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Best-in-Class Healthcare Marketing Services for Quick Wins

Whether you’re a group of physicians looking for clients or a vendor offering medical technology or other healthcare-oriented products, you know that in the healthcare industry, your focus should always be on the patients. That’s where you devote most of your time and energy, and that means that sometimes, your marketing – especially your digital marketing – can slip through the cracks.

At SevenAtoms, we have helped healthcare systems and physician groups precisely target their audiences and reach out to them at the right time via paid search campaigns, inbound marketing, and social media campaigns. We have been extremely successful in communicating with prospective patients/customers in a clear yet compelling way – through custom landing pages, easily understood content, and granular retargeting campaigns. Through our decades of experience in PPC marketing, social media marketing, content-oriented inbound marketing, and more, we know how to best connect you with sales-qualified leads that have an excellent chance of becoming valued clients and patients.

We can help you with:

  • Growing awareness of your brand;
  • Increasing targeted traffic to your website through paid, social, and inbound channels;
  • Improving lead quality and increasing sales-qualified leads;
  • Automating processes to nurture leads and convert them into customers and clients.

SevenAtoms has been recognized by Google as a Premier AdWords Partner, and by HubSpot as a HubSpot Gold Partner – which says quite a bit about our expertise and experience in scaling paid search campaigns.

Healthcare PPC Management

A strategic pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can deliver valuable leads to your facility, practice, or organization. Whether your primary target audience is patients or providers, a PPC campaign offers access to end-of-the funnel, high-quality leads who are already looking for your services or products.

Utilizing the single keyword (SKAG) model, SevenAtoms sets up your PPC campaigns for success and maximizes performance by regularly optimizing the campaigns. We ensure you attract sales qualified leads (SQLs) by presenting your ads to the right people at the right time. An experienced healthcare digital marketing agency like SevenAtoms can help you scale quickly.

Healthcare PPC Management - Healthcare Digital Marketing

Healthcare Inbound Marketing

While a PPC strategy can quickly draw the right leads to you, it’s also essential to have a foundational strategy that organically attracts new leads to your organization over a longer period of time. This is where an inbound marketing strategy will set you up for success.

When you partner with SevenAtoms, we help you clearly define your buyer personas and create a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored around each persona. As a result, all marketing efforts via search engine optimization (SEO), content, social media, and more are aligned perfectly to reach the right person/persona.

Over time, you’ll begin to see the patients or providers who are truly seeking your services come to your site and take the next steps.

Healthcare Inbound Marketing

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing remains a core resource that many potential leads use on a daily basis. While they might not be initially searching for your organization’s help through a social network, a paid social campaign on Facebook or LinkedIn can meet leads where they are.

  • Facebook – By partnering with a healthcare digital marketing agency that is well-versed in Facebook ads, you’ll be able to get back in front of existing leads via remarketing ads and also reach out to targeted, new audiences potentially interested in your product/service. We will choose the best ad format, create beautiful ad design, craft compelling ad copy, and build responsive landing pages to drive engagement. We continuously A/B test Facebook campaigns for performance and growth.
  • LinkedIn – While LinkedIn ads might not be a fit for every organization, they could be a great opportunity to reach patients or providers. When you work with us on LinkedIn ads, we provide an ad strategy, sponsored content, sponsored InMail, content creation, and integrated analytics.
Digital Marketing Agency - Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Healthcare Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing

Since most leads are not ready to make the buying decision right away, it is important to create marketing automation that will nurture your relationship and prompt them to buy. Some crucial pieces that can pull together to build a successful automation and lead-nurturing strategy include:

  • Develop lead scoring
  • Customize and configure a marketing automation platform – including HubSpot and Marketo
  • Build personalized email content and offers for across the funnel
  • Create downloadable content, such as eBooks, to educate
  • Develop brand loyalty via post purchase guides and offers
Hubspot Partner Agency -  Hubspot Strategy

Healthcare Content Marketing

A content marketing strategy ultimately offers potential leads the information that educates them and persuades them that they need your services.

However, it’s not enough to simply create content; you must ensure that there’s a strategy behind every piece you create, whether it’s a blog, eBook, video, or something else. While creating so much content seems overwhelming, a healthcare digital marketing agency can do the hard work for you. We’ll create the strategy, develop unique and engaging content, and build landing pages to capture the right leads.

G-Biosciences - Healthcare Content Marketing

Optimized Landing Page Design

When optimized and designed correctly, landing pages can serve as a main source for your organization to pull in new leads. If you’re not currently receiving enough leads – or perhaps they aren’t the right ones – it might be time to consider bringing in an expert who can optimize design and copy that will ultimately attract and convert the best leads for you.

By partnering with a marketing agency like SevenAtoms that specializes in healthcare, we can create responsive landing pages that have an attractive design, while also staying true to your brand. By keeping a close eye on analytics and performance, we perform A/B testing to continue optimizing your landing pages for the best results.

Healthcare Optimized Landing Page Design

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