enormous challenges that many local companies have faced, from Silicon Valley based tech companies to San Francisco based startups. We have helped these companies separate from the pack and have given them a leg up by providing innovative content marketing strategies. We now apply the same techniques in other geographic markets and are seeing similar success.

San Francisco Content Marketing Services That Drive Revenue