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Find out how we helped CWPS achieve a 400% increase in sales qualified leads.



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The Client


CWPS, now Red River, was an IT managed services provider specialized in providing expert security, SaaS, and cloud services to commercial enterprises as well as the federal government and government contractors. After being acquired by Red River, CWPS continues to offer its services in the world of telephony, collaboration, virtualization, and more to businesses all across the USA with the help of SevenAtoms.

The Challenge

CWPS previously had a marketing agency but was dissatisfied with their services for multiple reasons. First, the agency’s management of CWPS’s HubSpot account was not driving the results that the company wanted. They felt that they were not maximizing their investment in HubSpot and wanted to see more improvements than their agency was providing.

CWPS’s second concern was that they were acquiring little-to-no new business and felt their marketing agency wasn’t doing enough in terms of SEO to rank higher on search results pages. Finally, CWPS wasn’t satisfied with the communication frequency and type of reporting their agency was doing, and felt that not much was provided in terms of strategy or analysis.

The Solutions

To begin, SevenAtoms took over management of CWPS’s HubSpot account and performed an SEO and content audit on their website, noting any missed SEO opportunities and gaps in content that needed to be filled. SevenAtoms used the audit as the basis for an inbound marketing strategy they created for CWPS, that involved identifying the best keywords, addressing SEO issues, generating blog post topics and premium content based on buyer personas. The team also sourced ways to leverage that content through social media, paid marketing and email campaigns. SevenAtoms and CWPS then agreed on a monthly analytics reporting system with specific goals and KPIs, for maximum transparency.

SevenAtoms started execution of the campaign by:

The Results

SevenAtoms’ SEO and content marketing strategies led to increased traffic to the CWPS website in a very short timeframe, and improved both the number and quality of leads substantially. CWPS saw the following results:

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