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Ecommerce PPC Management Company

If you’re an ecommerce business, one of the best ways to increase your online visibility, drive traffic to your website and ultimately boost sales is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. However, managing an ecommerce PPC campaign can be complicated and time consuming, and without the relevant tools or expertise, it can wind up feeling like a slog or worse, a money pit.

That’s where a great ecommerce PPC management company can help. In other words, that’s where we come in.

At SevenAtoms, we specialize in creating, managing, and optimizing effective ecommerce PPC campaigns for businesses of all sizes, from startups to established businesses seeking real growth. Our team of veteran PPC experts has years of experience in developing strategic campaigns that generate real return on investment – driving not just traffic to your website, but converting that traffic into measurable sales.

Our ecommerce PPC management services include everything from campaign setup and optimization to ongoing management and reporting. We’ll identify your most important business goals and target audience, conduct comprehensive keyword research, and pair compelling creatives with snappy ad copy to convert curious shoppers.

We understand the challenges and opportunities of running an ecommerce business, and have a proven track record of delivering results. We make decisions based on data viewed through a lens of years of experience.

With SevenAtoms as your ecommerce PPC management partner, you can rest assured knowing that your paid campaigns are in good hands.

Featured Case Study: Auto Accessory Ecommerce Company Grows Sales by $16 Million From PPC Campaigns


Increase in No. of Car Covers Sold


Decrease in Cost Per Order


Increase in Revenue

How Our Ecommerce PPC Management Service Works

Ecommerce PPC Services Work_Ecommerce PPC Campaign Structure

Ecommerce PPC Campaign Structure

As we always say, a good building needs a good foundation, and a successful ecommerce PPC campaign is no different. One thing we’ve learned through years as an ecommerce PPC management company is this: If you want your PPC advertising to be successful, you need a solid campaign structure. We’ve set up smartly executed and structured campaigns for dozens of clients – this enables more efficient bidding strategies by optimizing visibility into the campaign and its keyword groups, so we can analyze performance and adjust accordingly. Our goal is to ensure that every one of your advertising dollars that we commit is a dollar well spent.

Keyword Strategy

Are you targeting the right audience with your PPC ads? Our ecommerce PPC management services encompass a comprehensive keyword strategy that leverages Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) to target high-traffic and niche keywords. With expertly crafted ad copy and landing pages, we ensure your ads are seen by the right people at the right time, maximizing your ROI. Additionally, we use negative keywords to exclude irrelevant audiences and increase the relevance of your ads.

Ecommerce PPC Services Work_Ad Copy

Ad Copy

Crafting engaging ad copy that resonates with your target audience can be challenging — especially given the tight character count of PPC ads. Our team of copywriting experts creates eye-catching headlines and secondary headlines that feature relevant keywords, highlight the benefits of your products or services, and differentiate your offering from your competitors. Our veteran ecommerce PPC management company knows how to drive traffic to your brand more efficiently while improving your ads’ quality score with site links and good customer reviews.

Ecommerce PPC Services Work_Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

You can have the best ads in the business, but they won’t mean squat if a curious browser clicks on it only to get directed to your home page or a category page where they have to hunt to find the item they want – they’ll be more likely to just leave instead. Having a top-quality landing page that engages shoppers and compels them to make a purchase is critical for ecommerce PPC success.

At SevenAtoms, we design stunning landing pages that combine beautiful design and persuasive copy. We use tools like dynamic text replacement to align landing page copy with ad copy and keyword targeting, instill trust with social proof like reviews and testimonials, and optimize for the best user experience. When you hire an ecommerce PPC management company like SevenAtoms, you’ll know your landing pages will be best-in-class.

Ecommerce PPC Services Work_Ongoing Optimization and A-B Testing

Ongoing Optimization and A/B Testing

Too many other ecommerce PPC management companies believe in ad campaigns that can be best described as “set and forget.” We don’t share that view. Platforms change algorithms, competitors try new approaches, and what once worked might not be as effective any longer. Ecommerce PPC campaigns require ongoing optimization and A/B testing to achieve optimal results.

Our team continuously monitors and analyzes your campaign performance, makes data-driven decisions to improve conversion rates on ads and landing pages, identifies irrelevant keywords to exclude, and identifies new opportunities for targeting. As a top ecommerce PPC management company, we handle all the details so you can focus on growing your business.

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