Premier Google Ads Partner

Premier Google Ads Partner

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Google Ads Partner - Campaign Strategy

Advanced campaign strategy, granular keyword targeting, and super-engaging ads.

Google Ads Partner - Conversion Optimization

Conversion-optimized, stellar landing page design for maximizing leads.

Google Ads Partner - AB Testing

Relentless A/B testing, bid adjustments, and data-driven optimization ensure better results.

Why Work with a Google Premier Partner?

Not every ad agency gets recognized by Google as a Premier Partner. Getting acknowledged is a badge of honor that speaks to our expertise and the results we have achieved for our clients. Google Ads is a fantastic platform for growth, but not every business has the resources, time, or skillset to run their own pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. That’s why Google identified our agency as one that can help brands use Google Ads to scale their businesses to new heights.

Do you want to see real return on investment in the money you spend on Google PPC? Do you want your advertising campaigns to feel like they’re bringing in real clients, not just phantom clicks? That’s what a Google Premier Partner is — and that’s just how we can help your business.

Having managed paid campaigns for dozens of clients successfully, we have perfected our strategies for Google Ads management that drive real, measurable, significant growth. Our Google Ads campaigns are tailored to meet your unique lead generation and marketing goals. We conduct a comprehensive and exhaustive PPC audit of your existing account structure, settings, ad positions and ad copy, keyword selection, bidding, and more. And because we love data, we use it to optimize and enhance the performance of your campaigns. We pair this with world-class reporting that is tightly integrated to track all metrics accurately and keep you in the loop about how your campaigns are performing.

At SevenAtoms, we don’t just talk the talk. We won’t behave like other ad agencies that neglect your campaigns or waste your money on ineffective strategies that aren’t getting you customers. Our talented PPC team is here to help, and we’re a Google Premier Partner for a reason.

As a Google Premier Partner, here are some of the key mission-critical services you can expect when you work with us.

Paid Search Marketing With a Google Ads Partner

Paid Search Marketing helps your business climb higher in search results, potentially even above larger competitors. But it’s not quite as easy as some might believe. Creating and managing successful paid search campaigns requires a great deal of experience.

As a Google AdWords Premier Partner, we’ve been through countless rounds of trial and error when it comes to PPC campaign management. We’ve already figured out what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to worry about being the guinea pig. Our proven practices and strategies will help you boost click-through rates and conversions all while lowering your cost-per-click. And because we’re all about progress, we consistently check for areas for improvement in order to maintain the best possible results for your campaigns.

Paid Search Marketing With a Google Premier Partner

Remarketing and Retargeting With a Premier Google Partner

Have you ever viewed a product on a website and then noticed it was suddenly being advertised all over the internet? This type of strategy is known as remarketing or retargeting, and it allows you to close additional sales by advertising specifically to people who have already shown an interest in your product or service.

With a top-class Google Ads Partner agency on your side, you can watch the sales roll in without dabbling in the technical side of things. Our knowledgeable team will create and manage a remarketing campaign strategy that suits your business and help you reach the highest level of success.

Remarketing and Retargeting - Google Premier Partner

Google Shopping Campaigns With a Google Ads Premier Partner

Google Shopping campaigns are a crucial success factor for ecommerce companies. These campaigns can help your business achieve significantly more sales by placing your products at the top of the search results page — right in front of the users who need them.

As a Google Premier Partner, we have extensive experience in managing and optimizing these campaigns so that they can achieve their maximum potential. We use detailed product feeds with captivating product copy, high-res images, and more to ensure that your products are irresistible to consumers.

Google Shopping Campaigns - Google Premier Partner

Landing Page Design With a Google Premier Partner

Paid campaigns aren’t just dependent on great creatives and ad copy — you also need to think about where your leads land after they make that coveted click. In fact, your landing page is a lot more important than most people think. This is because a poorly designed or slow loading landing page will cause leads to click away or lose interest in your offer, which can cost you a lot of money.

Our Google Premier Partner agency has a skilled team of veteran designers and copywriters who know how to create custom landing pages that captivate leads and get them to follow through with the conversion process. To boost consistency and reduce the risk of stagnation, we A/B test different versions of ads and landing pages in order to make sure that you’re getting the best possible results.

Google Shopping Campaigns - Google Premier Partner

Display Advertising With a Google AdWords Premier Partner

With millions of partner sites, the Google Display Network offers tremendous potential for advertising. But because people are so used to seeing advertisements on the sides of web pages, you need your ads to be eye-catching.

The team at our Google Ads Partner agency creates attractive display ads with enticing ad copy that draws people in. Plus, we’ll only show your ads on sites that we know your target audience visits. This way, you never waste a dollar on unqualified leads.

Display Advertising - Google Premier Partner

What You Get With a Google Premier Partner Agency

Google Ads Partner - Research


Before diving into your Google Ads account, we look at your business and take the time to thoroughly understand your products and services. After that, we identify any issues with your current PPC efforts and look for areas of improvement. Furthermore, we conduct keyword research in order to find the best and most cost-efficient keywords available.

Google Ads Partner -  Strategy


Our agency doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all strategies. For starters, that’s boring. But more importantly, it’s ineffective. To make sure we achieve the best possible results, we set up unique campaigns based on your unique goals, your offers, and the audience you want to reach. We set up demographic targeting — such as location, income, job title, and more — so that your ads are shown only to the people who would most like to see them.

Google Ads Partner - Campaign Setup

Campaign Setup

When developing our strategy, we first set up the Google Ads account structure with the necessary ad groups, keywords and negative keywords, product feeds, ad extensions, and more. We then create captivating, keyword-driven ads that appeal to your ideal customer. After that, it’s time to build landing pages with engaging copy and responsive designs that view well from any device.

Our Clients Love The Results

Sealskin Warren

Warren Jobs, 

Seal Skin Covers

$16 Million Increase in Sales From Ecommerce Marketing Services

“Having had limited results with large ecommerce marketing agencies, we have been completely blown away with what SevenAtoms has done for us. Over 7+ years, they have continued to help us grow rapidly and at a profitable level. They are a trusted partner and a true extension of our team.”

Google Premier Partner FAQs

What is a Google Partner agency?

A Google Partner agency is a digital marketing agency that’s recognized by Google as having experience with, and expertise in, its robust advertising platform. Google Partner agencies are experts in Google Ads and have managed substantial Google Ads portfolios. A Google Premier Partner status is awarded to those agencies that go beyond competency and truly excel in the world of Google advertising.

What is the difference between a Google Premier Partner and a Google Partner?

The top 3% of Google Partner performers in a given country are eligible to become Google Premier Partners. This criteria is based on several factors, including how well these partners grow their clients’ business, their diversity of experience in ads across Google’s suite of options like Search ads or YouTube ads, their client retention rates, and more.

How did SevenAtoms become a Google Premier Partner?

Simply put, SevenAtoms became a Google Premier Partner because we’re good at what we do. We were assessed as being in the top 3% of Google Partner companies based on criteria like client growth, client retention, and diversity of experience – and more. SevenAtoms’ status as Google Premier Partner shows that we’re one of the best digital marketing agencies in the country when it comes to Google Ads.

What are the benefits of working with a Premier Google Ads Partner?

Working with a Premier Google Ads Partner like SevenAtoms ensures that you benefit from years of experience and proven success on the Google Ads platform. You’ll benefit from the Premier Partner’s high-level expertise and get direct access to the cutting edge of Google Ads innovations and support. Premier Partners have a proven track record of effective campaign management – which they can bring to help your business.

How do I get started with your Premier Google Partner agency?

To get started with SevenAtoms, contact us for a free consultation and audit of your existing Google Ads campaigns – as well as everything else you’re doing for digital marketing. We’ll carefully examine and assess your campaigns, then present our findings in our consultation and discuss how we can help you better reach your goals. We’ll propose a tailored approach using our digital marketing expertise in order to help you maximize results. 

What services are included with your Google Premier Partner agency?

SevenAtoms offers the sort of comprehensive Google Ads management that one would expect of a top Google Premier Partner agency – search ads, display ads, video advertising, shopping ads, and more. We also provide strategic planning, ongoing optimization and reporting, as well as a suite of other services like landing page design, content marketing, social media marketing, and more.

How much does your premier Google Partner agency charge?

We ensure that our pricing is competitive and will be tailored to the needs and scope of every client project. When you start working with SevenAtoms, we charge a flat rate fee for the first month, encompassing our usual research, strategic planning, and campaign setup. Afterwards, we charge a low flat rate as well as a percentage of monthly ad spend, so you can scale your spend with us as needed.

Unleash the Power of a Google Premier Ads Partner