The Challenge

The Challenge

While EFactor enjoyed a very high amount of traffic to its site, the vast majority of its visitors came from paid campaigns. This was a huge expense and EFactor wanted to focus on growing its organic traffic so that it could scale down its paid efforts, or at least supplement them with more cost effective organic leads.

In addition to this, EFactor wanted to target a very specific type of lead, one who would not only sign up for their service but also contribute content and engage with their existing members on a regular basis. Essentially, they wanted more content creators to sign up, since doing so would increase the value of their platform to others.

EFactor wanted to overhaul its website in order to improve SEO. It also wanted a system in place to ensure that all new content followed best practices and was optimized for SEO from the start. EFactor also wanted to see if there were any new keyword opportunities that it had not previously considered.

Finally, EFactor wanted to find a partner who could not only help with ongoing inbound marketing, but also provide training to its team about the fundamentals of content marketing and SEO, so that they could produce content more effectively and get better results.
The Solution

The Solutions

To begin with, SevenAtoms had several consultation sessions with EFactor, both in person and over the phone, to understand their business model and goals. After that, SevenAtoms worked on creating a detailed inbound marketing strategy including an SEO plan, a content marketing plan, and three distinct buyer personas to target. From there, extensive keyword research was done and the major keywords that were to be targeted were identified. At the same time, the SevenAtoms team evaluated the EFactor site and came up with numerous suggestions to help improve both the SEO and the user experience of the site. These recommendations were then given to the EFactor design team for implementation.

SevenAtoms came up with a content calendar with several excellent ideas for blog topics. SevenAtoms started creating blog posts and managed the overall blogging campaign with content being produced by Efactor team as well. A workflow was created so that whenever the EFactor team wrote a blog post, it was reviewed by SevenAtoms to ensure that it was SEO friendly and met with the content requirements defined in the style guide.

In addition to these activities, SevenAtoms helped EFactor by doing the following:

  • Optimizing the website for SEO
  • Fixing technical issues with SEO including issues with site map and Google webmaster profile
  • Off-site SEO campaign to generate quality inbound links to the website
  • Repurposing old content into new formats such as Slideshare presentations and Youtube videos
  • Establishing Google+ Authorship for the website
The Results

The Results

  • Over a 6 month period, the number of visits per month increased 61%
  • During the same time, organic traffic increased 97%
  • Search engine rankings for a number of critical keywords such as “startup networking”, “connecting entrepreneurs”, and “entrepreneur networking events” leapt up from 100+ to the top 10
  • Workflows were put in place so that EFactor could easily create and maintain SEO optimized content in-house for long-term success.

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