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Exhaustive email audit - Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency

Exhaustive email audit, automation strategy creation, high-converting workflow implementation - all to find new sales avenues.

Custom Landing Pages - Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategy

Eye-catching email design featuring compelling copy and subject lines, paired with custom landing pages tailored to maximize conversions.

Personalized Email Campaigns - Ecommerce Email Marketing Services

Continuously A/B testing and further honing conversions with segmented, super-personalized email campaigns.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency That Helps Achieve the Highest Levels of Conversions

There’s something even better than having a marketing campaign that convinces a shopper to make the first purchase from you — a campaign that turns that shopper into a repeat customer.

Repeat customers aren’t just more likely to buy from you again, data shows that they’re more likely to upscale their shopping, purchasing more expensive items. These customers can also become brand loyalists and evangelists, convincing others to purchase your products without you having to spend a single penny. In other words, nurturing a shopper into a repeat customer is some of the best marketing money you can spend.

With a good ecommerce email marketing strategy, you can snare new and repeat customers alike, generating revenue for your business.

Email Audit and Setup

Email Audit and Setup - Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategy

How are your campaigns performing? What’s working – and what can we improve? We start all ecommerce marketing work with an audit.

  • Comprehensive email marketing audit
  • Email marketing strategy development
  • Revenue improvement plans
  • Technical suggestions
  • Campaign setup and launch

Creatives & Landing Pages

Creatives and Landing Pages - Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency

Our team of experts will put together engaging, fun emails that get clicks – and direct them to conversion-optimized landing pages.

  • Email copy creation
  • Email image creation
  • Custom landing pages
  • Full brand alignment
  • Data-driven optimization

SMS Marketing & Copywriting

SMS Marketing and Copywriting - Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategy

No emails? No problem. Consumers use SMS messaging every day, which makes standing out from other text message marketing vital.

  • SMS opt-in and consent
  • SMS welcome flows
  • Announce product launches
  • Discuss great sales
  • Abandoned cart notifs

How Our Ecommerce Email Marketing Services Work

Ecommerce Email Marketing Services - Email Opt-In and Popup Forms

Email Opt-In and Popup Forms

A critical part of any ecommerce email marketing strategy is to collect a visitor’s email address. Planning how you’ll capture new lead information is every bit as critical as everything else.

One of the most effective ways to harvest contact information is through a popup form. These are typically triggered at two points: when a visitor first comes to a site or when a visitor is about to leave a page. The important thing in an opt-in pop-up is to offer value for the visitor. This typically means something like a tantalizing discount on purchases, but you can offer downloadable wallpapers, free apps, or anything else that fits for your business and its product offerings. Studies show that ecommerce sites using opt-in popups see subscription rates that can be as high as 10%!

Our team of ecommerce marketing email experts will help you build well-designed, appealing popups that will ensure that a portion of the many, many shoppers who leave your page without ever buying anything will be added to your list of contacts and be used in email marketing campaigns.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Services - Welcome Email Sequence

Welcome Email Sequence

Once you’ve obtained a contact’s email address, it’s time to reach out to them. We will craft an automated welcome email sequence consisting of 5 to 10 emails, each highlighting a different facet of your brand and products. This can include things like:

  • Your company’s story. Tell the reader why your company came to be, and the problems you were hoping to solve. Introduce yourself, or some of your team members. Do you have an office pet? Send a picture!
  • Top blog content that’s relevant to the offer or product they opted in to.
  • Social proof, like testimonials or review pull quotes, to help demonstrate the value you have brought to previous customers. 
  • Further offers and discounts.
  • How-to guides, that show how one might best use the items you sell.

Evidence shows that subscribers who are nurtured through a proper welcome email sequence are nearly twice as likely to ultimately convert, because this sequence gives them a positive impression of you and your brand. Our welcome email strategy will build an emotional connection between you and your leads with high-quality ecommerce email design.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Services - Abandoned Cart Emails

Abandoned Cart Emails

A high percentage of shoppers who add an item to their shopping cart never finish checking out. Perhaps they got distracted, or perhaps they just weren’t ready to pull the trigger. Either way, this represents a massive source of potential income ready to be tapped, and abandoned cart emails are.

As part of our ecommerce email marketing services, we’ll use email marketing automation to create a series of abandoned cart emails designed to convince users to finish their purchase, including reminders, content that builds trust and enticing offers. Ultimately, the goal is to add economic incentives for shoppers to get them to go back and pull the trigger.

Abandoned cart emails are a key part of ecommerce email marketing best practices, and we’ll help you set them up so that you can incentivize these shoppers to convert.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Services - Newsletters


We all know the saying “out of sight, out of mind.” If your contacts aren’t regularly hearing from you, they might forget your brand exists! On the other hand, if they hear from you too often, they’ll tune out your emails or even unsubscribe. One great happy medium is the monthly or bimonthly newsletter.

We will put together regular newsletters with seasonal messaging, recent blog posts or other content, new or featured products, and more, all designed to keep you connected with your email contacts — and keep your contacts engaged with your brand.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Services - Holiday Email Blasts and Promotions

Holiday Email Blasts and Promotions

If you’re anything like us, you get these emails regularly around holidays and special events. Summer sales for July 4, winter holiday sales, get your swimwear for Memorial Day, don’t forget to order flowers for Mother’s Day, here’s our Black Friday / Cyber Monday blowout, and the list goes on. The reason brands send these emails is simple: They work!

We will design and execute seasonal email campaigns, from special sales to seasonal offerings. We’ll select featured products and offer compelling coupons, creating a cohesive email marketing strategy around these events. Your contacts will start to look forward to them every year!

A/B Testing and Optimization - Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency

A/B Testing and Optimization

We’ve helped many clients as an ecommerce email marketing agency, but we’re always looking to keep improving. We’ll constantly test to make sure the emails we send for your business are optimized. We’ll try different subject lines based on open rate, test different copy, offers, and products based on click rate. We’ll see what drives more orders, and what drives more revenue.

When you work with SevenAtoms for your ecommerce email marketing, you get the full package of our knowledge and expertise.

How Our Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency Helps Your Bottom Line

For the average ecommerce site, up to 99% of new visitors don’t convert — they walk right out the door, no purchase made, and are never heard from again. Our ecommerce email marketing campaigns swing into action on the very first visit by a shopper by getting them to sign up for your mailing list. Even if they don’t buy the first time, we can convert them into a customer through a series of well crafted emails.

Through mediums like newsletters, holiday email blasts and automated nurturing sequences, a proper ecommerce email marketing strategy will be incredibly effective at driving engagement and interest in your brand and the products you sell. A veteran ecommerce email marketing agency like SevenAtoms will help you realize the full benefits of this lucrative tool in your ecommerce arsenal.

Following ecommerce email marketing best practices and our own experience, we’ll set up a full suite of email marketing offers, from a welcome email sequence to abandoned cart emails, regular newsletters, product offers, and more. This will push new contacts further down the marketing funnel, making them more likely to convert, and will encourage existing customers to convert again.

We won’t just send single generic emails to your contacts. We know that automated emails, which deploy based on consumer actions and their place in your funnel, are far more effective. That’s why we set up workflows with personalized emails that help to guide your leads and existing customers toward conversion.

Our Clients Love The Results

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“Having had limited results with large ecommerce marketing agencies, we have been completely blown away with what SevenAtoms has done for us. Over 7+ years, they have continued to help us grow rapidly and at a profitable level. They are a trusted partner and a true extension of our team.”

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